Product data sheet
CPU340-20 Ethernet CANopen2
Certifications and standards
CSA 22-2 No 142
CSA C22.2 No 213 Class 1 Division 2
EN 61131-2
IEC 61131-2
UL 508
Associated communication module
BMXNOE0100 Ethernet TCP/IP class B10
BMXNOE0110 Ethernet TCP/IP FactoryCast
Communication module processor capacity
Communication service
Service Data Object (SDO) CANopen
Network management (NMT) CANopen
Special functions (SYNC, EMCY, TIME) CANopen
Rack Viewer Ethernet TCP/IP
Data Editor Ethernet TCP/IP
Modbus TCP messaging Ethernet TCP/IP
SNMP network administrator Ethernet TCP/IP
Bandwidth management Ethernet TCP/IP
Process Data Object (PDO) CANopen
Control channels
Programmable loops
Discrete I/O processor capacity
1024 I/O multi-rack configuration
704 I/O single-rack configuration
Port Ethernet
Integrated connection type
Ethernet TCP/IP RJ45 10/100 Mbit/s 1 twisted pair transparent ready class B10
CANopen master bus SUB-D 9 20 kbit/s...1 Mbit/s 2 twisted shielded pairs
USB port 12 Mbit/s
Current consumption
135 mA 24 V DC
Internal power supply via rack
IP degree of protection
Ambient air temperature for operation
0 °C-60 °C
Relative humidity
10 - 95 % without condensation
Dec 9, 2011
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Analogue I/O processor capacity
256 I/O multi-rack configuration
66 I/O single-rack configuration
Application structure
1 cyclic/periodic master task
1 periodic fast task
64 event tasks
No auxiliary task
Transparent Ready
Execution time per instruction
0.17 µs double-length words
1.16 µs floating points
0.12 µs Boolean
0.25 µs single-length words
Memory description
Internal RAM 4096 kB
Internal RAM 3584 kB program constants and symbols
Internal RAM 256 kB data
Supplied memory card (BMXRMS008MP) backup of programs, constants, symbols and data
Supplied memory card (BMXRMS008MP) activation of standard web server,
class B10
Motion control
Independent axis CANopen
Number of application specific channel
Number of devices per segment
0 - 64 0 - 160 m CANopen
0 - 32 0 - 185 m CANopen
0 - 16 0 - 205 m CANopen
Number of racks
Number of slave
0 - 63 CANopen
Status LED
1 LED green activity on Ethernet network (ETH ACT)
1 LED green status of Ethernet network (ETH STS)
1 LED red data rate (ETH 100)
1 LED green processor running (RUN)
1 LED red processor or system fault (ERR)
1 LED red I/O module fault (I/O)
1 LED yellow activity on Modbus (SER COM)
1 LED red memory card fault (CARD ERR)
1 LED green integrated machine/installation bus operational (CAN RUN)
1 LED red integrated machine/installation bus fault (CAN ERR)
System overhead
0.7 ms master task
0.13 ms fast task
Transmission rate
800 kbit/s 0 - 40 m 0 - 6 m
500 kbit/s 0 - 100 m 0 - 10 m
250 kbit/s 0 - 250 m 0 - 10 m
125 kbit/s 0 - 500 m 0 - 10 m
50 kbit/s 0 - 1000 m 0 - 120 m
20 kbit/s 0 - 2500 m 0 - 300 m
1 Mbit/s 0 - 20 m 0 - 0.6 m
Number of instructions per ms
8.1 Kinst/ms 100 % Boolean
6.4 Kinst/ms 65 % Boolean + 35 % fixed arithmetic
Physical characteristics
Default size of object areas
512 %Mi located internal bits
1024 %MWi internal words located internal data
256 %KWi constant words located internal data
Maximum size of object areas
32634 %Mi located internal bits
256 kB unlocated internal data
Number of slots
Product weight
0.215 kg
Product identification
Bus type
CANopen M20 DS 405 devices linked by daisy-chaining or tap junctions CSMA/CA
CANopen M20 DS 301 V4.02 devices linked by daisy-chaining or tap junctions
CANopen M20 DS 303-2 devices linked by daisy-chaining or tap junctions CSMA/CA
Product or component type
Processor module
Range of product
Modicon M340 automation platform
Main characteristics
Commercial Reference field
Short description
CPU340-20 Ethernet CANopen2
Management information
Product part number
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