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Rinnai Gas Dryer Product Warranty
Warranty Terms
The benefits to the consumer given by this warranty are in addition to all other rights and
remedies of the consumer under a law in relation to the goods or services to which the
warranty relates.
Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer
Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation
for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the
goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure
does not amount to a major failure.
Given installation and application is in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications
and instructions as published at the date of installation, Rinnai will repair or replace goods
free of charge in the event of defects arising from faulty materials and/or workmanship in
accordance with the Warranty Terms in Tables 1 and 2, Definitions, Warranty Conditions
and Exclusions stated in this document.
Rinnai is responsible for reasonable costs associated with legitimate warranty claims,
including call-out of an authorised Rinnai service provider to inspect the faulty product.
Rinnai is not responsible for:
(a) costs for tradespeople that are not authorised Rinnai service providers; or
(b) any costs, including call-out costs for an authorised Rinnai service provider, associated
with a product which is determined upon inspection not to be covered by this
The consumer will be reimbursed by Rinnai for any reasonable costs associated with
making a legitimate warranty claim against Rinnai which are not otherwise specified
Enquiries relating to Warranty claims for Rinnai products or services must be made by
contacting Rinnai Australia. Contact details are on the back of this document.
Domestic Use
Parts & Labour
Commercial Use
Parts & Labour
Drysoft 4
2 Years
1 Year
Drysoft 6
2 Years
1 Year
Gas Dryers
Rinnai Gas Dryer Warranty
Domestic Use:
The warranty periods that are allocated under “Domestic Use” are based on the gas
clothes dryer usage of a typical family and apply only to gas dryers installed in domestic
Commercial Use:
The warranty periods that are allocated under “Commercial Use” are for gas clothes dryers
installed at premises such as commercial and industrial buildings, hotels, motels, caravan
parks, and sporting complexes, but not limited to these.
Warranty Conditions
1. This warranty applies to products which are manufactured on or after the date of
publication of this warranty but before the next date of publication of this warranty.
All terms of this warranty are effective from date of installation of the appliance(s) and the attending service person reserves the right to verify this date by requesting proof of purchase or a copy of the certificate of compliance. Where the date of completion of installation is not known, this warranty will commence 2 months after the date of manufacture. The date of manufacture is stated on the dataplate of the appliance.
Note: Certificates of compliance must be issue by the installer by law in all States and Territories of Australia
The gas dryer and components must be installed in accordance with the
Manufacturer’s Installation Instructions, current AS 3000, AS 3500 and AS 5601 as applicable, local regulations and municipal building codes. Gas dryers and
components must only be installed, commissioned and removed by persons
authorised by local regulations to do so and serviced and repaired by Rinnai
approved technicians.
4. The warranty applies only to the components supplied by Rinnai. It does not apply to components supplied by others, such as isolating valves, electrical switches, pipe work, electrical cables and fuses, but not limited to these.
Where the gas dryer or its components have not been sited in accordance with the Installation Instructions or are installed such that normal service access is difficult, a service charge will apply. At the discretion of the attending service person, if access is deemed dangerous, service will be refused. Any work required to gain reasonable access to gas dryer components may also be chargeable at the discretion of the attending service person (for example, removal of cupboards, doors or walls, or the use of special equipment to move components to floor level).
Rinnai Gas Dryer Warranty
6. Any inspection, service, repair or replacement activities associated with warranty on Rinnai products must be authorised by Rinnai Australia before commencement.
7. Where a failed component is replaced under warranty, the balance of the original appliance warranty will remain effective. The replacement part or appliance does not carry a new warranty.
8. Rinnai reserve the right to transfer functional components from defective appliances if they are suitable.
9. Rinnai reserve the right to have the installed product returned to the factory for inspection.
Warranty Exclusions
No warranties except those implied and that by law cannot be excluded are given by
Rinnai in respect of Goods supplied. Where it is lawful to do so, the liability of Rinnai for a
breach of a condition or warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the Goods, the
supply of equivalent Goods, the payment of the cost of repairing or replacing the Goods
or acquiring equivalent Goods as determined by Rinnai.
The following exclusions may cause the warranty to become void and will result in a
service charge and costs of parts (if required):
1. Accidental damage and acts of God.
2. Failure due to misuse, incorrect or unauthorised installations.
3. Failure or damage caused by alterations, service or repair work carried out by persons
other that Rinnai service persons or service agents.
4. Where it is found that there is no fault with the appliance and the issue is related to
the installation or is due to the failure of electric or gas supplies or corrosive atmosphere.
5. Labour costs incurred due to a Rinnai Service person or service agent performing
checks which should have been carried out by the customer in accordance with the
Customer Instructions and where no defect is found.
Rinnai Gas Dryer Warranty
Need a Service?
Rinnai appliances like any, benefit
from regular maintenance in order
to maximise ongoing performance.
We recommend that our appliances
are serviced at least every 2 years to
minimise any potential down time,
ensure safety of the product and ultimately
prolong the life span of the unit.
To support this, our highly experienced
1st-Care Service Team are available to
assist with any of your ongoing service
and installation needs.
Call 1st-Care on 1300 555 545 to make a booking
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Rinnai Gas Dryer Warranty
Heating Solutions for indoors
Rinnai Energysaver® Power Flued Gas Heating
The Rinnai Energysaver® range of Power Flued heaters achieve an ideal balance of an even
spread of warm clean air throughout the room, at efficiency levels which out perform most
other heating systems. Thermostatically controlled for true peace of mind, the new Rinnai
Energysavers offer the ultimate in comfort and safety.
Efficiency rating between 4.2 - 4.3 Stars
Superior indoor air quality with zero emissions into the room
Power Flued allowing flexibility with multiple installation options
Full Electronic Thermostatic Control
Dual Digital Timers with Pre-Heat and Ecomony Modes
Inbuilt Humidifier Tray
Child Lock prevents unwanted access
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Rinnai Gas Dryer Warranty
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