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Eiki EIP-HDT30 - Office of Information Technology
Eiki EIP-HDT30
This Projector is compatible with Full HD
signals, allowing high definition projection.
If a computer is selected as a signal
source, this projector automatically detects
the signal format and tunes to a project a
proper image.
Useful Instructions:
1. Press the “ON/STAND-BY” button on the
remote control.
2. After the countdown, the input source that
was last selected and the Lamp status
icon appear on the screen.
3. The preparation display will disappear
after 20 seconds.
Other Examples:
Common Issues:
● The end of lamp life is approaching:
○ Let the Help Desk know that the
lamp needs to be replaced.
● Remote Control doesn’t work:
○ Check the batteries.
○ Make sure no obstruction is
between the projector and remote
Other Information:
Visit http://support.boisestate.edu and select Classroom
and Lab Technologies to schedule a General Purpose
Classroom equipment demonstration.
For assistance you can contact the OIT Help Desk
● Call us at 208-426-4357 (HELP) or 426-1850 for
immediate classroom support
● Email at helpdesk@boisestate.edu
● Web oit.boisestate.edu/classroomlabtech
● Visit the Zone in ILC 128
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