General Information Military Educational Benefits at UWM

General Information Military Educational Benefits at UWM
Military Education Benefits Information
Military Education Benefits Office
Mellencamp Hall, Room 168A
Phone: (414) 229-6627
E-Mail: [email protected]
All veteran students who wish to receive educational benefits under a
federal GI Bill program must complete a VA Benefits Request form
and submit it to our office. It is to your advantage to register for your
benefits as early as possible to avoid a delay in your checks and to
avoid standing in long lines.
Certification Process: Our office will certify a student’s enrollment
for 8 months (except Ch.33) during the fall semester if they indicate
how many credits they plan to enroll in for spring on their original
VA Benefits Request form. If they enroll in more or less credits than
they anticipated for fall or spring, they must notify our office.
Therefore, if students change from 6 credits to 8 credits in the spring,
they are still ½ time so it is not considered a change in enrollment.
Also, 12 or more credits is considered full-time, so adding anything
above 12 credits does not affect your monthly rate.
Summer School: If you are requesting benefits for summer school,
you are required to sign a separate Summer VA Benefits Request
Award Letter: Applicants will receive an award letter from the
Veterans Administration that will give you information like your
remaining entitlement, the current school year dates, your monthly
rate, and the monthly verification process available on-line. Read it
carefully to make sure the dates and amount are correct. Save it for
future reference.
Check Disbursement: Your GI Bill checks are normally received at
the beginning of each month for the previous month. Therefore, the
check you receive in October is for the month of September. Chapter
30 veterans and Ch. 1606 reserve/guard will receive their checks later
in the month because of the monthly verification process which is
required before a check is issued. Contact the VA if you wish to set
up direct deposit.
Monthly Verification: The VA requires all recipients receiving
educational benefits under Ch. 30, Ch. 1607, and Ch.1606 to verify
their enrollment on a monthly basis. You may do this on-line at: and click on “WAVE”. You may also verify by
phone by calling toll-free at 1-877-823-2378.
Reporting Changes: Remember to report all course load changes to
our office, this includes drops, withdrawals, addition of mini courses,
and courses changed to “Audit”. Be aware that dropping courses may
result in an overpayment and you may have to pay part or all of the
money back to the VA. Also failing grades in which the instructor
indicates that a student did not attend the class for the entire semester
will be reported to the VA with the last date of recorded attendance
so that they can adjust the student’s rate of pay accordingly. To
receive full-time benefits as an undergraduate, you must be enrolled
in 12 or more credits, excluding mini courses. The ¾ rate is 9 to 11
credits, and the 1/2 time rate is 6 to 8 credits, 5 or less credits is 1/4
Problems with the monthly verification process, lost checks,
payment/repayment issues, or address changes may be resolved by
contacting the VA at their toll free number: 1-888-442-4551.
Advance Payment assistance is intended to help students meet
school-related and other expenses at the beginning of a semester.
The payment is your GI Bill allowance for the first two months of
school and the check is issued to the university at the beginning of a
school year. It is available to eligible veterans, reservists/guard
members and dependents enrolled at a minimum of half-time. You
must also make your request for advance payment a minimum of 30
days before your classes begin. (This program is not available for
Ch. 31 veterans.)
If you are repeating a course for which you already received VA
educational benefits, you may not get paid for it again. Repeating a
course to raise your grade point average is not an acceptable reason
for receiving VA payment. The VA will pay for repeat courses only
if you received an “F” in the initial course, or you did not meet the
minimum grade requirement for the course when taken in your
approved program. Payment also cannot be made for any courses
taken or changed to an “Audit” basis. Changes to audit during a
semester will be treated by the VA as a course drop with a request for
mitigating circumstances. Enrollment in “mini” or short courses
could also affect your VA payments and you may not be paid fulltime for the entire semester.
Please be aware of the UWM cancellation policy for non-payment of
tuition which is described in the student handbook. Veteran-students
are responsible for paying their tuition on time to avoid late charges
and cancellation. Veteran-students risk having their VA educational
benefits canceled if a portion of their tuition is not paid by the second
week of school. Questions regarding billing should be directed to
the Bursar’s Office, Mitchell Hall Room 295, phone 229-4914.
All students receiving VA educational benefits are required to
maintain satisfactory academic progress according to published
standards established and enforced by the university. Those students
who receive an academic drop by the university will have their VA
benefits terminated. The Veterans Affairs Office will discontinue
certification of enrollment and will inform the VA of their
termination date. Students have the right to appeal their academic
drop with their academic advisor. The VA determines whether or not
payment will be terminated and the conditions for reinstatement.
Chapter 33:
New Applicants: Submit application 22-1990 (VONAPP) to
Department of Veterans Affairs. Submit Certificate of Eligibility,
DD-214, and VA Educational Benefits Request Form to the Military
Educational Benefits Office.
