OneDrive User's Guide

OneDrive User's Guide
OneDrive – 4/8/15 (M Turchiaro)
By clicking the APP Launcher you are presented with a number of APPS available to you in the Office 365
Within the My App menu… click the
OneDrive TILE.
Select the folder you want your file to occupy. Click the
your folder.
There are two possible results after clicking
link in the area under the title of
. The first result is:
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OneDrive – 4/8/15 (M Turchiaro)
Add a document window opens. Click Browse and the “Choose File to Upload” window opens allowing
you to navigate to your file on your computer.
Select your file then click Open. The
path to your document will populate
the text box above. Once done click
OK and your file will begin to upload.
The second result you may see when you click
will be to only see the second window above.
Drag and drop file to this area inside Browser
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OneDrive – 4/8/15 (M Turchiaro)
Navigate to the area in OneDrive where you would like your folder(s) to be located.
Click your LIBRARY tab in the RIBBON. Then click Open with Explorer.
Not available
in Chrome
NOTE: Keep in mind that you are working in a browser on the web. There are security measures in
place that block unwanted accessing of your documents and files As a result you may get the
following window:
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OneDrive – 4/8/15 (M Turchiaro)
This opens a standard Windows Explorer interface:
To create a Folder in OneDrive click
NOTE: A few gotcha’s here. Very
large files and folders take time to
upload. Plan carefully so you can
ensure your work is uploading and
completing. Issues are also known
to occur for files with very long file
From the choices presented select New Folder then type a
name... ONEDRIVE
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OneDrive – 4/8/15 (M Turchiaro)
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OneDrive – 4/8/15 (M Turchiaro)
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OneDrive – 4/8/15 (M Turchiaro)
You can use the last two methods mentioned above to Share Files. Simply select “Shared
With” in the Drop Down menu instead of “Download a Copy”. See Below:
The Share Window opens allowing you
to add co-workers with whom you
would like to Share the document.
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OneDrive – 4/8/15 (M Turchiaro)
If you choose to Share a file with someone “outside” of BCPS (this includes a CAB staff member not in
Outlook) make sure you REMOVE the check mark from “Require sign-in”. If you leave the check mark
they will be required to sign in with a Microsoft account.
Things to do in this area:
Invite People
Assign Can Edit or Can View permissions
Type a message
Require sign-in
Send an email invitation (if you don’t see this click SHOW OPTIONS)
Sharing is the same for folders as it is for files except for one item… There is no
check mark to remove ‘Require sign-in.
Remember you can share files and folders with anyone in and outside of BCPS. When sharing a file
or single document you must remove the check mark in the “Require sign-in”. This by-passes the
need for an outside contact to need a Microsoft account.
However, If you want to share a folder with a recipient outside of the school system… they must
have a Microsoft account in order to access your folder.
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OneDrive – 4/8/15 (M Turchiaro)
At any time you are able to return to a document or folder and change permissions by revoking, adding
more co-workers or changing permission level. By clicking
you will have access to a menu to
manage your document or folder.
To revoke or change sharing properties… click ‘Shared with.
In this example the file Accessing
OneDrive file needs to have
permissions changed.
Then click the drop down
arrow next to ’Can view
and make the change to
Can edit, Can view or Stop
There are a number of functions available when managing a FILEs and FOLDERS. Some are advanced and
will not be covered in this class.
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The lists below describe functions for a FILE and a FOLDER that you will find useful.
OneDrive – 4/8/15 (M Turchiaro)
Manage a FILE
Here are a few that you may want to use:
View in Browser – opens a read only document in the online
versions of its format type.
Edit in a Browser – opens an editable document in the online
version of its format type.
Download a Copy – downloads a copy of the document to your
Follow – flags a document to easily access using the Navigation
pane in OneDrive.
Shared with – shows you who you have shared a document
Delete – easy way to get rid of a document!
Manage a FOLDER
When you manage a folder the list of available items change.
Some of these functions are also more advanced. However
you may want to use:
Follow – flags a folder to easily access using the Navigation
pane in OneDrive.
Shared with – shows you who you have shared a folder with.
Delete – easy way to get rid of folder and all of its contents!
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