Technical Specifications
On-board Storage
.Board lens, Fixed, f = 2.8 mm, F2.0
.MicroSD/SDHC card slot
.Stores snapshots and video clips
Field of View
Full HD
.110° (horizontal)
.81.5° (vertical)
.142° (diagonal)
.Muilti-level user access with password protection
.IP address filtering
.HTTPS encrypted data transmission
.802.1X port-based authentication for network protection
Shutter Time
.1/5 sec. to 1/32,000 sec
Fixed Dome Network Camera
Image Sensor
.1/2.7" progressive scan CMOS sensor in 1920x1080 resolution
Minimum Illumination
.Live viewing for up to 10 clients
.Net: 450 g
.0.2 Lux @ F2.0
LED Indicator
.Compression: H.264, MJPEG & MPEG-4
Multiple simultaneous streams
H.264 streaming over UDP, TCP, HTTP or HTTPS
MPEG-4 streaming over UDP, TCP, HTTP or HTTPS
H.264/MPEG-4 multicast streaming
MJPEG streaming over HTTP or HTTPS
.Supports activity adaptive streaming for dynamic frame rate control
.Supports video cropping for bandwidth saving
.Supports ePTZ for data efficiency
.Supports 3GPP mobile surveillance
.Frame rates:
Up to 30 fps at 1920x1080
Up to 30 fps at 1920x1080
Up to 30 fps at 1920x1080
Image Settings
.Adjustable image size, quality and bit rate
.Time stamp and text caption overlay
.Flip & mirror
.Configurable brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness,
white balance and exposure
.WDR enhanced
.BLC (Backlight Compensation)
.Supports privacy masks
GSM-AMR speech encoding, bit rate: 4.75 kbps to 12.2 kbps
MPEG-4 AAC audio encoding, bit rate: 16 kbps to 128 kbps
G.711 audio encoding, bit rate: 64 kbps, μ-Law or A-Law
mode selectable
External microphone input
.Supports audio mute
.10/100 Mbps Ethernet, RJ-45
.Onvif support
.Protocols: IPv4, IPv6, TCP/IP, HTTP, HTTPS, UPnP,
DNS, DDNS, PPPoE, CoS, QoS, SNMP, and 802.1X
.System restore status indicator
2MP•Vandal-proof•Mobile Surveillance•WDR Enhanced
.Power consumption:
Max. 4.3 W
Max. 7.5 W (with heater)
.802.3af compliant Power-over-Ethernet (Class 3) (MD8562)
.DC 12~36V Input (MD8562D)
VIVOTEK MD8562/62D is a series of compact, 2-Megapixel network cameras geared toward transportation
applications, such as buses, trains and other moving vehicles. With full EN50155 compliance & IP67-rated design,
the camera can withstand shock, vibration, humidity, dust and temperature fluctuations, maintaining stable and
reliable video capturing during vehicle movement. Furthermore, the vandal-proof metal housing provides robust
protection from vandalism. As such, the combination of high resolution imaging and protective housing endows
the MD8562/62D with the rugged reliability required to maximize passenger safety and optimize mobile
.Vandal-proof IK10-rated metal housing
.Weather-proof IP67-rated housing
Operating Environments
.Temperature: -25°C ~ 50°C (-13°F ~ 122°F)
.Humidity: 90% RH
By utilizing high-definition 1920x1080 resolution, the MD8562/62D delivers extremely clear and detailed images,
achieving accurate identification of people or objects with ease. With WDR enhancement, users are able to
identify image details under extreme lighting conditions, dark or bright. Video footage of in-vehicle passenger
activities or vehicle accidents captured with this camera can thus be used for post-event forensic evidence.
Viewing System Requirements
.OS: Microsoft Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000
.Browser: Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 6.x or above
.Cell phone: 3GPP player
.Real Player: 10.5 or above
.Quick Time: 6.5 or above
Installation, Management, and Maintenance
With the tamper detection feature, the MD8562/62D are truly robust and intelligent cameras that keep security
staff notified once suffering video loss from being blocked or spray-painted. PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) also
allows the MD8562 to be operated and powered with a single Ethernet cable, giving greater ease of installation.
In order to facilitate on-board storage and data portability, the camera is also complete with a MicroSD/SDHC card
slot for local recording. With such a broad spectrum of advanced features, the MD8562/62D are the best choices
for mobile surveillance.
