NUMBER: 5–50–01
S.M. REF.: 1.23.3
ENGINE: 50 DATE: May 2001
Detroit Diesel has improved the perimeter seal used in the perimeter groove of the camshaft thrust plate.
This change went into effect in August 15, 2000.
Detroit Diesel has determined that an improved thrust plate perimeter seal (P/N 23528491) should be
used in the perimeter groove of the camshaft thrust plate. The new seal provides greater reliability and
less susceptibility to twisting during installation. In addition, the ribbed sides on the seal provide a
means to check for proper positioning.
The improved thrust plate perimeter seal is installed in the thrust plate groove as follows:
1. After passing a new perimeter seal between the thrust plate and cylinder head, carefully install
it in the thrust plate groove with the ribbed edges against the sides of the groove and the
beveled edge facing out.
The former thrust plate perimeter seal was redesigned to provide greater reliability and less
susceptibility to twisting during installation. See Figure 1 for design configuration.
Figure 1
Thrust Plate Perimeter Seal
Failure to properly seat the perimeter seal in the thrust plate groove will
result in seal damage. If the seal twists at initial installation or when pushing
in the thrust plate, the seal can be cut and damage will result. Any seal
damage can result in seal leakage during engine operation.
2. To check the thrust plate perimeter seal’s installation, rotate the thrust plate by hand and feel
the seal to ensure it is fully seated in the thrust plate groove. If any ribs are felt on the outside
edge, the seal is twisted and must be adjusted.
When pushing the thrust plate and seal into the gear case, the seal may appear to twist. Do not
be concerned because it is only rolling a little. As long as the seal was not twisted when initially
installed, the seal will straighten itself out because its profile is designed to resist rolling.
3. Apply Super Lube® to the inside bore of the gear case housing and not the seal.
Additional service information is available in the Detroit Diesel Series 50 Service Manual, 6SE50. The
next revision to this manual will include the revised information. As a convenience to holders of the
Series 50 Service Manual, information in service manual format is attached. The page(s) may be inserted
into the manual.
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June 2000. Service manuals are available from authorized Detroit Diesel distributors. If this bulletin
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