audio sound sources
Double sound source including one FM radio tuner and one multi-format audio player:
CD-drive, USB slot and SD card slot readers. The 2VSP includes 3 audio outputs: tuner
output, multi-format player output and a third one called PRIORITY, which delivers the
same audio as the CD / USB / SD player as long as it is playing, switching to the FM
tuner audio when the CD / USB / SD player stops. This way your installation can be
always fed with audio contents. Additionally, the Vari-Speed control lets the user change
the audio track's tempo, a function especially interesting in fitness applications.
Key features
• Double-deck audio player
• FM TUNER with 60 presets
• CD / USB / SD card readers (PCM and mp3 formats supported)
• Antishock system in CD reader
• FM tuner RCA stereo output
• CD / USB / SD card player RCA stereo output
• PRIORITY RCA stereo output (deliver the same audio as the CD / USB / SD player
The 2VSP integrates a priority output to guarantee that the
until it finishes, switching to the FM tuner audio)
• Double front panel LCD display (player and tuner)
• ID3 tags support
• Folders reading support
• IR remote control
• Vari-Speed control for tracks' tempo modification
• REPEAT and PROGRAM functions
installation's audio contents or BGM is never stopped
Tech. Characteristics
FM 75 ohm unbalanced antenna terminals
USB & SD CARD slots (mp3 reader)
CD drive (PCM and mp3 reader)
3 x stereo RCA connectors: TUNER, CD and PRIORITY outputs
Nominal output level
1.2V ±2dB
Frequency response
20 Hz ± 1 dB
100 Hz ± 1dB
10 KHz ± 2 dB
20 KHz ± 3 dB
Separation @ 1 KHz
> 60dB
THD @ 1 KHz
< 0.15%
S/N ratio
> 80dB
4 Kg.
482 x 44mm x 250 mm (1 RU)
Recommended preamplification
• MIMO54 analogue matrix
• MIMO88 digital matrix
• SAM series mixers
• COMPACT series mixers
Recommended amplification
• MPA multichannel series
• HZA multichannel 100V line series
• NZA multichannel networkable series
• AMPACK multichannel series
• BGM audio in single or multi-zone applications
• Fitness
• Fixed sound source in clubs, pubs, etc.
All product characteristics are subject to variation due to production tolerances. ECLER, S.A. reserves the right to make changes or improvements in the design or manufacturing that may affect these product specifications.
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