.Camera angle adjustment: Tilt 90° (0° ~ 90°)
.Installation Wizard 2
.32-CH ST7501 recording software
.Supports firmware upgrade
.SDK available for application development and system integration
.36 months
.Camera: 130 mm (D) x 107 mm (W) x 47 mm (H)
.Cable length: 520 mm
.Cable diameter: Ø 7.2 mm; Max width: Ø 14 mm
47 mm
130 mm
Alarm and Event Management
107 mm
.Triple-window video motion detection
.Tamper detection
.One D/I for external sensor and alarm
.Event notification using HTTP, SMTP, or FTP
.Local recording of MP4 file
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Ver 1.0
Easy Mobile Installation
Enhanced Security
With compact size and discreet design, the MD8562/62D can be easily
• Tamper Detection
installed on sloped surfaces of vehicles and seamlessly blend with the
This function can detect changes caused by camera tampering, such as
surrounding environment, reducing customers' unease towards being under
blockage and spray-painting, and send out alerts so that the operator can
address security issues immediately, making the MD8562/62D an invaluable
Moreover, VIVOTEK offers two types of power supply solutions: PoE or DC
solution for vandalism-prone areas.
input. The MD8562 is compliant with IEEE 802.3af PoE switches and minimizes cabling issues during installation or maintenance. The MD8562D is
• Vandal-proof IK10-rated Housing
also compatible with DC 12V, 24V or 36V mobile power inputs, bringing
Equipped with protective housing, the MD8562/62D are protected from vandalism
great flexibility for mobile security applications.
and high-risk environments. The metal base and polycarbonate cover enable the
MD8562/62D to withstand high impacts, thereby ensuring functional operation at all
• Uninterrupted Recording
Reliability in Demanding Environments
The MD8562/62D feature a MicroSD/SDHC card slot to provide short-term
Card Slot
and portable video storage on removable memory cards, thereby providing a
higher level of convenience and data protection. With this feature, because
Due to demanding requirements for protection against extreme vibration, humidity and temperature, network cameras used for mass transit applications
camera images are continuously recorded on the MicroSD/SDHC card, the
require a high level of reliability. In compliance with international standards, the MD8562/62D guarantee the highest level of performance and stability for
chance of data loss due to network disconnection is greatly reduced.
mass transit surveillance.
• EN50155 Compliance
With resistance to an extended temperature range of -25 to 50 ° C, the
MD8562/62D are compliant with the EN50155 standard for electronic equipments
operating in railway vehicles. It also meets the EN50155's shock and vibration
requirements to provide high reliability and rugged performance during movement.
Adapted for High-contrast Lighting Conditions
When a camera is used in a high contrast, backlight, glare
or light reflective environment, such as a building
entrance, ATM or window, a subject may appear dark and
• IP67-rated Housing
The MD8562/62D’s weather-proof IP67-rated housing provides protection from
unrecognizable. WDR Enhanced technology compensates
extreme weather conditions, dust and moisture. It offers total protection against
for the unbalanced lighting, restoring detail throughout the
contamination and withstands water jet ingress, allowing for operation in
field of view, so as to give user unparalleled visibility to
demanding environments.
identify images.
With WDR Enhanced
1080p Resolution at Full Frame Rate
Product Features
VIVOTEK MD8562 and MD8562D are able to transmit 30 fps @ 1080p with H.264 compression, while traditional
MD8562/62D Fixed Dome Network Camera
megapixel cameras generally achieve only 10 to 15 fps due to hardware limitations.
The ability to view and record footage at a full frame rate enables much more effective surveillance. For example, if a person or object of
2MP•Vandal-proof•Mobile Surveillance•WDR Enhanced
interest passes quickly through the camera’s field of view during an event, a 10 fps frame rate might mean only a single frame with the
• 2-Megapixel CMOS Sensor
target is captured, while the MD8562/62D would capture three frames, providing a complete record of the event and accurate identification
• Up to 30 fps @ 1080p Full HD
of the target.
• Wide Angle Fixed Lens
• EN50155 Compliance for Professional Mobile Surveillance
• Real-time H.264, MPEG-4 and MJPEG Compression (Triple Codec)
• WDR Enhancement for Unparalleled Visibility in Extremely Bright or Dark Environments
• Vandal-proof IK10-rated and Weather-proof IP67-rated Housing
• Built-in 802.3af Compliant PoE (MD8562)
Key Frame
• Built-in MicroSD/SDHC Card Slot for On-board Storage
Without WDR Enhanced
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