Rev. 10.6/08-07
SIZES 10" thru 72"
METER shall be a velocity propeller type, magnetic drive, sealed housing, open flow meter. It shall comply with the applicable provisions of AWWA, except for the higher standard required in this specification. In the event of conflict, the
specification herein shall prevail. The meter shall be a WATER SPECIALTIES _________ inch MODEL OF12 with a
sealed indicator having a range of 0 to __________ and shall be equipped with a six digit sealed totalizer reading in
units of _________ and shall be accurate within ±2% of true flow within a range of __________ to __________ GPM
or an approved equal. The meter assembly shall be constructed as follows:
METER HEAD shall be bronze and welded to a drop pipe of 2½" O.D. bronze tubing of sufficient strength to meet the
length dimension shown on the drawings.
GEARBOX shall be bronze, sealed and filled with a high grade lubricant. The drive mechanism shall be magnetically
driven from the propeller, through a ceramic sleeve magnetic coupling and be isolated from the water flow by
means of an o-ring sealed housing. A rigid stainless steel vertical shaft is required from the miter gear frame to
the indicator-totalizer.
PROPELLER shall utilize a water lubricated ceramic sleeve and spindle bearing system. The stainless steel/ceramic
spindle on which the propeller is mounted shall be parallel to the direction of the water flow in the pipe. Dual
ceramic thrust bearings shall be standard on all meters to handle flows in both the forward and reverse directions. The propeller shall be a conical shaped, three bladed propeller, injection molded of thermoplastic material,
resistant to normal water corrosion and deformity due to high flow velocities.
INDICATOR-TOTALIZER shall have a full 4" diameter indicator dial having a range of 0 to ________ (specify indicator range and units) and shall be equipped with a six digit, straight reading type totalizer with black numbers on
white wheels at least 3/16" high. The totalizer shall read in units of _______ (specify totalizer units) and shall
have a test hand to check the accuracy of the indicator. The indicator drive mechanism shall be temperature
compensated, so the indicator hand shall be accurate and linear within ±1% at all points on the dial when the
unit is operated within the temperature range of 32°- 140° F. The unit shall be equipped with change gears to
facilitate easy change of registration without removing pressure from the line or removing the meter head from
the meter tube. The indicator-totalizer shall be protected by an o-ring sealed bonnet made from injection molded
20% glass filled engineered grade of thermoplastic. The bonnet shall be attached to the meter head by screws
located under the hinged lid, which has a padlock hasp.
MOUNTING BRACKETS shall be bronze and furnished with the meter. The upper brackets shall be complete with
locking hasp. The lower bracket shall have guide ears for correct positioning of the drop pipe.
PARTS & SERVICE: Supplier must have test facilities, spare parts, personnel to maintain, instruct, train or whatever is
necessary to assure meters will be maintained throughout the guarantee period.
VOLUMETRIC TESTING of all meters must be performed and approved prior to shipment. The completed meter head
assembly will be accuracy tested. The testing will be conducted in accordance to AWWA testing procedure, rates,
and volume. The amount of water used to conduct the test shall be left on the totalizer. Prior to shipping, a tag shall
be attached to the meter showing the totalizer reading after testing. The test facility must be certified annually to an
accuracy of +-0.25% and be traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. If desired, the test can
be witnessed by the customer or their selected agent. Certified accuracy test records will be furnished at no charge.
ONE MANUFACTURER shall make all meter sizes and styles required for this contract. The meters shall be manufactured
and tested in the U.S.A. and shall be of a design in production in the U.S.A. for at least 5 years.
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