3000 Articulating Cranes Technical Specifications Material Handling Systems

Articulating Cranes
Technical Specifications
Material Handling Systems
1 Hydraulic
Capacity Charts
Crane Rating (ANSI B30.22)*
30,000 ft-lb (4.2 tm)
1 Hydraulic Extension
Maximum Crane Rating *
30,150 ft-lb (4.2 tm)
Horizontal Reach
from centerline of rotation
15'0'' (4.6 m)
Hydraulic Extension
36'' (91.4 cm)
Manual Extension
Vertical Reach
from mounting surface
from ground/34'' frame height
20'7'' (6.3 m)
23'5'' (7.1 m)
Crane Weight
1,825 lbs. (827.8 kg)
Outrigger Span
10'5'' (3.2 m)
Outrigger Pads
10'' x 10''
(25.4 cm x 25.4 cm)
Crane Storage Height
from mounting surface
from ground/34'' frame height
6'2'' (1.9 m)
9'0'' (2.7 m)
Mounting Space Required**
23-1/2'' (59.7 cm)
Rotational Torque
4,920 ft-lb (0.7 tm)
Optimum Pump Capacity
5 U.S. gpm (18.9 L/min)
System Operating Pressure
2,700 psi (186.2 bar)
Oil Reservoir Capacity
10 U.S. gallons (37.9 L)
Hook Approach
horizontal from centerline of rotation
vertical from mounting surface
34'' (86.4 cm)
5'10'' (1.8 m)
* Maximum crane rating (ft-lb) is defined as the rated load (lbs.) which
when multiplied by its respective distance (ft.) from centerline of rotation
gives the greatest ft-lb value. ANSI B30.22 crane rating (ft-lb) is the rated
load (lb) x the respective distance (ft.) from centerline of rotation with all
extensions retracted and the inner and outer booms in a horizontal position.
** Allow an additional 2'' between the cab and crane base
for swing clearance.
• Capacities (for above charts) through geometric range are limited to those
shown in horizontal position.
• Loads shown are based on crane structural or hydraulic capability. Before
lift is made, stability must be checked per SAE J765A.
• Working loads will be limited to those shown. Deduct the weight of loadhandling devices.
• Winch-lifting capacity is limited to those shown. Maximum 2,500 lbs. for
one-part line.
3000 Articulating Crane
Performance Characteristics
400˚ (7.0 rad)
35 seconds
Inner Boom Elevation
-45˚ to +75˚ (-0.8 to +1.3 rad)
13 seconds
Outer Boom Articulation
139˚ (2.4 rad)
14 seconds
36'' (91.4 cm)
8 seconds
Outrigger Stroke
28-3/4'' (0.7 m)
5 seconds
Power Source
Integral mounted hydraulic pump and PTO application. Other standard power sources may be utilized. Minimum power required is 10
Cylinder Holding Valves
The holding sides of all standard cylinders are equipped with integral
mounted holding or counterbalance valves to prevent sudden cylinder
collapse in case of hose or other hydraulic failure. The inner cylinders
have single pilot-operated counterbalance valves while the outer and
extension boom cylinders have double counterbalance valves. The
counterbalance valve serves several functions. First, it is a holding
valve. Second, it is so constructed that it will control the lowering
function and allow that motion to be feathered while under load.
Finally, if a hose breaks the only oil loss will be that in the hose.
Rotation System
Rotation of the crane is accomplished through a turntable bearing
with external worm gear, powered by a high-torque hydraulic motor
through a self-locking work. Total gear reduction is 73:1.
Hydraulic System
The hydraulic system is an open-centered, full-pressure system,
requiring 5 gpm optimum oil flow at 2,700 psi. Six-spool, stack-type
control valve with dual operational handles located at both sides of
crane for convenient operation. System includes hydraulic oil reservoir, suction-line strainer, pump, 8-section control valve, return-line
filter and all hoses and fittings.
Crane Mount
Behind Cab
Crane Working Area
360° (6.3 rad)
Chassis Style
Conventional Cab
Front Axle Rating (GAWR)
5,000 lbs. (2,268 kg)
Rear Axle Rating (GAWR)
9,500 lbs. (4,309.2 kg)
Single Axle
161'' (4.1 m)
84'' (2.1 m)
Outrigger Width Required
10'5'' (3.2 m)
Resistance To Bending Moment
Frame Section Modulus
Frame Yield Strength
360,000 in-lb (4148 kg-m)
10in3 (168.9 cm3)
36,000 psi (248 N/mm2)
Minimum Finished Unit Weight
To Maintain Vehicle Stability
Front Axle
Rear Axle
Total Finished Unit Weight
3,800 lbs.* (1,723.7 kg)
3,700 lbs.* (1,678.32 kg)
7,500 lbs. (3,402 kg)
* Allows lifting full-capacity load in a 360˚ arc when crane is installed immediately behind the cab. Great care should be taken when swinging the load from rear of
vehicle to front of vehicle since the front axle springs will compress, thus affecting
the levelness of the vehicle.
1. GAWR means Gross Axle Weight Rating and is dependent on all components of
the vehicle such as axles, tires, wheels, springs, brakes, steering and frame strength
meeting the manufacturer's recommendations. Always specify GAWR when purchasing a truck.
2. Minimum axle requirements may increase with use of diesel engines, longer
wheelbase or service bodies. Contact the factory for further information.
3. Weight distribution calculations are required to determine final axle loading.
4. All chassis and crane combinations must be stability-tested to ensure stability
per ANSI B30.22.
3000 Articulating Crane
Geometric Configurations
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