Spec sheet for Omron

Spec sheet for Omron
Quick Start Guide
Omron® electroTHERAPY is easy to use and gives you
drug-free pain relief exactly where you need it.
How to manage your pain
Get started in six easy steps
Personalize Your Therapy in Two Ways
Step 1
1. Pick the program (Arm • Lower Back • Leg/Foot)
Unit should be off. Insert 2 “AAA” batteries.
2. Choose the intensity level (Level 1 to Level 5)
The programs are interchangeable and effective
for multiple body parts.
Read complete instruction manual carefully to safely
and correctly use this pain management device.
Step 2
How Should It Feel? When is It Working?
Attach clip to top and plug into main unit.
Expect variations of tapping, tingling,
massage-like sensations or even mild muscle
contractions. Always start with low intensity
and increase slowly. If the sensation feels
uncomfortable, decrease the intensity and/or
change the program. If the sensation becomes
weaker or disappears, increase the intensity.
Step 3
Connect either electrode to any pad. Remove
plastic film from pads. In between sessions,
keep electrodes connected to pads and place
pads onto sides of plastic holder. Wrap cord
around holder and store.
How Long Should You Use It?
1 Session
15 Minutes
Automatic Shutoff
Maximum Minutes
per Session
30 Minutes or
2 Sessions
Maximum Sessions
per Day
3 Sessions
per Day
Step 4
Take control and rate your pain before and after
therapy (1 low to 10 high). Place pads on clean,
dry, healthy skin. (See Pad Placement Guide for
more options.)
Step 5
Always turn unit off with pads still on.
RATE YOUR PAIN to check your progress,
1 low to 10 high.
Push “ON” button. To personalize your relief,
select one of the three programs (Arm, Lower
Back, Leg/Foot).
Stop therapy session if pain has reduced
or stopped.
p a i n
Press “ON” button to continue therapy for another
15-minute session.
r e l i e f
Orange Light)
Step 6
Push green up arrow button to increase
intensity. There are 5 intensity levels (1 low to 5
high). Blinking light pattern indicates intensity
level (example: 3 blinks equals level 3).
p a i n
r e l i e f
Pain Relief Experts for 20 Years
©07/2012 Omron Healthcare, Inc.
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