Power Sprayer TDS

Power Sprayer TDS
Battery operated backpack sprayer
The DiversiTech PS-1 Portable Backpack Power Sprayer is a highlyefficient machine designed for fast and easy application of coil
products. Powered by a 12V/10Ah rechargeable battery,
the sprayer saves labour time as it is 3 to 4 times more efficient
tha a conventional compression sprayer. The sprayer can be
continuously for up to 10 hours, enough to spray approx.
110 gallons of coil cleaner, holds 15.2 litres and has a low battery
when down to 20% (approx. two hours) of charge left.
• Streamline contour with adjustable straps comfortable to carry on the back.
• Mini-diaphragm pump with pressure protection switch
to prevent over-pressurization
• Automatic start/stop feature on trigger.
• Large filler neck for fast and safe refilling.
• 15.2 litre capacity – less refilling required
INSTRUCTIONS: The battery has been charged at the factory, however additional charging before initial use is recommended – plug the charger lead in to the
connector on the front of the machine and switch charger on - normal charging is time is 8 hours and the sprayer should be placed in a dry, well-ventilated and
safe place for charging. Do not place the sprayer upside down as there is a risk that the battery may be damaged.
Mix up to 15 litres of coil cleaner as per the manufacturer’s instructions and fill the sprayer – pouring the cleaner through the supplied filter to ensure no
particles of dirt enter the reservoir and subsequently be drawn in to the pump and block the nozzle.
Assemble the sprayer wand assembly and select the appropriate nozzle for the optimum spray pattern - spray the coil cleaner onto the coil following the
manufacturer’s recommendations.
SAFETY AND STORAGE: Before first use a test spraying with clean water is recommended to test for leaks and make sure the spray pattern is OK.
There are a few points the user should remember while spraying:Wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to protect skin and to avoid direct contact with the cleaner.
Do not spray against the wind or spray towards humans, animals or food.
Never operate for extended periods of time under high temperatures - operating temperature range – maximum of 38°C (100°F) and minimum of 2°C (35°F)
For long-term storage, regular full discharging and recharging of the battery is recommended (see instructions supplied with the machine for details)
Do not leave unit on long term charge and do not expose to fire or excessive heat
Do not immerse the sprayer in the water to clean or to fill it with water.
DiversiTech products are distributed by Pump House - www.pumphousepumps.com
Glaisdale Drive East – Nottingham – NG8 4LY – Tel: - +44 (0) 115 900 5858 - Fax: - +44 (0) 115 929 4468
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