980/1550nm Mixed Fiber WDM

980/1550nm Mixed Fiber WDM
980/1550nm Mixed Wavelength Division
Multiplexer (WDM)
980/1550nm and 980/1590nm WDM couplers are widely used in EDFA. They combine the 980nm pump
power and optical signal into the Er-fiber. The mixed fiber 980/1550nm WDM uses common SMF-28
standard fiber as coupler’s 1550nm signal port, while the 980nm pump port and the common port use
Corning HI 1060 Flex or OFS BF05635-02 980nm fiber.
* Low insertion loss
* Low PDL
* High wavelength isolation
* High stability and reliability
* WDM systems
*Other specifications can be made on customer request.
Package Information:
*Other package dimensions can be made on customer request.
Ordering Information:
│ │
│ │ │ │
└─→Package:3.0×54 etc.
│ │
│ │ │ └─→Connector:FC/UPC, FC/APC etc.
│ │
│ │ └─→Fiber Type:0=SMF-28, 1=flexcore,
│ │
│ │
2=50/125µm, 3=62.5/125µm,4=others
│ │
│ └→Pigtail Type:0=250µm, 1=900µm, 2=2mm,
│ │
3=3mm, 4=others
│ │
└──→Operating Wavelength:131=1310nm, 155=1550nm,
│ │
1315=1310&1550nm etc.
│ └──→ Port Number:1×2, 2×2 etc.
└──→Grade: P=Perfect, A=Grade A, X=On customer request
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