Ultrastar C10K147 Quick Installation Guide

Ultrastar C10K147 Quick Installation Guide
Quick installation guide
Hitachi Ultrastar C10K147
Handling precautions
Set the drive down gently to prevent damage from impact or vibration.
Handle the drive carefully by the edges. Do not touch the exposed printed circuit board or any electronic components.
Do not press on the top or bottom of the drive.
Before handling the drive, discharge any static electricity from yourself and your clothing. With one hand touch an
unpainted metal surface, then touch the ESD bag with the other hand. Remain in contact with the chassis and the bag for a
minimum of two seconds.
Vibration, shock and static electricity to the drive will damage the precision parts. In particular, prevent vibration or shock
generated by dropping, knocking over or hitting the drive. Also, avoid touching the electrical components directly, which
can discharge electrostatic energy and damage the drive.
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Mounting Instructions
Caution: Mount the hard drive according to the following instructions to ensure optimal performance.
The drive will operate in all axes (6 directions). Performance and error rate will stay within specification limits if the
drive is operated in the other orientations from which it was formatted.
The reccommended mounting screw torque is 0.45 Nm (4.5 kgf-cm). The recommended mounting screw depth is 2.5
mm maximum for bottom and 3.0 mm maximum for horizontal mounting.
To avoid performance degradation, mount the drive in the system securely enough to prevent excessive motion or
vibration of the drive at seek operation or spindle rotation, using appropriate screws or equivalent mounting hardware.
Consult with the issuer of this specification for actual application if necessary.
Drive level vibration tests and shock tests are to be conducted with the drive mounted to a table using the bottom four
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Mounting Recommendations
Do not push on the striped area marked in the above image. Pressure on the striped area could cause contact between
the cover and movable parts inside the hard drive.
Do not put a steel plate over the ‘Red Box’ area marked in the above image. If using a steel plate on the hard drive
cover side, 2mm of space is required between the plate and the drive to ensure airflow.
The blue dotted lines in the above image represent the area in which shock drop insulation should be applied.
The blue frame shown below represents the casing used if the drive can not be secured with screws.
Hitachi Global Storage Technologies will assist customers with mounting design.
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Recommended drop shock material distrubutors
Mounting Solution Company: E-A-R
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