Tender guideline for Respondents

E-Tender guideline for Respondents
An E- RFX can either be Open or Closed:
Open E- RFX: The Open E- RFX process is used for all generic requirements for which there could be
a wide range of possible Respondents. Follow steps 1 and then 3
Closed E- RFX: The closed E-RFX process is used when there is a specific requirement that can only
be provided by an exclusive number of Respondents or when a specific business imperative requires
this process. Please follow steps 2 and then 3
System requirements:
Internet access to the Internet with the following requirements:
Microsoft Internet Explorer -6,7,8,9 or 10
Microsoft Office 2007
Adobe Reader 9.3 or higher
Enter your Username and temporary password. (As provided in notification email) with the link
After successful login, you will be prompted to change your initial temporary password.
Enter your old temporary password. Enter a new password and verify it by re-entering it again.
Click on the Change button.
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1. Closed RFX
Once logged on the Sourcing Workbench will open and Respondent can view all active/upcoming
Sourcing activities.
Respondent can view the active Events under channel “Active Auctions, RFxs, and Xpress Requests”
1.1 Respondent can open active RFX by clicking on
will open.
RFX page icon and the RFX event summary
1.2 To open the RFX document click on the unique RFX response link label PROP-xxx number under
the RFX Response Heading
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2. Open RFX
On the Workbench Respondents can view all the Open Tenders in the Upcoming Event Channel.
Respondent can request access if they want to respond to open RFX. The intent to respond is now
available until the RFX is “Closed for Response”.
2.1 Respondent can request access to any Tender by opening the RFX with Status Available
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Note: The intention to respond for an “Open RFX” is now available on your personalized
workbench until the RFX is “Closed for Response”. The “Tender Open for Response” date can be
viewed under the Date Column as depicted with an arrow in red below.
2.2 Click on the link to request access to the event.
2.3 The status will change to Pending for the Respondent till it is accepted by the Event owner.
2.4 Once the Event owner has accepted the Respondent request the status will change to Invited
and on the open RFX date/time the Respondent will have access to the event.
The RFX event will then be available under the channel “Active Auctions, RFxs, and Xpress
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3. Respond on the RFX
3.1 All the relevant documents and attachments can be found under the sections “Attachments”
It is advisable to download and save the required documents under the “Attachments” tab on your
local disk, complete and sign where necessary and proceed to answering the RFX.
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3.2 Once all the required documentations have been completed, the documentations can be
uploaded individually under the “Attachments” tab again. Select the “Attachments” tab
3.3 Respond by selecting “Attach file” tab to upload the file/ documents separately:
3.4 Select the file/ document and click open
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3.5 The file/ document have been uploaded. Enter the same file name on the description Select OK
3.6 To remove a file/document, click on the trashcan for it to be removed. Select OK.
Follow step 3.3 again to upload the correct file document.
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4. Discussions
Discussions are a collaboration tool used by you and the purchaser to clarify issues related to a
product or the sourcing process. A discussion is associated with a sourcing document and stored as
part of its history during the cause of the period the tender is open.
4.1 Creating a discussion message:
On the toolbar, choose Discussions
In the Topic dialog box, choose New Message.
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In the Create New Message dialog box, make entries in the fields (Subject, Content) and
optionally add an attachment by selecting Lookup.
To remove the attachment, please select the dustbin link.
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Click Finish
You see the message listed. Click Finish again.
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4.2 Viewing your discussion messages
On the toolbar, choose Discussions
In the Discussions dialog box, choose the name of the message to view. In the Display Subject
dialog box, you see the message with its replies, if any. When you have finished viewing the
message, choose Finish in the Display Subject dialog box.
Version 0.3 | 2015-09-09
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4.3 Replying to a discussion message
In the Response dialog box, do one of the following:
Choose the name of the message to which to reply and then choose Reply in the
Display Subject dialog box.
Choose the triangle next to the View icon for the message to which to reply, and select
Reply to Last Message from the menu.
In the Create New Message dialog box, enter a Subject and Content and optionally add an
attachment by selecting Lookup.
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Choose Finish.
To view the replies to a message, choose the View icon for the message in the Discussions dialog
box or choose the name of the message in the Topic dialog box.
Choose Finish again.
5. RFX submitting response
If you wants to close the application and continue with the response at another time,
you can click save after all mandatory information has been completed. The system will not
save the response if mandatory information has not been completed.
All RFx responses need to be submitted in order to be evaluated by the purchaser.
Once the entire / all the required documentations etc. have been attached and you are satisfied, you
can now submit your Final Response.
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Click on the Submit link label button
Click on the Final Response link label
Note: Both the Secondary and Primary Contact User will be allowed to submit the Final Response
Click on the OK button to confirm
The RFX status will change to Firm status, with the result that you have successfully responded to
the RFX and is no longer editable. Press this button only if you are ready to submit after you have
included all your documents. Strongly advise THAT YOU CLICK ON FINAL RESPONSE at least 4 hours
prior to the deadline in case you incur any systems issues.
Version 0.3 | 2015-09-09
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