Ceramic Plus Leaflet

Care instructions
cleaning –
more time to enjoy life.
Care instructions ceramicplus
For ten years, ceramicplus, the dirt-repellent
surface finish for ceramics, has been facilitating
bathroom cleaning for millions of customers.
The innovative finishing process ensures that
surface water immediately forms droplets that
simply flow off the surface, taking the dissolved
dirt and limescale with them.
ceramicplus: A pure delight.
Flow properties of liquids
on a conventional ceramic
With ceramicplus, the liquids
flow off more quickly and the
ceramics remain cleaner.
Dirt and limescale stick
more easily to conventional
With ceramicplus, dirt is
hardly able to gain a hold.
Easy cleaning, even with
dried limescale.
Excellent products need an excellent
surface finish: ceramicplus.
Care instructions ceramicplus
As elegant as your new Villeroy & Boch ceramic may look it is child’s play to clean. This means that
you have not only chosen outstanding design and the highest quality but also a product with great
easy-care properties. ceramicplus is an innovative development from the Villeroy & Boch research
laboratories that is based on the latest findings from the field of physical materials research.
Villeroy & Boch has succeeded in further improving the properties of ceramics. A special process gives
the ceramicplus surface a permanent high quality finish. On ceramicplus, the water forms droplets.
These droplets flow off into the outlet, taking residues, such as limescale and dirt, with them. And
should any deposits remain, ceramicplus is much easier to clean. Even dried limescale is easier to
remove. And without aggressive cleaning agents – for the benefit of the environment: a real advantage
in the bathroom! Tested and confirmed by the Fraunhofer Institut in Braunschweig and the wfkForschungsinstitut für Reinigungstechnologie (wfk-Cleaning Technology Research Institute).
Thanks to the innovative production process, the surface finish of your ceramic washbasin has special
easy-care properties:
• Durability
• Scratchproof
• Hygiene
• Colour variety
• Insensitive to acids and alkalis
We hope your easy-care product gives you a great deal of pleasure!
With daily care, your washbasin will shine for many
years to come.
For the daily cleaning of your ceramics, we recommend using a soft, non-abrasive sponge
or cloth. If you wish to use a cleaning agent, it is best to use a standard, general-purpose
cleaning agent.
You can use all standard cleaning agents.
ceramicplus is resistant to all acids and alkalis typically used in the home (as well as
cosmetic and medical products containing solvents, alcohol and acetone).
Please do not use any aggressive cleaning agents
that are harmful to the environment.
As all ceramic surfaces, ceramicplus will also be damaged by the regular use of scouring
creams and powders, highly concentrated drain cleaning chemicals, special tap/metal
cleaning agents or bleaching agents containing chlorine.
Care instructions ceramicplus
Microfibre cloths are suitable for ceramicplus.
Tip: Dampen microfibre cloths before use.
Cleaning tip in the case of very stubborn dirt:
leave bathroom or limescale cleaning agents to act overnight. Gels and foam cleaning
agents are particularly suitable as they also adhere well to slanting surfaces.
Or: simply place a cloth soaked in cleaning agent over the dirt.
A pure