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Electrolux Professional
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Never stop thinking
When we say we are thinking of you, we
really mean it.
Around the world, we’re visiting you
as a consumer and are taking part in your
everyday life. We do everything we can in
order to understand your needs and the
problems you want solved. We don’t design
for design sake, but for your sake.
We devote time, our know-how and our insight
towards developing appliances that will make
you say “This is exactly what I wanted! How
did you know?”
The answer is simple: because we were
thinking of you when we made it.
Today people are concerned about climate
change and just like you; we want to make a
Electrolux has a broad approach to the environment, which includes setting criteria for
products in terms of low consumption of electricity, water and gas, without compromising
on functions and performance.
At Electrolux, we also maintain high environmental and
ethical standards in our facilities and with our suppliers
– no matter where in the
world they are located. We have a longstanding reputation in the environment and
corporate responsibility.
We have been recognized as being on the
cutting-edge of developing energy and water
efficient products.
See more of our thinking at
Electrolux. Thinking of you.
To us, it is natural to focus on environmental and safety considerations. Our production units are
certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management)
standards, and our products are CE and S-labelled.
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Our textile care concept – your textile care success!
Our professional laundry concept is based
upon the fact that there are clear benefits
for those who wash in-house.
No matter how large or small your company
may be, washing in-house will pay dividends in
almost all cases.
Of course, we will be happy to pitch in with
our knowledge and experience to help you put
together the optimal textile care solution for
your company!
The quickest and easiest way to reduce
laundry costs is to start with the terrycloth
Having your own Textile Care Room™ at your
hotel opens up a host of opportunities. If we
start by calculating the cost of the terrycloth
laundry, we promise that you will be pleasantly
surprised. Washing on the hotel premises is
economical, efficient and secure.
Reduced costs
Experience shows that in most cases, the
laundry costs fall. With a leasing agreement
(incl. Full Service), you simply pay a fixed
monthly fee, and what you save on washing
the terrycloth can be used directly to pay the
leasing fee.
Maximized employment
The machines are very simple to work with,
and washing terrycloth loads is an ideal
“second job”. Wash whenever you need to
during the day.
When you handle your laundry yourself, it is
simple to ensure access to clean towels and
bathrobes. You can book in good time and
deal with even unexpected visits with a minimum of fuss.
All our washing machines can be fitted with
special programmes or adjusted to cover your
textile care needs precisely. The most appropriate machine combination is defined by your
current laundry needs.
Less transport
In addition, handling your own laundry eliminates dependence on collection and delivery
Improved control
With your own Textile Care Room™, you can
decide for yourself when and how often to do
the laundry. It also improves your over-view
and control of the laundry result and storeroom situation. Both the responsibility and the
resources are kept within the hotel.
We take responsibility for our products
long after the installation
Every machine is built to operate in a tough
environment for many years. As extra security,
we also offer Full Service Agreements on all
our machines. These agreements ensure that
the products receive regular maintenance
(including labour and materials), which reduces
your total costs even further!
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Hospitality Sector
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We care about your textile care
Lower costs
Companies that choose to wash in-house
soon recoup their investment in laundry
Full control
By washing in-house, companies achieve full
control of the entire textile handling process
and can easily control the laundry results and
monitor the store situation.
Own adapted store
When laundry is handled in-house, you can
also ensure that the store of textile matches
Gentle processing
Adapted washing processes minimise textile
wear and ensure that the textiles maintain
their appearance and functionality for as long
as possible.
Reliable handling of the laundry
Electrolux Professional Laundry Systems
washing machines use Compass Control™
or Clarus Control™ to safeguard the washing results. With fully adapted programmes, it
is possible to wash almost all kinds of textiles.
Everything is washed at the correct temperature. Bacteria and tough stains such as blood
are eliminated. Select the programme and
press the start button, and everything will be
handled automatically.
All our washing machines can be fitted with
special programmes or specifically programmed and adjusted to cover your textile care
needs precisely. The most appropriate machine combination is defined by your current
laundry needs.
