Mimio Pad User manual

Mimio Pad User manual
The mimio Wireless unit
The mimio Pad comes with two parts, the mimio Pad and the mimio Pad USB Adapter.
These two parts are setup to work exclusively together at the factory. However, up to
40 mimio Pads can be paired with the same mimio USB adapter.
Pairing the mimio Pad and USB Adapter
If a mimio Pad becomes unpaired for any reason, such as replacing your the mimio
Pad USB Adapter you can manually re-pair any mimio Pad with the USB Adapter.
The pairing process is described below:
1. Power on the mimio Pad.
2. Plug in the mimio Pad USB Adapter into an USB port on your
3. Press and hold the red Learning Button on the back of the
mimio Pad for 5 seconds or until the number section on the
LCD on the front of the pad starts to flash. This initiates the
paring process.
4. Quickly, press and hold the recessed Learn Button on the
mimio Pad USB Adapter.
5. The number section on LCD on the mimio Pad must be
flashing at the same time when the learning
button on the mimio USB Receiver is pressed for
the pairing process to be successful.
6. Once the USB Adapter and the Wireless Module
are connected, the mimio Pad LCD will show the number assigned to the
additional Pad.
7. If only one mimio Pad and mimio Pad USB Adapter are present but unpaired,
this process can be used to pair them.
Additional notes:
o You can only pair 40 mimio Pads to the same mimio Pad USB Adapter
o Bluetooth and/or 802.11x is neither required nor supported
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