Computerized Tomography CERA Option

CERA XPlorer
X-Plane / µCT Option
CERA is an innovative software solution with
geometry calibration, reconstruction and 3D volume
visualisation, together with high resolution and superior
performance that makes non-destructive failure analysis
and inspection quick and easy.
CERA helps you get the most from Nordson DAGE’s
X-Plane® or µCT, where dense, multi-layer,
multi-component or complex integrated samples need
to be virtually sliced and rotated for detailed in-depth
Key Areas of Interest
Pad Surfaces
Wire Joints
Head-in-Pillow Defects
User-friendly with minimal input required and a clutter
free menu, means getting the information you need has
never been made simpler. Allowing you to get the best
level of images in an intuitive user interface.
X-plane® slice of voiding in the solder
Time Saving
Utilizing the latest in CT imaging algorithms and
GPU acceleration equating to ultimate smooth rendering
performance and very short reconstruction times.
Rendered images provide the highest quality visuals
making the results easier to analyze and spot the finest
of details.
CT of PTH showing insufficient solder and voiding in solder (inverted)
CERA XPlorer
X-Plane / µCT Option
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Features of CERA Visualization
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Fast, high-quality 3D volume visualization with high resolution provides 3D
rendering without having to be an expert in modern 3D voxel
processing algorithms.
Nordson DAGE regional office
For Nordson DAGE’s X-Plane® or µCT option
all of which are listed on
• High performance GPU rendering designed for high frame rates / smooth visualization
• Contains “XPlorer” Visualization (GUI)
• Various render modes: MaxIP, ISO-surface, DRR, shaded MPR, thick MPR, etc.
• 2D and 3D volume visualization GUI • Teravoxel rendering
• Create movies and screenshots
• Flexible transfer functions • Material editor • Crop box and clip planes • Simple measurement features
• Permits to focus on details in 3D data using slicing
• Easy window levelling
Features of CERA µCT
Fast, high-quality CT reconstruction with advanced CT artifact and noise reduction.
For Nordson DAGE’s µCT option. CERA Visualization included.
• GPU-based high performance CT reconstruction
• Advanced artifact and noise reduction for excellent image quality
• Metal artifact reduction
• Ring artifact reduction
• Noise reduction
• Beam hardening correction
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• Efficient correction of geometry misalignments
• Geometry calibration
CERA option
Dage System
CERA Vis for X-Plane (No PC)
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l CERA Vis forX-Plane (Inc PC)
Separate Station
l µCT
Separate Station
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