Work rotation
Our professional machines make it very
simple to wash all kinds of textiles. A lot of
companies include laundry as a part of the
work rotation at the workplace, and it is usually a much sought-after job.
Large volumes in a small area
Our professional washing machines are built
to wash large volumes in a short time.
A complete set-up comprising a washing
machine and tumble-dryer requires minimal
space, and the machines are so easy to
use that everyone can give a hand with the
Subsequent treatment as required
if subsequent processing is required, we
have a complete range of products for
this,such as efficient tumble-dryers, ironers
and finishing equipment.
Our tombledryers for example, they feature
a number of different drying programmes,
where the machines always measure the
residual moisture in the laundry.
The tumble-dryer stops automatically when
the laundry is dry, which minimises drying
time and energy consumption. In addition,
the reversing function distributes the laundry
evenly in the drum and leaves the clothes
smooth. This means that many items are
ready to wear immediately after drying!
Electrolux Professional
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Hospitality Sector
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For Spa businesses,
washing terrycloth in-house means major savings
Spa guests have high expectations
That´s why it is very important to ensure that
towels and bathrobes are freshly laundered.
With your own Textile Care Room™, you can
take control of the laundry and the associated
costs. And you can be sure that you always
have clean and fresh terrycloth at hand.
Wash terrycloth yourself to reduce your
laundry costs directly
Terrycloth is very easy to deal with and requires little space.
1) Put the items in the washing machine and
wash them.
2) Then transfer them to the tumble dryer.
3) Fold them neatly and put them in the
storeroom – finished!
Equipment grows with your needs
You can also wash bed linen, curtains, staff
clothes, table cloths, bedspreads, etc.
If you want to develop your laundry operations, we are naturally at your disposal.
We will be happy to review your specific
textile care requirements with you, and then
provide you with a detailed calculation based
on your actual situation.
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Electrolux Professional
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Let us turn your textile care into a success story
Wash what you want, when you want to – without the need for major investmentWe tailor a leasing package, including a
Full Service agreement, to suit your needs. This provides you with your own secure textile care facility and reduced costs.
One major benefit of having your own Textile Care Room™ is that you can wash at any time of the day or night.
For profitable terrycloth laundry, what you need is:
A small room with electricity, water and drain connections
and ventilation. We will be happy to check the rooms you
have available and help you with the planning. Then select
one of our three complete package solutions, or ask us to
tailor a special solution for you. We will naturally analyse your
specific requirements with you, and then offer the equipment
that represents the best possible solution.
For hotels with up to
approx. 30 beds:
With these machines,
you can wash and dry
around 6.5 kg of terrycloth in 90 minutes.
For hotels with up to
approx. 50 beds:
With this equipment,
you can wash and dry
around 13 kg of terrycloth in 90 minutes.
If you want to develop your hotel laundry even further,
we will tailor-make an installation for you
It is important to compare different options. Those hotels that
choose to invest in their own laundry room usually do so with
a view to reducing costs. A reduced stock of textiles naturally
also has a positive effect on the finances.
We can, of course, assist with a complete installation that can
handle all kinds of laundry at the hotel.
Needs and costs analyses, planning, installation and service
are what we do. Leasing textile care equipment with a Full
Service agreement – at a fixed price – provides you with a
clear overview of the costs.
Example of a set-up for a small hotel
A W4130H washing machine and a T4350 tumble-dryer
These machines can wash and dry up to 13 kg of laundry
in 90 minutes.
If you need to press sheets and restaurant linen, you can
supplement the set-up with an IC4 3320 rotary hot iron.
(Which can be installed directly against a wall to save space.)
For hotels with up to
approx. 90 beds:
With this solution, you
can wash and dry
around 24 kg of terrycloth in 90 minutes.
IC4 3320
Example of a set-up for a large hotel
A W4400H washing machine and a T4900 tumble-dryer
With these machines, you can wash and dry up to 40 kg of
laundry in 90 minutes.
If you have a lot of sheets and restaurant linen to press, an
IC4 48XXFFS rotary hot iron makes an ideal, user-friendly
supplement (and it can be installed directly against a wall
to save space).
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