Bussmann Overveiw

Bussmann Overveiw
Circuit Protection Solutions
Product Guide
Cooper Bussmann: A Global Company
Cooper Bussmann, a division of Cooper Industries, is the leading source of circuit protection solutions in the global market place. Our solutions are listed for use around the world including meeting agency requirements and international standards, IEC, VDE, DIN, UL, CSA, BS...
Worldwide Presence
Cooper Bussmann worldwide headquarters are in St Louis, Missouri (US) and
European headquarters in Burton-on-the-Wolds, Leicestershire (UK)
We have manufacturing plants in the US (Black Mountain and Goldsboro NC, Chicago - IL, Ellisville - MO, Boca Raton - FL), in Mexico (Juarez and
Mexico City), in UK (Workington and Burton-on-the-Wolds), Denmark
(Copenhagen), India (Pondicherry), Costa Rica (San Jose), Brazil (Itu)
We employ more than 5,000 team members worldwide.
Global Applications and Products
We provide the industry with more than 41,000 fuse types covering the most
extensive circuit protection solutions for a wide range of applications: residential, industrial, motor protection, power conversion, medium voltage power distribution, telecommunications, network equipment, electronics and automotive.
Global Capabilities and Support
Customer satisfaction team
Our customer satisfaction teams are market segmented with language capabilities to ensure a quality ordering experience and provide you detailed
answers to every inquiry. Whether you are communicating with us via: internet,
phone or fax, you are sure to receive quick, intelligent and responsive service
Worldwide distribution
Wherever you are in the world, Cooper Bussmann, can guarantee the right
products will be delivered on time, right at your doorstep. Cooper Bussmann
has multiple ways to deliver you the goods on time, from the computerised
distribution centre in St Louis (US), from the Burton-on-the-Wolds logistic centre or from your local distributor.
Applications engineering team
In the spirit of surpassing customers expectations, the mission of our application engineering teams is to keep customers on the cutting edge with training
and technical services. Our team is standing by and ready to help you with
technical products inquiries, product cross-referencing, and trouble-shooting.
But also about worldwide standards, current code changes, testing standards
and safety requirements.
Contact Us:
Web services
Cooper Bussmann (UK) Ltd
LE12 5TH
United Kingdom
Tel: 00 44 (0) 1509 882 737
Fax: 00 44 (0) 1509 882 786
Cooper Bussmann Inc.
St Louis, Missouri 63178
The Cooper Bussmann website makes available free
information and other resources that include:
- Product data sheets for complete technical information on Cooper Bussmann products
- Online catalogs for the latest United States and
European Products
- Safety BaSICsTM for the essentials of electrical safety
- Training modules for increasing skill levels of customers and end users
- Cross referencing to find the correct Cooper
Bussmann replacement for a competitor’s fuse
Your authorised Cooper Bussmann Distributor is:
© 2 0 0 5 C o o p e r B u s s m a n n ( U K ) L t d • B u r t o n - o n - t h e - Wo l d s
LE 125TH United Kingdom
w w w. c o o p e r b u s s m a n n . c o m
Product Guide
Low Voltage Fuses and Fusegear
NH DIN Industrial fuse links and bases
· Conforms to IEC 60269 & VDE 0636
· General purpose full range & Motor protection applications (Class gG/aM,
· Rated breaking capacity - 120kA, current rating from 2A to 1600A
· Available with Dual indication in sizes C00(000), 00, 1, 2, 3 (excluding size
· Fuse Holders available for all fuse-links sizes
D & DO Low voltage fuse system
· Conforms to IEC 60269 & VDE 0636
· Rating breaking capacity - 50kA, current rating from 2A to 100A
· Available in 7 sizes: DI, DII, DIII, DIV, D01, D02, D03
· Fuse bases for panel and Din Rail mounting with accessories available
screw caps, gauge rings,....
British standard fuses and fuse holders
Conforms to BS88 Part 1, 2 & 6, IEC 60269 Part 1 & 2, ASTA Certified
General purpose full range protection - class gG & gM
Ratings of 415V, 550V & 660 Vac, current rating from 2A to 1250A
Fuse Holders available for all fuse-links sizes up to 100A
IEC Cylindrical fuses and holders
· Conforms to IEC 60269 Standards
· General purpose full range protection (Class gG) and motor protection
(Class aM)
· Rated breaking capacity of 20kA to 120kA, rated at 400Vac to 690Vac
· Available in sizes 8x32, 10x38, 14x51, 22x58mm
· Fuse Holders available for all fuse-links sizes
Product Guide
Low Voltage Fuses and Fusegear
Type J - Feeder pillar
· Designed for use with wedge type fuse carriers
· Type J Fuses are available in cylindrical slotted or non slotted tag
· Comply with BS88 Part 5 requirements
· Available in 76mm, 82mm and 92mm centres
House service cut-out
· Asta certified & tested in accordance with BS1361
· 33kA breaking capacity
· Available in 2 diameters -22.2mm & 30.2mm
· Both available in ratings up to 100A at 415Vac
North american standard
· UL Listed and CSA Certified
· Rated breaking capacity of 100mA to 6000A, rated from 125 to 600Vac
· Sizes: Midget, Class CC, Class RK5, RK1 , ClassCC, G, J, K5 & H, L,
RK1, RK5, T, Plug Top Fuses
· Modular fuse holders (finger protection) for Midget and Class CC fuses,
Finger safe protected fuse base for class J fuses and a wide range of
High Speed Fuses and Fuseholders
Square body
· Conforms to EN CE, IEC 60269 - 1&4, DIN 43620 & 43653, UL, CSA, and
· Vast range of bases and micro switches with galvanic isolated contacts for
use in normal and hazardous environment
· 10A - 10000A, 200V - 11000 V AC and DC, rated breaking capacity - 300kA
· Sizes 0000, 000, 00, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 also Double 3, Double 4 and Quatro 3
· Customised design
British standard
· Conforms to BS88 Part 4, IEC 60269-4
· Current rating from 6A to 710A, rated at 240V & 690Vac, rated breaking
capactiy - 200kA
· Trip indicator fuselinks available and micro switch for remote indication
Product Guide
High Speed Fuses and Fuseholders
IEC Cylindrical - Ferrule style
· Conforms to UL/CSA
· Current rating from 1A to 100A, rated at 700V, rated breaking capacity - 200kA
· Sizes 6x32, 10x38, 14x51, 14x67, 21x51, 22x58, 20x127, 25x146
North American
· North American style fuses provide an excellent solution for medium
power applications
· Conforms to UL/CSA
· Current rating 1 to 4,000A - 130 to 1000C ac and 130 to 800V dc
Medium Voltage Fuses
DIN Fuse-Links
· Conforms to DIN 43625, EN IEC 60282-1, VDE 0670-4
· Ratings: 6.3 to 400A, rated from 3.6 to 38kV
· Full range, back up and motor protection applications
Motor Start Fuse-Links
· Conforms to UL, IEC DIN 43625 and British Standard
· Ratings: 6.3A to 400A, rated from 2.75kV - 7.2kV
Oil Fuse-Links
· Conforms to IEC 282-1, BS 2692-1 and ESI standard 12-8
· Ratings: 6.3 to 200A, rated from 3.6 to 24kV
· Fitted with pyrotechnic striker pin
Voltage & Auxiliary Transformer Fuse-Links
· Conforms to BS 2692-1 and IEC 60282-1
· Ratings: 3.15A, rated from 1 to 36kV
· Use in the primary side of voltage transformers
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