File uploading tutorial

File uploading tutorial
Uploading Reporting Files
Adobe’s ordering and reporting website is located at
To run reports on open or shipped orders placed with Adobe, log onto the ordering and reporting
website, selecting the “File Upload” button.
The secondary login will request the following information:
Customer Number (Secondary ID)
Secret Password (Secondary Password)
Using the Template Upload
The template upload is a simple method of utilizing the internet to deliver pre-formatted electronic
files to Adobe. Distributors choosing to use the template upload should first visit Adobe's EDI web
site to obtain templates and read the overview documentation regarding the process before they
attempt to upload any reporting files.
Please note: Java Scrip must be enabled on your browser for the upload process to work.
Uploading Reporting Files
Uploading Files
1. At the upload page, use the pull-down menu to select from Inventory and Point of Sale reporting.
2. Type in the pathname on your computer, or use the "Browse" button to locate the file and
automatically create the pathname.
3. The individual reporting should enter his or her name in the "Uploaded by" field.
4. Enter any comments, such as contact information (telephone numbers, email address, etc...) in the
"Comments" field.
5. When all the fields have been completed, and the correct pathname for the file has been identified,
click the "Send File" button. “A confirmation pop-up window will appear”, providing transmission
details. Please wait until the sent details are provided, then note the information for reference purposes.
6. Close the “Confirmation pop-up window”.
7. Now, back at the upload page select, “Reset”.
8. Repeat steps 1-6 for the second report (either Inventory or Point of Sale) reporting upload.
To return to the selection menu, select the “Home” icon, or to log off of the site, select the “EXIT” icon.
*NOTE- If there are any issues uploading the files, please contact email:
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