Draco Compact KVM Extender Datasheet

Draco Compact KVM Extender Datasheet
DVI-D Input / Output
Supports USB HID Devices
Cat X or Fiber Cable Interfaces
Option: Dual/Quad-Head Video
Option: VGA Input (DVI-I)
Option: Transparent USB 2.0
Option: Analog/Digital Audio and
Serial Port
Max Distance: 140m over Cat X
and 10km over Fiber
19” Rack Mount Options (RMK)
Extender Series
Extender Series
X-Speed-Technology for
DVI & USB Devices Using
Cat X + Fiber Cables
Draco – Making extension easier
Whenever you locate CPUs far from the user
you need an extender that works like a booster
– maintaining signal fidelity and video clarity.
Only the Draco Digital Extender can realize
distances of up to 140m over regular Cat X
cables, and up to 10km with single-mode fiber,
without sacrificing quality.
Why does it make sense to remotely locate a
Protection of CPUs against dust, water and
Avoid theft, and protect against
unauthorized installation of software.
Simplified maintenance, configuration and
administration of multiple user computers
by co-locating them.
Change a user’s work location by simply
moving a patch cable
Centralised air conditioning of CPUs
increasing life cycles, simplifying
infrastructure and reducing energy
Cut-out noise in the work place
Draco Extender Applications
Industrial (keep CPUs off the factory floor)
Remote desktops in educational
institutions, financial trading floors and call
Airports (air traffic control, passenger
information systems)
Broadcast and audio-visual industry
Perhaps you have a safety critical application
where the user is not allowed to access to the
CPU directly?
Video Input Interface
Video Output Interface
Resolution (max.)
Power Supply
DVI-D (single-link) option: DVI-I (VGA)
DVI-D (single-link) – not HDCP compatible
1920x1200@60Hz, 1080p and 2K: 2048x1152@60Hz
USB HID devices
External universal switch mode PSU (90-240V Input)
103 x 143 x 29 mm (single-head)
103 x 143 x 42 mm (dual-head)
Onboard Flash
(19” rack mount kits and brackets available)
Draco - Extender technology for
the future
Our new Draco Extender provides the highest
quality of DVI video transmission by using a
state-of-the-art compression technology. This
enables long extension distances and reliable
data transmission with no discernable loss in
video quality: much further than other shortrange extenders without video compression.
DVI, USB and more....
The (standard) Draco Extender supports DVI-D
video and USB HID devices (e.g. keyboards,
mice and graphic tablets). In addition, options
for other interfaces including: VGA input, digital
or analog audio, and full transparent USB 2.0
are available.
Draco’s X-Speed video compression algorithm
reduces data volume in real time by more than
80% ensuring optimal use of the Cat X/fiber
transmission system. Even at highest
resolutions (up to 1920x1200/1080p/2K), fullscreen movies are displayed judder free in 24bit color. Compared to other products, the
maximum possible transmission distance does
not depend on the resolution. Even at
maximum resolutions distances of 140 m can
be achieved easily over Cat X without special
The compact housing allows close installations:
up to 3 devices fit in a 19“/1U rack space. All
connectors are on the rear side of the device
allowing proper installation in racks and on
To enhance reliability for most critical
environments, these devices have the option to
connect a second (redundant) power supply
unit. Additional status LEDs simplify the link
Using a dedicated Service Port the Draco
Extender may be upgraded on-site and very
easy via a USB connection.
Virtually loss-free image quality at all
resolutions – without visible loss of
compression (frame drops) due to our XSpeed technology
All DVI-D monitor resolutions up to 1920 x
1200 @ 60Hz (also 1080p or 2K: 2048 x
1152 @ 60Hz) are supported up to
maximum cable lengths.
Supports easy DDC transfer from remote
The standard version allows operation of a
remote workstation with a DVI-D monitor
and two USB HID devices (such as a
keyboard and mouse). Certain other HID
devices may also be compatible
Option: Dual-head / Quad-head – where
every workstation supports 2 or 4 monitors
Option: bi-directional analog audio and
RS232 support
Option: uni/bi-directional digital audio with
cinch/TOS-Link/miniXLR connectors for
professional audio applications.
Option: Two additional HID Ports with
single-head devices. Dual-head devices
always have support for four HID devices.
Option: Analog VGA (DVI-I) input for
connection to older CPUs where the
graphics card cannot be upgraded.
Option: Transparent USB 2.0 support for
all available USB devices including
printers, scanners, hard drives, memory
sticks, audio devices, etc. An additional
Cat X or fiber cable is required.
Maximum resolution (1920x1200 or 1080p
or 2K) over all distances:
• 140m with a regular Cat X cable
• 200m with multi-mode 62,5μ fiber
• 400m with multi-mode 50μ fiber
• 1000m with multi-mode 50μ OM3 fiber
• 10km with single-mode 9μ fiber
Compatibility with all major operating
Compatibility with all major KVM Switches
and further devices
Rack mount options (19”): Mount up to 3
devices with a 19”/1U rack mount kit.
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