Double feed detection

Double feed detection
Double Feed Detection
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Double Feed Detection
The B132/B200 series color MFP’s
incorporate a new feature called
Double Feed Detection.
It’s purpose is to detect when double
feed occurs (more than 1 sheet of
paper fed at a time) and to detect if
paper type changes in the middle of
a job (mixed media).
Double Feed Detection
If one of these events occur, the job
is stopped and a mis-feed is
It is important to know how to work
with this feature to ensure optimum
quality output.
How it works
after registration, a pair of sensors measures the translucence of
the paper.
the light is not within the specified range for the paper type selected
by the user, the machine stops the job and a paper jam is displayed.
This is because a double-feed has occurred, or a thicker paper than specified is
Why is it important?
The machine makes changes in its
operating parameters based on
the type and thickness of paper
being fed.
If the correct type and thickness is
not specified to the MFP, poor
image quality and poor fusing will
How to use it
If the paper weight is over 127g/m2 (33lb.
bond), or under 71g/m2 (18lb. Bond) then you
must go into User Tools and set the tray to the
correct paper thickness and type.
How to set up paper thickness
Once you are in User Tools Choose:
System Settings >
Tray Paper Settings > Next
Paper Thickness Setting
How to set up paper thickness
Then choose the correct thickness for the paper
in the tray.
If this is not done paper mis-feeds WILL occur.
How to set up paper types
Once you are in User Tools Choose:
System Settings >
Tray Paper Settings > Next
Paper Type (per tray)
How to set up paper types
You can now choose what type of paper is in a tray
Real world applications
Ricoh recommends that this feature be used to
ensure the best image quality possible.
However there are times when this feature could
cause issues, such as in a walk-up copy area
where a lot of people need to use the machine.
In this case these features can be turned off.
Keep in mind, if you disable these features image
quality may not be optimum.
How to disable these features
You need to enter User Tools and choose:
System Settings >
Tray Paper Settings > Next > Next > Next
Paper Type Detect or Double Feed Detect
Disabling Paper Type Detection
You can turn this feature On and Off per tray
Disabling Double Feed Detection
And it is the same for this one.
As you have seen, you can enable/disable these
features per paper tray. The settings made for
the internal trays and external LCT are
permanent until changed manually,
However, settings made for the By-Pass tray will
revert to their defaults if the machine main
power is cycled off/on.
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