Xlerator Wall Guard Spec Sheet

XLERATOR ® Hand Dryer Wall Guard
XLERATOR Anti-Microbial Wall Guards are made specifically to fit underneath your electric hand dryers. They
protect your walls from water droplets that can be blown off of wet hands by XLERATOR's powerful air stream.
qty: 2
size: 31
per set
¾” x 15 ¾” x
1⁄ ”
anti-microbial plastic:
White or Black
or brushed stainless steel
with 4 strips of constructiongrade 3M adhesive tape
Part ID
Wall Guard-White
Wall Guard-Black
Wall Guard-Stainless
*Set: 1 box of 2 wall guards
XLERATOR® Wall Guard
Installation Instructions
1. C
lean the wall surface with ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL
prior to installation and make sure that the surface
is dry and free of any dust and debris.
2. Center the Wall Guard underneath the hand dryer
so that the top of the Wall Guard is 1” below the
bottom of the dryer.
3. Carefully measure and mark the wall surface for
placement of the Wall Guard with a pencil or
temporary marker.
4. Four strips of double-sided adhesive are included
for each panel. Apply the tape strips to textured
side of black or white panel and smooth side of
brushed stainless panel as follows:
• Lay out tape strips according to illustration
at right.
• Remove one strip and apply to either right or left
side to start.
• Press each tape strip firmly onto the plastic as it
is applied.
ontinue until all 4 strips are applied.
Note: The Alignment is critical.
Once placed on the wall the wall
guard cannot be re-positioned.
5. Align the top edge of the Wall Guard with the
markings on the wall and firmly press into place
against the entire surface of the Wall Guard.
6. Optional: After guard is applied to the wall you
may add silicone sealant around the edge.
Cleaning Instructions
Clean the installed Wall Guard with mild soapy water
and a soft cloth. Mild dish soap mixed with water in a
spray bottle works best.
Do not use any cleaner that contains any
ammonia or abrasive cleansers to clean the surface.
Congratulations! Your installation is complete!
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