Powerflex 400 Product Profile

Powerflex 400 Product Profile
Providing users with easy installation in
mechanical fan and pump systems, the
Allen-Bradley PowerFlex® 400 AC drive offers
a wide range of built-in features allowing for
seamless building system integration.
Available in power ratings of 2.2-250 kW
(3.0-350 Hp) @ 380 – 480V AC and
2.2-37 kW (3.0-50 Hp) @ 200 – 240V AC,
the PowerFlex 400 AC Drive is designed to
meet global OEM, contractor and end-user
demands for flexibility, space savings and
ease-of-use. The PowerFlex 400 AC drive is
a cost-effective solution for speed control in
variable torque fan and pump applications.
• Integral PID Controller allows a process
variable to be maintained by automatically
adjusting the output frequency
• Three programmable Skip Frequencies and
Bands prevent the drive from running
continuously at resonant speeds which
could cause mechanical breakdowns
• Selectable Fan/Pump Curves provide
reduced voltage patterns for centrifugal fan
and pump loads
• Sleep Function allows the drive to be cycled
off when the system demand drops below
a preset level and to be restarted
automatically when the demand increases
• For applications that require unattended
operation, the Start At PowerUp Function
provides the ability to resume running
once power is restored after a power outage
• Connection to fire and life safety systems via
Freeze/Fire and Purge inputs
• Auxiliary Motor Control allows staging of
additional line-started motors to meet
system demand
• Damper Input can be used to disable the
drive output until desired damper position
is obtained, even with a valid run command
PowerFlex 400 AC Drive
Operator Keypad
• Integral keypad features 2 line, 16 character LCD display
• 5 LED indicators provide system configuration and fault status
• Configurable Hand/Off/Auto function buttons
• RS485 communications integral to base drive
• Embedded Modbus RTU, Metasys N2 and P1-Plant Floor Network protocols are
parameter selectable and require no additional hardware or software
• Supports Drive Serial Interface (DSI) communication modules and accessories
including DeviceNet™, EtherNet/IP™, ControlNet™, PROFIBUS™ DP, BACnet®,
LonWorks® and Bluetooth® communications adapters
• DriveExplorer™ and DriveTools™ SP software can be used
to easily program, monitor and control the drives
Premier Integration with PowerFlex Drives
For simplified AC drive start-up and reduced development time using the Allen-Bradley®
Logix control platform, we’ve integrated PowerFlex® AC drive configuration with RSLogix™
5000 software. This single-software approach simplifies parameter and tag programming
while still allowing stand-alone drive software tool use on the factory floor.
• Installation flexibility is enhanced by the UL plenum rating allowing
for direct mounting in an air handling system
• Disconnect and contactor bypass packages in NEMA 1, 12, 3R and 4 designs
simplify installation and startup by combining operator interface, control,
communications and power options in preconfigured assemblies
• Contactor bypass packages supplied with 3 - contactors allowing
drive test functionality and drive isolation when in bypass mode
• Meets seismic requirements of the 2003 International Building
Code as specified by AC156
• UL and cUL (CSA) Listed
• UL Plenum Rating
• C-Tick
• CE Marked
• EMC EN61800-3 (with external filter)
• Low Voltage EN60204-1/EN50178
Input Specification
3-Phase Voltage: 200-240 / 380-480V +/-10%
Frequency: 48-63 Hz
Logic Control Ride Through: >= 0.5 seconds, 2 seconds typical
Output Specification
Voltage: Adjustable from 0V to rated motor voltage
Frequency Range: 0 to 320 Hz
Overload Current: 110% for 60 seconds and 150% for 3 seconds
Voltage Tolerance: 200-240V ±10% / 380-480V ±10%
Frequency Tolerance: 48-63 Hz
Input Phases: Three-phase input provides full rating. Single-phase operation provides 35% rated current.
Displacement Power Factor: 0.98 across entire speed range
Efficiency: 97.5% at rated Amps, nominal line voltage
Maximum Short Circuit Rating: 100,000 Amps Symmetrical (Frame C Drives) / 200,000 Amps Symmetrical (Frame D–H Drives)
Actual Short Circuit Rating: Determined by AIC Rating of installed fuse/circuit breaker
Transistor Type: Isolated Gate Bipolar (IGBT)
Internal DC Bus Choke:
200-240V AC Input: 11-37 kW (15-50 Hp) Panel Mount Drives
380-480V AC Input: 11-110 kW (15-150 Hp) Panel Mount Drives
Enclosure and Ambient
Operating Temperature
• Frame C
IP20 / NEMA/UL Type Open:
IP30 / NEMA/UL Type 1 (with conversion kit):
NEMA 12 and NEMA 3R/4
• Frame D, E, F
IP30 / NEMA/UL Type 1 (with conversion kit):
NEMA 12 and NEMA 3R/4
• Frame G, H
IP30 / NEMA/UL Type 1 (with conversion kit):
-10 to 50°C (14 to 122°F)
-10 to 45°C (14 to 113°F)
-10 to 40°C (14 to 104°F)
-10 to 45°C (14 to 113°F)
-10 to 40°C (14 to 104°F)
-10 to 45°C (14 to 113°F)
• 7 Digital Inputs (24V sink/source)
– 3 Semi-Programmable
– 4 Programmable
• 2 Programmable Form C Relay Outputs
• 2 Analog Inputs
Options (Accessories)
• Communication: LonWorks®, DeviceNet™, EtherNet/IP™, PROFIBUS™,
ControlNet™, BACnet®, Bluetooth®
• EMC Line Filters
• Line and Load Reactors
• 6-output relay card (Frame D, E, F, G and H)
Input Voltage Class
200-240V, 3Ø
200-240V, 3Ø
200-240V, 3Ø
380-480V, 3Ø
380-480V, 3Ø
380-480V, 3Ø
380-480V, 3Ø
380-480V, 3Ø
380-480V, 3Ø
Dimensions mm (in)
C Frame: 260 (10.2) H x 130 (5.1) W x 180 (7.1) D
D Frame: 384 (15.12) H x 250 (9.84) W x 205.4 (8.08) D
E Frame: 589 (23.19) H x 370 (14.57) W x 260 (10.24) D
F Frame: 850 (33.46) H X 425 (16.73) W X 280 (11.02) D
G Frame: 892 (35.1) H X 425 (16.7) W X 264 (10.4) D
H Frame: 1364 (53.7) H X 529 (20.8) W X 359 (14.1) D
Output Voltage Class
0-230V, 3Ø
0-230V, 3Ø
0-230V, 3Ø
0-460V, 3Ø
0-460V, 3Ø
0-460V, 3Ø
0-460V, 3Ø
0-460V, 3Ø
0-460V, 3Ø
– 1 Isolated (-10 to 10V or 4 to 20mA)
– 1 Non-Isolated (0 to 10V or 4 to 20mA)
• 2 Analog Outputs (0 to 10V or 4 to 20mA)
• 1 Optocoupler Output
• DSI Cables
• IP30 Conversion/Conduit Kit (Frame C)
kW (Hp)
2.2-7.5 (3-10)
11-22 (15-30)
30-37 (40-50)
2.2-15 (3.0-20)
18.5-30 (25-40)
37-75 (50-100)
90-110 (125-150)
132-160 (200-350)
200-250 (300-350)
Cont. Output Current (Amps)
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