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A Hydraulic Pick-Up Broom for Large Loaders
Hydraulically driven rotary pick-up broom
Available in 7’ (84”), 8’ (96”), and 9’ (104”) widths
Broom speed up to 200 RPM, dependent on prime mover
Hoses provided from hydraulic drive motors to a bulkhead
Heavy duty 16”, 360° swivel casters
Sight Indicators
32” O.D x 10” I.D wafer style brush
2” spacers manufactured from 20-gauge mild steel strap
Brush core can be installed with either end to the left or right
with no effect on sweeping performance
Brush and core assembly can be removed from frame without
disconnecting hoses from drive motor(s)
Brush Lift
Brush is lifted by means of the prime mover
Brush Drive
Brooms are standard with dual low-speed, high-torque,
18 c.i.d hydraulic motors
Motors are coupled directly to the brush core by means
of a 1” 6 spline shaft
Motors are mounted outside of brush frame and are
protected by formed ¼” guards
Brush Hopper
3/16” hood and side panels
Heavy duty, self- aligning, flange style bearings support the
broom core
Adjustable baffle to fill bucket completely
Rubber deflectors to help contain material
Hopper Bucket
5/16” bucket with 3/16” side plates
¾” wear bars welded to bottom of bucket to increase life
Rubber deflectors to help contain material
¾” x 6” cutting edge
Hopper Dump
Bucket is hydraulically dumped by using the loader bucket
dump function
Available Options
Dual Low Flow Drive Motor
Sprinkler System(s)
Gutter broom(s)
Hopper Capacity
7’ (84”) – 33.0 cu. Ft.
8’ (96”) – 37.5 cu. Ft.
9’ (104”) – 42.0 cu. Ft.
Steel surfaces undergo a phosphatizing acid bath to clean and
etch the surfaces to provide a superior coating adhesion
One coat of epoxy primer and one coat of polyurethane topcoat
Painted M-B yellow
M-B Attachments
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