2N® Lift8 Camera module recording device

2N® Lift8 Camera module
Reliable Vandalism Prevention
Monitor Any Lift
24 Hours a Day
The 2N® Lift8 Camera module is a recording device that, after connection to any IP camera, can
obtain an image from a lift or monitored space. At set intervals these are stored on a memory
microSD card in the camera module. This solution will enable you constantly to monitor a lift
cabin or, for instance, a building entrance, enhancing security of such spaces against vandal
One great benefit of the 2N® Lift8 Camera module is that even if the camera is destroyed, the
visual recording of the vandalism is stored on a microSD card in the camera module. It can be
located in a safe place (e.g. on top of the lift cabin) so the attacker does not have access to it.
Using the recording you can very easily ascertain what actually happened and who caused any
damage. Recording data in a loop, which in practice means storing images on the memory card
at set intervals, is a matter of course. Once the loop is full, the data is subsequently recorded over,
starting from the earliest recording.
Why choose the 2N® Lift8 Camera module:
• Office buildings
• Residential buildings
• Shopping centres
24/7 lift monitoring
Increase in lift security
Protection from vandalism
May be connected to any IP camera
Loop data recording
Fast and simple installation
Intended for:
Systems integrator
Companies installing lifts
Companies servicing lift equipment
Call centres for lifts
If you are interested in our product please call +420 261 301 500 or email us at sales@2n.cz.
To get more information visit www.2n.cz.
Example of connection:
2N® Lift8 Camera module
If you need to install a camera in a lift cabin for security
reasons, you can simply connect it to the 2N® Lift8
Camera module recording device for offline recording.
Visual data obtained by the camera is then stored
on a memory card in the camera module, to which
an attacker does not have access. This will allow you
to identify the perpetrator of any intentional damage
to the lift cabin.
IP camera
Technical Parameters
Power (not included)
From external source
12 – 18V DC, max. 0.2 A
Necessary accessories
Mechanical parameters
Dimensions (W x H x D)
IP coverage
Operating temperature
142 x 98 x 34 mm
-40°C to 55°C
Any IP camera
Memory card
RS232/RS485 and RJ-45
microSD – up to 32Gb
Modřanská 621, 143 01 Prague 4, Czech Republic, Tel.: +420 261 301 500, E-mail: sales@2n.cz, www.2n.cz.
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