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Section 7
Rev 103
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The information in this instruction manual covers the installation of the V814AWM Adjustable Wall Mount.
This mount should only be installed by a qualified technician using approved materials in accordance with
national, state, and local construction codes. Read these instructions thoroughly before beginning an
Model V814AWM is a light-duty adjustable wall mount constructed of gray painted aluminum and is designed
to support a load of up to 20 pounds (9.0 kg). The matching adjustable head features 360-degree rotation
and ±75-degree tilt. It is suitable for indoor installations only.
Unpacking and Inspection
All Vicon equipment is tested and inspected before leaving the factory. It is the carrier’s responsibility to
deliver the equipment in the same condition as it left the factory.
Inspection for Visible Damage
Immediately inspect the cartons upon delivery. On all copies of the carrier’s freight bill, make a note of any
visible damage.
Make sure the carrier’s agent (the person making the delivery) signs the note on all copies of the bill. If the
agent does not have claim forms, contact the carrier’s office.
X938-02-00 Rev 103 Adjustable Wall Mount
Introduction • 1
Inspection for Concealed Damage
As soon as possible after delivery, unpack the unit and inspect it for concealed damage. Do not discard the
carton or packing materials. If the unit is damaged, contact the carrier immediately and request forms for
filing a damage claim. Make arrangements for a representative of the carrier to inspect the damaged
If the equipment must be returned for repair, follow the Shipping Instructions at the end of this manual.
Installation Preparation
The V814AWM wall mount is designed to attach to an indoor wall or other vertical structure. It has a
mounting flange with a three hole pattern. Refer to Figure 1.
The mount has an adjustable head with a three hole pattern. Normally, two of the three holes are used to
install a camera to the mount using 1/4-inch hardware. Refer to the camera manual for mounting details.
Cabling for power, control, and video should be run to the installation site before the mount is installed.
Note: Use stainless steel mounting hardware for units mounted near moisture.
Note: Be certain that the area behind the selected mounting location is clear of obstacles such as electrical
wiring, pipes, etc., which would interfere with the mounting of the unit.
Caution: Mount this unit only to structural materials with sufficient strength to carry the weight of the unit.
Do not attempt to mount directly to plaster or drywall material.
Caution: Never use wood screws in the end grain of wood.
Caution: Do not use this wall mount outdoors.
Fastener Guidelines
This mount is designed to be attached with wood or hex head cap screws. Wood screws should be of
sufficient length to securely anchor the mount. Studs should be either anchored in concrete or welded to
steel. Cap screws should extend through the structure with hex nuts and washers (flat and split lock type)
used on the opposite side
1. If the surface is wood, use No. 8 wood screws with flat and lock washers.
2. If the mount is to be attached to steel plating, use 8-32 hex head cap screws, hex nuts, flat and lock
3. If the surface is concrete, use No. 8 masonry screws with flat and lock washers and plugs.
2 • Installation
X938-02-00 Rev 103 Adjustable Wall Mount
Installation Procedure
1. Select a mounting location that meets the requirements stated above for support and access. The mount
weighs 1.5 pounds (0.7 kg). Refer to the appropriate Product Specification for the weight of the camera
and lens.
2. Mark the locations for drilling the mounting bolt holes, either by using the mount base as a template or by
using the measurements provided in Figure 1.
3. Drill passage holes for the bolts or drill pilot holes for the wood screws.
4. Attach the adjustable head to the mount using the included hardware. The bolt should be inserted down
through the mount bottom hole. Install the nut and leave it loose for later adjustment.
5. Attach the mount to the supporting structure using the recommended hardware.
6. Install the camera onto the adjustable head of the mount following the instructions in the manual for the
camera. Use two of the three holes that provide the best camera position.
7. Rotate the camera to the desired horizontal position.
mounting bolt.
Fix the camera’s position by tightening the
8. Loosen the two adjustable head pivoting nuts and select the desired camera tilt position.
camera’s tilt by tightening the nuts.
Fix the
Figure 1
Mounting Dimensions
X938-02-00 Rev 103 Adjustable Wall Mount
Installation • 3
4 • Installation
X938-02-00 Rev 103 Adjustable Wall Mount
Shipping Instructions
Use the following procedure when returning a unit to the factory:
1. Call or write Vicon for a Return Authorization (R.A.) at one of the locations listed below. Record the name
of the Vicon employee who issued the R.A.
Vicon Industries Inc.
89 Arkay Drive
Hauppauge, NY 11788
Phone: 631-952-CCTV (2288); Toll-Free: 1-800-645-9116; Fax: 631-951-CCTV (2288)
For service or returns from countries in Europe, contact:
Vicon Industries (U.K.) Ltd
Brunel Way
Fareham, PO15 5TX
United Kingdom
Phone: +44(0)1489/566300; Fax: +44(0)1489/566322
Attach a sheet of paper to the unit with the following information:
Name and address of the company returning the unit
Name of the Vicon employee who issued the R.A.
R. A. number
Brief description of the installation
Complete description of the problem and circumstances under which it occurs
Unit’s original date of purchase, if still under warranty
3. Pack the unit carefully. Use the original shipping carton or its equivalent for maximum protection.
4. Mark the R.A. number on the outside of the carton on the shipping label.
X938-02-00 Rev 103 Adjustable Wall Mount
Shipping Instructions • 5
6 • Shipping Instructions
X938-02-00 Rev 103 Adjustable Wall Mount
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