DPM - 3221 / 3232
Digital DC Power Meter
These digital DC power meters measures the current, voltage, watt, and
registers the max. and min. voltage and current, watt hour, ampere
hour and total run time.
All these data are logged in the meter and can be retrieved to a PC via
optional Data adapter and software.
User can adjust data logging interval in second in range from 30s to
180s according to their own application requirement.*
There are two models and both have the same features, performance
specifications except in the range of current measured.
DPM-3232 has a built in shunt and max current measured is 60A.
DPM-3221 is designed to use with commonly available external shunts
The max current measured depends on the shunt and can be 50A/ 100A/
The power meter consumes 60mW at voltage from 5 to 60V DC. It takes
operation power from either the source or load side. If an external DC
source (5 to 60 Vdc) is used the voltage measured range is extended
from 5-60V to 0-60V.
Model: DPM-3232 with internal shunt measures: 0-60A (0.01A), 5.0-60V
Model: DPM-3221 with external shunt (not supplied) measures:
All measured voltage range for both model can be extended to 0-60V
with external dc source.
Measures : Current, Voltage, Power W
Scrolling Display of: Max.V, Max.I, Min.V, Min I, Watt Hour, Amp Hour,
and Operational Period in hour: minute: second
Stop scrolling display is by press of reset button to monitor any of the
Connect to PC via optional Data Adapter for retrieval of logged data of V,
I (1,500 sets) in registered group data.
Unit can be mounted on supplied Snap-on Mounting Bracket or to a
ferrous metal Surface magnetically.
Selectable data logging interval 30 seconds to 180 seconds.*
(* Available in product with firmware version 1.8 or above for DPM-3232,
version 2.0 or above for DPM-3221)
Measured Parameters
Current Range Amp.
DPM-3232 (with internal shunt)
DPM-3221 (for use with external shunt)
50A / 50mV
100A / 50mV 200A / 50mV
0-20Amp continuous, 30Amax. for 30min.,
60Amp Max. for 5Sec.
(non-repeatable within 60Sec.)
0-50Amp cont.
Voltage Range Volt.
Power Watt (W)
5~60V or 0~60V with external DC source
Max. recorded W: 3600W
Resolution of W: 0.1W
Resolution of V & I
Scrolling Display of Registered Parameters
Ampere Hour (AH)
0.01V , 0.01A
Peak Watt (Wp) registered
Max. recorded W: 3600W
Resolution of W: 0.1W
0-100Amp cont.
0-200Amp cont.
Max. recorded W: 12,000W
Resolution of W: 0.1W for W<10,000W
1W for W>10,000W
0.01V , 0.01A
0.01V , 0.02A
0.01V , 0.05A
Max. recorded AH: 99,999AH
Resolution of AH: 0.01AH for total recorded AH <1,000AH
0.1AH for 10,000 > total recorded AH > 1,000AH
1AH for total recorded AH > 10,000AH
Max. recorded W: 12,000W
Resolution of W: 0.1W for W<10,000W
1W for W>10,000W
Energy: Kilo Watt Hour (KWH)
0-9999.9KWH , 0.1KWH
Registered Peak Voltage (Vp), Min. Voltage (Vm), The new high and low values of voltage and current will replace the old ones during the metering
period and registered at the finish of the metering period
Peak Current (Ap), Min. Current (Am)
Accumulative Max. Operation Period logged
Scrolling speed on LCD
Data logging interval
Operation Voltage and Current
External DC Source Range
Operation Condition
Storage Condition
75 Hours
3 seconds for one parameter
Selectable from 3 seconds to 180 seconds (default 180 seconds)
5 ~ 60V and 12mA
5 ~ 60V , 9mA ~ 12mA
0 ~ 40°C , non condensing humidity
0 ~ 50°C , non condensing humidity
minus -10°C ~ 60°C
LCD Display
Housing Material
Dimension & Weight
Supplied Accessories
VA= 54mm x 14.4mm, 16 character x 2 row STN 5*8 dots
75(L) x 45(W) x 23(D) mm
100g Approx.
2 screw-on type connector blocks;
Snap-on mounter & external power wire with plug,
snap-on mounter & external power wire with plug phone cable with RJ-11 plug, Inline coupler connector.
Optional Accessories
DPA-3051 Data adapter module & software
for data logging;
CE EN 61326
◘ All values are based on the Standard ambient Temperature 25°C and Pressure 0.1Mpa.
External shunt modules with RJ-11 socket.
5M long phone cable with plugs.