Engineering Specifications - SITRANS Magflo MAG 5100 W
Electromagnetic Flowmeter
With MAG 6000 Signal converter
This section describes the requirements for an electromagnetic flow meter and microprocessor-based signal
converter. Under this item, the contractor shall furnish and install the magmeter equipment and accessories as
indicated on the plans and as herein specified.
The following information shall be included in the submittal for this section:
• Data sheets and catalog literature for the magmeter and the microprocessor-based signal
• Connection diagrams for equipment wiring.
• List of spare parts and optional equipment.
The electromagnetic flow meter shall consist of a flow sensor based on Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetic
Induction and microprocessor-based signal converter, type MAG 6000.
Operating principle: Utilizing Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetic Induction, the flow of liquid through the
sensor induces an electrical voltage that is proportional to the velocity of the flow.
Construction: (choose based on sensor size)
(2” – 10”) The sensor flow tube and liner material shall be constructed of a composite elastomer (hard
and soft rubber) surrounded by two integral coils. Measurement and grounding electrodes shall be 316
stainless steel. Connecting flanges shall be carbon steel.
(1”, 1-1/2”, and 12” – 48”) The sensor flow tube shall be 304 stainless steel surrounded by two coils.
Liner material shall be hard rubber. Measurement and grounding electrodes shall be 316 stainless
steel. Connecting flanges shall be carbon steel
Installation: A minimum of 5 pipe diameters up stream and 3 pipe diameters down stream are
recommended (Consult the factory for any variations).
Operating Temp: -20 to +160° F.
Size: 1” to 48” diameter (see instrument schedule)
Submergence: The sensor shall be pedestal sealed against accidental submersion to 3 feet for 30
minutes standard, or permanently submerged to 30 feet when the terminal box is backfilled with a nonsetting, transparent potting material.
Signal converter: Type MAG 6000.
Enclosure: NEMA 4X enclosure
Display: Background illumination with alphanumeric 3-line, 20-character display to indicate flow rate,
totalized values, settings, and faults (a blind version of the MAG 6000 signal converter is available).
Power supply: 115/230 VAC or 11-24VDC.
Operating temperature: -5 to +120 degrees F.
Outputs: 0-20 mA or 4-20 mA into 800 ohms max. One relay rated at 42 VAC/2 A, 24 DC/1 A. Digital
(frequency or pulse) for external display of flow rate or totalizer.
Communications: Optional Plug-in Modules - Profibus (PA or DP), HART, Modbus RTU/RS485, CAN
Open, Device Net.
Flow Range: 1.5 fps to 33 fps for accuracies stated below.
Accuracy: 0.25% of actual flow.
Separation: Maximum distance of 900 feet between signal converter and sensor without the use of any
additional equipment.
Bi-directional flow capabilities shall be standard
Totalizer: Two eight-digit counters for forward, net, or reverse flow
The electromagnetic flow meter shall be a Siemens Model MAG 5100 W flow sensor with a Siemens
Model MAG 6000 signal converter. Insertion type flow meters will not be accepted.
Spare Parts
Spare parts for the equipment shall include the following, unless otherwise noted:
One set of manufacturers recommended spare parts.
Extra operation manuals as required.
Each flow sensor shall be wet calibrated and all of the calibration information and factory settings
matching the sensor shall be stored in an integrally mounted SENSORPROM® memory unit. The
SENSORPROM® shall store sensor calibration data and signal converter settings for the lifetime of the
product. At initial commissioning, the flowmeter commences measurement without any initial
programming. Any customer specified settings are downloaded to the SENSORPROM®. Should the
signal converter need to be replaced, the new signal converter will upload all previous settings and
resume measurement without any need for reprogramming or rewiring.
A certificate of calibration shall accompany each flow sensor.
Converter Function Details
The following functions shall be provided:
All programming shall be accomplished through an integral keypad and all programming shall be
protected by a user-defined password.
The signal converter shall be integrally mounted or remotely mounted using a remote-mount kit provided
by the manufacturer.
The signal converter shall provide a 0/4-20 mA DC signal proportional to flow rate into 800 ohms max.
Output selectable as unidirectional or bi-directional.
The relay shall be programmable as error indicator, limit alarm or pulsed output.
The signal converter system shall be equipped with an error and status log with 4 groups of information.
1. Information without a functional error involved.
2. Warnings which may cause malfunction in the application
3. Permanent errors, which may cause malfunction in the application.
4. Fatal error, which is essential for the operation of the flowmeter.
A system error shall be indicated by a flashing icon on the display or activation of the relay when set as
an error alarm.
The first nine standing errors shall be stored in the error pending log. A corrected error is removed from
the error pending log. A status log shall be provided to store the last 9 error messages received for 180
days regardless of correction.
Verification using a stand-alone Siemens MAGFLO Verificator to measure a number of selected parameters
in the flow sensor and signal converter, which affects the integrity of the flow measurement, shall be
available through a factory verification service.
Verification of the Flowmeter shall consist of the following test routines:
Insulation test of the entire flowmeter system and cables.
Test of sensor magnetic properties.
Signal converter gain, linearity, and zero point tests.
Digital output test.
Analog output test.
A certificate of verification shall be issued if the flowmeter passes all of the tests with-in 1% of the
original factory test parameters.
Follow manufacturer’s recommendation for the minimum upstream and downstream installation
requirements for the flow sensor.
Wiring between flow sensors and remote mounted signal converters shall use cable type and
procedures as per the manufacturers’ recommendations.
The manufacturer of the electromagnetic flow meter shall guarantee for one year of operation that the
equipment shall be free from defects in design, workmanship, or materials.
In the event a component fails to perform as specified, or is proven defective in service during the
guarantee period, the manufacturer shall promptly repair or replace the defective part at no cost to the
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