Course Building Basics

Course Building Basics
 Building a Basic Course in Moodle 2.7 Log into Moodle at Find your course and click on it. Turn editing on. Naming a Topic Click the paintbrush icon to edit the summary for Topic 0. Uncheck use default section name and enter the name of your course in Section name. Put any text or images you want to always show up at the top of your course in the Summary field and Save Changes. You can update a topic summary as often as you want by clicking on the paintbrush icon. Adding a File To add your course outline to a topic, click Add an Activity or resource, pull down to File and click Add For the Name enter whatever wording you want to show up on the screen. In the Content section drag and drop the file you want from your computer. Scroll down and Save and return to course. Or you can click the Add icon (looks like a piece of paper with a + sign) Select Upload a file Click Browse and search for the file on your computer. Once you’ve found the file, take a moment to include information about the author of the file and what copyright licensing applies, then click Upload. You’ll find yourself back on the Adding a new file page. Scroll way to the bottom and click Save and return to course. To make changes to an activity or resource in your course, click Edit and pull down to Edit Settings. Adding Resources and Activities Open Topic 1, Edit the Summary and add whatever resources or activities you want. Resources might include: File – upload any file you have on your computer (doc, pdf, ppt, xls, mp3, flv) Page – create a simple web page directly within Moodle • Can be easily edited within Moodle • Can contain images or youtube video Book – a collection of pages with internal navigation and a table of contents URL – link to anywhere on the web Folder – a container that holds a collection of files (and reduces the need to scroll) Activities might include: Assignments – ways for students to submit work • Automatically creates a grade column • If you use the online text assignment, consider enabling Comment inline under feedback types so you can easily respond to students’ work. Forum – online discussion Glossary – let students build their own definitions of terms used in the course Quiz – create online quizzes using a variety of question types, most with automatic grading Open Topic 2, give it a name and add some more resources or activities. To load a whole collection of files into a folder: First, zip all the files on your computer. Then click Add an activity or resource and select Folder. Give the folder a name, then drag and drop or click the add icon to upload your .zip file (same process as adding a regular file). Once you’ve uploaded the file, but before you save the folder, click on the .zip file and unzip it. This will unpack all your files. You can delete the original .zip file since you don’t need it any more. Scroll down and click Save and return to course. Now when students open the folder, they can access any of the files within it. Carry on building topics by adding resources and activities. Communicating with Students. If you have a Latest news block on the right you can post an announcement. Click Add a new topic… Fill in the details and click Post to forum. *If you don’t already have a Latest news block you can add it to your course. From the course home page, click Turn editing on. In the Add a block section at the bottom of the left column, pull down Add to Latest news. This will add the block to your course. Click the cross arrow icon and drag it to where you want on the right or left column. Another way to communicate with students is to using the built-­‐in messaging system. In the Navigation block at the left, right under your active course, click Participants. Select a student from the list and send them a message. Compose the message and click Preview to see what the message will look like. Then Send message. If they’re online, the message will pop up in a window at the bottom right of their screen. If they’re not online, it will send the message to their email. Posting Grades If you’ve created a gradable activity like an assignment or a quiz, it will automatically get a column in the gradebook. You can also create grading columns manually. In the Administration block at the left, click Grades. By default you’ll see the Grader report. This screen is where you can enter grades. To set up the gradebook, pull down from Grader Report to Categories and Items / Simple View. On this screen you can create categories and grade items. To create a new grading column click Add grade item. Give it a name and a maximum grade and Save changes. Give it a weighting based on what percentage of the final course total it makes up. In this case it’s worth 20% If you need to group several items and make them worth a certain percentage as a whole, add a category and put all those items into the category. For exam here are 3 quizzes worth 25% in total. Each quiz is worth an equal amount because their weights within the category are equal. To enter grades I go back to the Grader Report, Turn editing on and put numbers in the solid line fields and comments in the dashed line fields. Click Update to save. Creating a Quiz Click Add an activity or resource and select Quiz. Give it a name. If you want the quiz to only be open for a certain period, enable that in the Timing section. Decide how many attempts students get and how you will grade multiple attempts in the Grade section. Decide whether you want to shuffle the order in which the questions appear in the Layout Section. Decide the order in which the responses appear in multiple choice questions in the Question behaviour section. Decide whether you want to give students feedback on their answers during or after the quiz in Review options. Scroll way down and click Save and return to course. Open the quiz and click Edit quiz. Click Create a new question. Select the type of question you want to create and click Next. Fill in the Question name, the Question text, and the Answer choices. Give the correct answer a Grade of 100%. Scroll down and save changes. Repeat for more questions. Once you have created your questions, select them and click Add to quiz. Under the Order and Paging tab you can change the order in which the questions appear by changing the 10/20/30 numbers and clicking Reorder questions. It will sort up from your lowest number. You can go back to your course page and click the Quiz again to preview it. To make changes, go to the Administration block at the left and click Edit quiz. 
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