169 MHz – Wireless M-Bus
Long range radio for AMR applications
True narrowband with very good sensitivity and selectivity
Integrated 500mW high power output in small form factor
Slave, Master and Repeater integrated in one module
Complete wireless M-Bus stack embedded
• Compliant with the new prEN13757-4* (when released)
Radiocrafts was the first company to release a complete two-way 868MHz radio module fully compliant with the
EN13757-4 and the OMS (Germany) together with the DSMR (The Netherlands). The experience from working with the
Wireless M-Bus standard for several years has given Radiocrafts a unique position in the European metering market for
RF communication. Radiocrafts is participating in the standardization work in the German OMS group, the European
CEN TC294 workgroups, and is taking an active role in how the Wireless M-Bus is used in Automatic Meter Reading in
Europe. With the release of the 169MHz narrowband Wireless M-Bus radio module, Radiocrafts is once again taking the
lead by using advanced RF communication for Smart Metering in Europe and the rest of the world.
RC1700-MBUS4 radio module with embedded Wireless M-Bus protocol
The module has embedded Wireless M-Bus protocol compliant with prEN13757-4:2011, and is CE
marked. The RC1700-MBUS modules are easy to use and will significantly reduce time-to-market for new metering products which
shall comply with the new prEN13757-4:2011 mode N operating at 169 MHz. The time-critical protocol for two way communication is
handled within the module, and the module provides extensive application layer support like message buffering and encryption.
Wireless M-Bus prEN 13757-4:2011
Supports N mode, Narrowband
Auto-message generator and encryption embedded
25 mW output power
Integrated power amplifier, 250 mW
Integrated power amplifier, 500 mW at 5V supply
UART interface:
Data in – RF out
2.0 – 3.6 V
To host meter or
The RC1700-MBUS module has an easy to use UART interface
(easily translates to RS232/RS422/RS485/USB). This is a
standard interface which enables customers to use an existing
external microcontroller to work with the radio module. We have
experienced customers who have made a complete Wireless MBus compliant meter in less than 3 weeks.
2 pins for data, 2 pins for power and 1 pin for antenna!
N-Mode in the EN13757-4
The new N mode has been specified in the
pr13757-4 (2011) which is on enquiry. The new
mode is optimized for long range AMR and battery
operated meters.
Harmonized frequency band in EU and EEA
Reserved for AMR and Asset tracking CEPT 70-03
Optimized protocol for battery operated devices
• True Narrowband with 12,5 KHz
• New compact Extended Link Layer
• New compressed Application Layer
• NRZ coding over the air
• AES128-CTR – Encryption with counter mode
• GFSK, GMSK and 4GMSK modulation options
• Repeater
Radiocrafts AS, Sandakerveien 64, NO-0484 OSLO, NORWAY. Tel. sw. board: (+47) 4000 5195. F a x: (+ 47) 2271 2915. www.radiocrafts.com
RC1700-MBUS Customer specific Feature set
Based on the standard feature set Radiocrafts also offers customer specific feature sets. Features in addition to MBUS4 might
include, but are not limited to:
Reading of pulse input
Storing main index
Reading meter data via serial interface
Handling application layer of wireless M-Bus standard.
Tampering alarm
Low Battery alarm
Accurate event timing with internal RTC
Wired M-Bus link protocol
High Speed Flashing and Testing
Spurious measurements – important vs CE qualification
Radiocrafts has implemented a unique solution for high speed
volume production. This is an innovative test system for high
volume flashing, RF testing and taping of radio modules. This
machine combines all our experience and expertise in radio
module test and have the capacity of testing more than 10k
modules per day.
We have experienced customers and competition which are
making radio solutions with unknown compliance status
versus CE regulations. This is often based on a lack of
knowledge about the different CE regulations and not enough
control of process variation. We know by experience it is
difficult to confirm to regulations with certain chips and SoC’s.
This is one of the reasons why we ALWAYS test our radio
modules 100% before shipping to customers.
Radiocrafts is testing the following parameters
on the RC1700-MBUS radio module before shipping:
Freq accuracy (ppm)
Output power (dBm)
2nd harmonic (dBm)
3rd harmonic (dBm)
Spurious emission (freq/max level, dBm)
RX sensitivity
TX supply current (mA)
RX supply current (mA)
Idle supply current (mA)
Sleep supply current (uA)
Program memory verification
UART communication
Testing of all these parameters will make further detailed
testing unnecessary, and only functional testing needs to be
done to ensure that the total application is working properly.
Radiocrafts ATS – Automatic Test Station – module boards
Benefits of 100% test coverage:
Little or no variations on delivered product
Statistical process control
Avoid yield problems, and costs
Ensure regulations compliancy for every radio module
No extensive testing needed at later stage
RC1700-MBUS Firmware upgrade option
Radiocrafts can now offer customers who have
purchased the RC1700-MBUS Demo Kit the option to
upgrade the firmware of the module, in order to be
FlashPro-CC connected to RC1180DB-USB
updated on the latest developments from Radiocrafts.
The RC1700-MBUS Demo Boards include an on board firmware upgrade connector compatible
with the flash programming adapter from Elprotronic. Existing customers using the RC1180-MBUS
series can use the same programming unit. The application note describes how to firmware
upgrade RC1700-MBUS Demo Boards using the FlashPro-CC tool. Please go to
www.elprotronic.com for purchasing information and software download.
Radiocrafts AS, Sandakerveien 64, NO-0484 OSLO, NORWAY. Tel. sw. board: (+47) 4000 5195. F a x: (+ 47) 2271 2915. www.radiocrafts.com