Consolideck DailyKlean Cleaning Specification

Consolideck® DailyKlean Cleaning Specification
Specifier Note: The information provided below is intended to guide the Architect in developing
specifications for products manufactured by PROSOCO, Inc. and should not be viewed as a
complete source of information about the product(s). The Architect should always refer to the
Product Data Sheet and MSDS for additional recommendations and for safety information
Specifier Note: Paragraph below is for PART 1 GENERAL, Quality Assurance.
Test Area
Test a minimum 4 ft. by 4 ft. area on each type of masonry. Use manufacturer’s application
instructions. Let the test panel dry 3 to 7 days before inspection. Keep test panels available for
comparison throughout the cleaning project.
Specifier Note: Paragraphs below are for PART 2 PRODUCTS, Manufacturers and Products.
Manufacturer: PROSOCO, Inc., 3741 Greenway Circle, Lawrence, KS 66046. Phone: (800) 2554255; Fax: (785) 830-9797. E-mail:
Product Description
Consolideck DailyKlean is a specially designed concentrated maintenance cleaner for concrete
floors, including floors treated with lithium-silicate hardening/densifying products. Though
specifically designed for lithium-silicate hardened and densified floors, DailyKlean is an effective
maintenance cleaner for almost any concrete floor. The specialized blend of degreasers and
detergents removes most common soiling found on concrete floors.
Technical Data
FORM: clear orange liquid, fresh clean odor SPECIFIC GRAVITY: 0.999 pH: 8.6 WEIGHT/GALLON: 8.32 pounds ACTIVE CONTENT: not applicable TOTAL SOLIDS: not applicable VOC CONTENT: less than 1% maximum FLASH POINT: greater than 200 degrees F (greater than 93 degrees C) ASTM D 3278 FREEZE POINT: 31 degrees F (-­‐0.5 degrees C) SHELF LIFE: 2 years in unopened, factory-­‐sealed container VOC: Compliant with all national, state and district VOC regulations. Specifier Note: Paragraphs below are for PART 3 EXECUTION, Installation.
Before applying, read “Preparation” and “Safety Information” sections in the Manufacturer’s Product Data Sheet for Consolideck® DailyKlean. Refer to the Product Data Sheet for additional information about application. Dilution
For normal cleaning, dilute 1 ounce of cleaner per 1-gallon of fresh water. For deep
cleaning, dilute 2-ounces of cleaner per 1-gallon of fresh water. For PAX packaging,
dilute one 4-ounce PAX per 5-gallon of fresh water.
Application Instructions
Apply with a mop or automatic scrubber. Rinsing is not necessary for routine surface
cleaning. Mop up spent cleaner and dissolved contaminants, or allow automatic scrubber
to vacuum it up. After deep cleaning, rinse well with fresh water. Do not let cleaner dry on
the floor. Buff the cleaned floor with a white pad to increase the shine.
Clean tools and equipment using fresh water.
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