Canon | 2183B001 | Data Sheet - Scene Investigation Video Systems

Data Sheet - Scene Investigation Video Systems
Our incident investigation video systems are designed for rapid
field deployment. Using the latest in wireless networking
technologies, these systems enable investigators and emergency
response squads to acquire 360‐degree visibility of their areas
of interest, and then leverage the information by sharing it live
with off‐site resources. They are able to do so securely, requiring
no expertise in complex networking concepts or terminology. AgileMesh Scene Investigation Video System System Components AV7150 Sony DCR‐DVD108 Mini DVD Camcorder ■ Super NightShot® Plus Infrared System ■ Storage Media: Mini DVD‐R/Memory Stick PRO Duo ■ Carl Zeiss® Vario‐Tessar® Lens with 40x optical/2000x digital zoom AV7155 Canon HG10 HD Camcorder ■ High Definition resolution (1920 x 1080) ■ Storage Media: HDD 40 GB Internal ■ 10x Optical Zoom, 200x Digital Zoom, 2.7" LCD Fully integrated to ensure ease of deployment in the most rigorous of situations and environments, AgileMesh’s wireless scene investigation video systems provide 360‐degree visibility into any incident or event. Each system is configured with three basic components: a digital high‐resolution video camera, three or more wireless video networking nodes (wearable, relay, and base station nodes), and base station video management and networking software. Features ■ Simple error‐proof configuration. ■ The proprietary node control panel design ensures full interoperability and integration with other agencies. ■ Multiple encryption levels ensure highly secure network communications. ■ Ruggedized and weatherized for the most demanding environments. ■ Provides commanders and off‐site resources with full, real‐time visibility over secure internet connections. ■ Self‐powered for deployments anywhere. Base Station Viewing/Video Management Software ■ Windows 2000, XP and Vista compliant ■ Camera PTZ controls ■ Recording/playback option ■ Multiplex up to 16 video streams ■ Control resolution & frame rate Windows Software Router ■ AS0500 Windows Software Router ■ Routes Video for remote viewing ■ Advanced Network Address Translation Digital Video Cameras (Including case, extended‐life battery and charger) Available models ■ AV7150 (Sony DCR‐DVD108 Mini DVD Camcorder) ■ AV7155 (Canon 2183B001 HG10 HD Camcorder) ■ AV7160 (Panasonic SDR‐S10 Rugged SD Palmcorder) AV7160 Panasonic SDR‐S10 Rugged SD Palmcorder ■ Rugged design with fortified outer body casing ■ Storage media: SD/SDHC Memory Cards ■ Compact Size: 0.94W x 1.26H x 0.08D inches Wireless Network Nodes AV4210 Wearable Node Kit (Worn by videographer) AV1210 Wearable Single Video Node ■ Video Interface: Composite Out (BNC/RCA); NTSC/PAL; MJPEG encoding; Resolutions 640 x 480, 320 x 240, 160 x 120; 1 to 30 fps ■ Firetide AutoMesh™ Protocol ■ Network Interface: Two RJ‐45 Connectors; 10 /100 802.3 Ethernet ■ Pan‐Tilt‐Zoom Control: RS‐485; Multiple protocols ■ Wireless Interface: 2.400 – 2.497 GHz 4.940 – 4.990 GHz (PS models only) 5.150 – 5.350 GHz 5.725 – 5.850 GHz TX power: up to 1W EIRP ■ Power: 12VDC (Battery and Charger Included) ■ Encryption: 40 bit, 104 bit WEP keys 128, 256 Bit AES Encryption ■ Operating Temp: ‐20° to + 55° C ■ Molle pouch w/Alice clips Other AV4210 Kit Contents ■ Antennas: 2.4/5.X GHz paddle, 2.4 GHz rubber duck, and 4.9 GHz multi‐polar bullet ■ Cameras: B&W pinhole camera; color bullet camera ■ Pelican case w/ custom foam cutouts Proprietary Virtual Control Panel Software ■ Virtual channel selection ■ Virtual node address selection AV7500 Relay Node (Extends network range) Proprietary Control Panel ■ Channel selection ■ Placement aid (neighbors indicator) ■ Node identity selector Mesh protocol ■ Firetide AutoMesh™ Protocol Encryption ■ 40 bit, 104 bit WEP keys ■ 128 bit, 256 bit AES keys Wireless Interface (Subject to country‐specific regulations) ■ TX Power: Up to 1W EIRP ■ 2.4 GHz spectrum: 2.400‐2.497 GHz ■ 4.9 GHz spectrum (PS models only) ■ 5 GHz spectrum: 5.150‐5.250 GHz 5.250‐5.350 GHz 5.725‐5.850 GHz ■ Class of Service Traffic Prioritization Network Interface ■ RJ‐45 connector ■ 10/100 802.3 Ethernet Power Options ■ Internal 12 VDC battery ■ 110 VAC, 60 Hz ■ External 12 VDC input ■ Integrated battery charger ■ Cigarette lighter & alligator clip adapters AV4500 Viewing/Base Station Kit (Connects to vehicle laptop) AV1500 Wireless Network Node ■ Same performance specifications as AV7500 node described above except excludes internal battery and charger. Other AV4500 Kit Contents ■ Antennas: 2.4 GHz, and 5.X GHz ■ Magnetic mount antenna base ■ Pelican case w/ custom foam cutouts 1130 E. Arapaho, Suite 565 Richardson, TX 75081 Phone: +1 972‐231‐2122 Fax: +1 972‐231‐2406 Email: ©2008 AgileMesh, Inc. All rights reserved. Information and specifications subject to change without notice. AgileMesh is a trademark of AgileMesh, Inc. 
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