Chapter 30:
New Applicants: Submit application 22-1990 (VONAPP) to
Department of Veterans Affairs. Submit Certificate of Eligibility,
DD-214, Kicker Contract or College Top-Up Contract (if applicable),
and VA Educational Benefits Request Form to the Military
Educational Benefits Office.
Chapter 1607:
New Applicants, Transfer Students, & Continuing Students:
Please refer to Chapter 1606 instructions for information on how to
apply for your Montgomery GI Bill benefits. ***If you are claiming
eligibility for Chapter 1607 benefits, you must submit the
A copy of your orders calling you to active duty
A copy of your DD-214 for the activated service
Submit either a 22-1990 (if you are currently receiving
educational benefits you have already completed this
application) or submit a 22-1995 (and write at the top of the
form “Application for CH1607 Benefits”
Mail the documents to:
Department of Veterans Affairs
Regional Processing Office
PO Box 66830
St. Louis, MO 63166
Chapter 1606:
New Applicants: Submit application 22-1990 (VONAPP) to
Department of Veterans Affairs. Submit Certificate of Eligibility,
Notice of Basic Eligibility NOBE (DD 2384), Kicker Contract (if
applicable), and VA Educational Benefits Request Form to the
Military Educational Benefits Office.
Chapter 31:
Veterans seeking VA vocational rehabilitation benefits must meet
with a voc rehab counselor each semester. The Bursar’s Office will
mark their tuition as being paid by the Veterans Administration. All
book and supply charges are handled with the UWM Bookstore in
the union. Any special charges or problems should be referred to
your vocational rehabilitation specialist at the VA. Other charges
like special course fees, graduation fees, and copies may be eligible
for reimbursement, please contact the VA vocational rehabilitation
counselor in Milwaukee at 414/902-5095 for more information.
Chapter 35:
New Applicants: Submit application 22-5490 to Department of
Veterans Affairs. Submit Certificate of Eligibility and VA
Educational Benefits Request Form to the Military Educational
Benefits Office.
Ch.35 Transfer Students: Same documentation as for new
applicants and submit a 22-5495 Request for Change of Program or
Place of Training Form to the Military Educational Benefits Office.
Transfer Students (All other Chapters): Same documentation as
for new applicants and submit a 22-1995 Request for Change of
Program or Place of Training Form to the Military Educational
Benefits Office.
Many students think they aren’t eligible for financial aid if they are
using their GI Bill benefits. The fact is, over 80% of veterans are
eligible for some financial aid. We urge you to take advantage of this
and fill out a financial aid application at Contact
Financial Aid with questions at 229-4541.
Wisconsin GI Bill: Eligible veterans, dependents of disabled
veterans, and spouses of disabled veterans will receive a 100%
waiver of their normal tuition and fees. Veterans must have a
disability rating of at least 30% for their spouses and/or children to
qualify for the bill. For veterans, this benefit can be used for 8
semesters or 128 credits whichever is greater. Dependents can use
the bill for the same number of semesters and credits, but will lose
eligibility once they turn 26 years old. Spouses have the same credit
and semester limits, and generally remain eligible for 10 years after
the veteran’s date of disability, however, there are
This program currently covers all levels of coursework and covers
only normal tuition and fees. It does not cover books or any
additional charges. Courses that charge over the normal tuition will
be covered up to the normal tuition cost, and the student will be
responsible for the difference. For study abroad program, the bill
will only cover the tuition that is charged by UWM and not paid to
another institution (usually a very small portion, the bill may not
cover any charges for some study abroad programs).
Application packets and additional information can be found at our
website ( or the Wisconsin Department of
Veterans Affairs website (
VetEd Reimbursement Grant: This program is available for
Wisconsin veterans who are enrolled as full-time undergraduates
working on their first degree. The reimbursement is currently at
100% of the cost of tuition and fees not to exceed 100% of the
standard cost of resident tuition and fees for an equivalent
undergraduate course at UW-Madison. Reimbursement is
established upon satisfactory completion of the semester with a
semester GPA of 2.0 or higher. Two years honorable active duty
service is required. There is an income limit of $50,000 plus $500
for each dependent in excess of two dependents. You must generally
use the grant within 10 years of discharge from military service but
exceptions apply. Students must submit an application (within 60
days of first day of classes) online at htps://
Typically, students receive reimbursement 30 to 60 days after the last
day of classes.
National Guard Tuition Grant Reimbursement Program: This
program is available to guard members and warrant officers who do
not have a baccalaureate degree. Reimbursement is based on
satisfactory completion of courses and minimum 2.0 GPA for the
semester. Books and segregated fees are excluded. The grant is good
up to 8 full-time semesters. To apply, guard members must submit an
application to our office no later than 60 days after the completion of
each semester. Applications are available in our office and on our
Website. Typically, students receive reimbursement 30 to 60 days
after the last day of classes.
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