ACD Navigator Form

ACD Navigator Form
Contact Information:
Fax and e-mail:
Campus Address:
Billing Information for New Phone Line:
Account for work order charges: **
Account for monthly charges: **
Authorized Signature: **
Billing address:
Use this form if you are requesting to keep your existing Dterm phone for line appearances and need to install a new
separate ACD phone.
Price List for state accounts (for non-state accounts, add 15.51 % surcharge):
Jack installation
Activate an available jack
Monthly charge per extension
Dterm 8 button Telephone with Display
Program Existing Dterm to an ACD Phone
Consultation Labor ($112/hour)
1. Which building is this for?
2. What is the room number?
3. Do you need a new jack installed?
(Check one)
Yes or
N0 - If no, what is the available jack number?
4. Do you need a new extension?
(Check one)
Yes or
No - If no, what is the extension?
5. Who will be assigned to this extension?
6. Do you need voicemail? (Check one)
7. Do you need voicemail email notification, if yes, provide email
8. Who is the contact person to coordinate access for the technician?
9. What extension do you want listed for this person for the University Switchboard?
All requests require a minimum of a 2-week notice from October through April and a 4-week notice for May through
September. For any additional questions, please call extension 7-3800.
Return this form to:
Telecommunications Service Center
Management Services Center, Room 209
or fax it to extension 7-3810.
A representative from the Telecommunications Office will contact you with the date this work is scheduled.
**Account number and signature from an authorized signatory is mandatory. Work orders will not be processed
without these pieces of information.
Updated: 05- 10- 2012
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