HomeDock HD 1.0.5
Release Date: 5/2009
Contact info: email customerservice@dlo.com or call 1-800-233-8413
Welcome to HomeDock HD Updater
Thank you for downloading the HomeDock HD Updater. Installing this firmware will
update your HomeDock HD to the latest available version.
What’s New in 1.0.5
• Corrected HDMI driver switches
• Prevention of dock rebooting when exiting a video
• Initial boot in NTSC mode by default
System Requirements
HomeDock HD Updater requires a Mac or Windows machine with an internet connection
and your own USB memory stick.
STEP 1 – Download and Copy the Update to Your Memory Stick
Plug your memory stick into the USB port on your computer.
Download the latest firmware update file from our online Support Page:
You will need to unzip the file “HomeDockHD_Update_1.0.5.zip” to your desktop.
Open the unzipped folder, and copy the two files to your memory stick. Note: The two
files should be placed in the root directory of your memory stick (i.e. the files should not
be placed inside a folder on your memory stick). Safely eject your memory stick from
your computer.
STEP 2 – Update Your HomeDock HD
Undock your iPod and unplug the power supply from your HomeDock HD, but leave
your HomeDock HD connected to your TV.
Insert your memory stick into the USB port on the back of your HomeDock HD.
Plug the power supply back into your HomeDock HD to begin the update process.
IMPORTANT: Your HomeDock HD must remain powered on during the update.
Unplugging or turning off your HomeDock HD while it is updating may cause
irreversible damage to the unit.
After a moment, you will see the following on your TV screen:
Updating HomeDock HD Firmware
Please Standby
When the update is complete, you will see a screen that reads:
Update Complete
Please Remove Memory Stick
STEP 3 – Allow HomeDock HD to Reboot
Remove your memory stick from the USB port of your HomeDock HD and wait for the
unit to reboot. This may take a few minutes. To avoid irreversible damage, DO NOT
remove the power supply or power off your HomeDock HD. The reboot is complete once
the “No iPod Connected” screen appears on your TV.
Your HomeDock HD has now been updated to software v.1.0.5. To verify that your
HomeDock HD has been successfully updated, press the “i” button on your HomeDock
HD remote. You can also dock your iPod and navigate to the “About” screen under
“Settings” on the HomeDock HD menu.