Field Guide

Field Guide
1.1 Presentation
The Aimpoint LPI, IR Laser Aiming Device is a development based on long experience in engineering and manufacturing of lasers ranging from pistol to military infantry rifle applications. The Aimpoint LPI is intended to fit on AIMPOINT
red dot sights, which means that no special rail system is required.
The laser beam can be adjusted in X and Y axis independently. The Aimpoint
LPI is a truly unique tool, light weight, small and sturdy.
1.2 Specification
Material - housing: Surface finish: Housing width:
Housing height:
Overall (housing) length:
Weight (incl. battery):
Max temperature range:
Water resistance:
Battery: Mounting:
High strength Aluminum
Anodized black
44 mm +/- 0,5 mm
24 mm +/- 0,5 mm
(47,5 +/- 2 mm) 77 mm +/- 2 mm
150 gr, 5,3 oz
- 10º to + 50º C , +14º to 122º F
Submersible to 10 m water depth
3V, Lithium battery of type DL1/3N, 2L76
The Aimpoint LPI can be mounted with 4 different interfaces.
The Laser has two different power settings to enable the selection of the power for short range or long range. The performance of the night vision equipment used varies from manufacturer and the range for the low and high power will differ accordingly.
Light source
Setting High
Setting Low
840 nm (IR)*
840 nm (IR)*
Beam output power
0.1 mW**
0.005 mW**
Light source
Setting High
Setting Low
Beam Shape
5 x 2 mm
5 x 2 mm
Beam divergence
typ 0.5 mrad
typ 0.5 mrad
Adjustment of laser beam Adjustment range of laser beam 1 Click = 0.28 mrad
± 20 mrad
1.3 Location and description of major components and functions.
1. Mounting screws
2. Vertical adjustment screw
3. Horizontal adjustment screw 4. Power selector/Off
5. Contact for Remote switch pad trigger
6. Battery cover
7. Lens cap
Laser class
Unless indicated otherwise, the data is accurate at ambient room temperature
and normal operating conditions.
* Typical.
** Important notice: Beam output power will be set as required by the user.
The user is solely responsible for the observation of the applicable safety
regulations. The max and the min level can be separated by a factor of no
more than 20.
2.1 Assembly and preparation for use
wARNING: Insure the weapon is unloaded and the safety selector is in the
”safe” position before attempting to install, remove or perform maintenance on
the laser.
2.1.1 Installing laser on the weapon
Installing the laser on the sight or on the rail of the weapon
The laser has to be fitted with the mount corresponding to the mount used on
your red dot sight. Remove the upper part of your red dot sight mount and fit
the laser in its place as shown. Use thread lock (Loctite) when assembling the
laser to the mount with the 2 mounting screws (1).
2.1.2. Installing remote switch pad trigger
Screw Trigger in to the side connector of the laser unit (5).
Attach Trigger pad to weapon using the Velcro lock. Usual positions are on
the pistol handle or over the thermal cover of the barrel using the supporting
hand for activation.
2.1.3 Installing the battery
Open battery cover (6). Insert battery in the correct direction in the same way
as you fit the battery in the red dot sight. Make sure that the battery contacts
are clean. Close battery cover.
2.2.1. Selecting a laser:
Turn the selector (4) to the desired position. The laser beam will only be
activated once you press the switch pad.
Left Position: Position 1:
Position 2: Laser OFF
The Laser is at low power.
The Laser is at high power.
2.2.2. Switch pad trigger activation:
The laser must be on position 1 or 2.
Pressing the Trigger switch activates the Laser.
When the switch is released, the laser is interrupted.
2.2.3. Adjustment of the Laser beam:
The laser can be adjusted horizontally and vertically.
Horizontal adjustment using the side located adjustment screws (3).
Vertical adjustment using the adjustment screws located on top (2).
To correct the point of impact, proceed as follows:
• Turning the side adjustment screw in the “+” direction moves the point of
impact to the right.
• Turning the side adjustment screw in the “-” direction moves the point of
impact to the left.
• Turning the top adjustment screw in the “+” direction moves the point of
impact down.
• Turning the top adjustment screw in the “-” direction moves the point of
impact up.
User’s Manual for
IR aiming laser device
One click equals approx. 3 cm at 100 m
The LPI requires no routine maintenance. When the lenses are soiled by dirt
or gun powder residue, a soft optical cloth is required to wipe the lens clean
If required, the reflection shields can be removed (7).
Safety notice:
LASER beams can cause damage to the human eye. Target lasers are for
use by trained personnel only. The user is responsible to maintain the safety
precautions defined by local laws.
The use of this equipment is the sole responsibility of the operator.
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