PRESS RELEASE Ultra Low Resistance, Ultra Fast Motor!

January 10, 2013
Ultra Low Resistance, Ultra Fast Motor!
Spec class racing is the ultimate battleground across the country. Novak is pleased to present the latest weapon in the
spec racing war— the Ultra Low-Resistance Stator, which is available in three winds: 10.5T (#S6630), 13.5T
(#S6633), and 17.5T (#S6637). These new stators are developed to provide maximum copper wire fill and give spec
racers an edge over a standard motor. Each stator is hand-wound by Novak’s winding wizards in Irvine, California,
using the largest diameter, high-quality Novak Red Wire we can fit into the stator. This lowers the stator’s resistance,
giving serious racers the lowest numbers possible, and the fastest speeds on the track.
Novak’s innovative re-buildable motor design allows for quick and easy replacement of the stator. By unscrewing the
main screws, the motor's end bells and sensor assemblies can be easily removed to leave only the stator, which can be
replaced with a different wound stator. The ease of installation and numerous motor-wind options provides drivers with
a cost effective way to race many different classes without purchasing a large number of motors. In addition, the stators
can be easily replaced if damaged. Refer to Novak’s video on How to Replace a Wound Stator.
The new Novak Ultra Low-Resistance Hand-Wound Red Stators (#S6630, S6633, S6637) will be available in
January 2013. These stators are also included in Novak’s Build-A-Ballistic Program.
Shorter stack, largest diameter wire possible, for maximum power and
Compatible with all Novak Ballistic 540-size motors, including Ballistic
High-RPM, Premium Ballistic, Ballistic Spec, and Ballistic Racing
Wound with Novak’s Red Wire (American-made, 99.99% oxygen-free)
for ultimate performance
Hand-wound at the Novak factory in Irvine, California, by expert motor
Passes several quality control checks as well as computerized testing to
ensure performance the serious racer expects
Compatible with all Ballistic 540-size brushless
motors, including Ballistic High-RPM
Includes: Stator in protective tube, turn label, and installation instructions
Three spec winds available:
10.5T, 13.5T, and 17.5T
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Product Description
S6630, S6633, Novak Ultra Low-Resistance Red Wire 540 Stators (10.5T,
13.5T, 17.5T)
January 2013
All Novak wound stators are engineered, built, and supported by Team Novak in Irvine, CA, using the highest
quality parts sourced around the globe.
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