Ventilation System Guide
Astra Range
Heat Recovery Ventilation System
What is it and why is it there?
A centralised fan unit mounted in your loft space or cupboard that draws
stale moist air and odours from your bathroom, kitchen and WC removing it
from the property through the circular grilles mounted in your ceiling.
What does it do?
It continuously moves air around your property at such a low level that you
hardly feel it, but it takes all the stale air from inside your house and replaces
it with clean fresh air, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Your home is ventilated without the need to open windows which can let in
noise and fumes and can compromise security.
How will it help?
It will prevent the build up of moisture in the house, remove steam/condensation
and odours during bathing and cooking, prevent black mould forming on the
walls or behind cupboards etc. It will also help stop the dampness that you
can get in your cupboards and wardrobes, on your clothes and furnishings,
caused by poor ventilation.
How do I control it?
On normal setting your Astra operates continuously to ensure your home is
ventilated at the appropriate level. The system can be boosted to a higher
speed using the manual boost control, for example on a hot day.
Running cost
Your Astra uses the latest low energy technology and can cost as little as
£15.00* per annum to run. The heat exchanger recovers more energy than
the unit consumes so the Astra will actually save you money. *Based on
electricity at 13pence per unit.
t: 0844 856 0590
f: 01293 565169
...switch off the unit
The unit is set to run
continuously 24 hours
a day, 7 days a week.
...adjust the ceiling
These grilles are set to
allow a certain amount of air through and may affect
performance if adjusted.
Ventilation System Guide
• Clean filters every 6 months
• The Astra should be serviced professionally every
two years
1. Remove front cover and filter covers
3. Gently vacuum filters
4. Replace in reverse order
2. Remove filters
5. Filters should be replaced every two years, or after three cleaning cycles. Contact Vent-Axia Sales by calling 0844 856 0590
quoting stock reference 443889
t: 0844 856 0590
f: 01293 565169
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