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Cata IND60T Instruction manual
Instruction Manual of IND60T Induction Hob
Model: IND60T
IM IND60T_20100202
Dear Customer:
Thank you for purchasing the CNA induction hob. We hope it will give many years of good
Please read this instruction manual carefully before using the hob and keep it in a safe
place for future reference.
z Product Introduction
The IND60T induction hob caters for all kind of cooking, with its
electromagnetic cooking zones, and its micro-computerised controls and multi-functions,
making it the ideal choice for today's family.
The induction hob is extremely user-friendly, durable and safe.
z Working Principle
The induction hob comprises a coil, a hotplate made of ferromagnetic material and a
control system. Electrical current generates a powerful magnetic field through the coil. This
produces a large number of vortices which in turn generate heat which is then transmitted
through the cooking zone to the cooking vessel.
z Safety
This hob was specially designed for domestic use. In its constant search to improve its
products, CNA reserves the right to modify any technical,
programme or aesthetic
aspects of the appliance at any time.
1. Protection from over-heating
A sensor monitors the temperature in the cooking zones. When the temperature exceeds a
safe level, the cooking zone is automatically switched off.
2. Detection of small or non-magnetic items
When a unsuitable size or non-magnetic pan (e.g. aluminium), or some other small item
(e.g. knife, fork, key) has been left on the hob, the hob goes automatically on to standby
a minute later.
3. Residual heat indicator
When the hob has been operating for some time,there will be some residual heat. The
letter “H” appears to warn you that it is too hot to touch the surface.
4. Auto shut down
Another safety feature of the induction hob is auto shutdown. This occurs whenever you
forget to switch off a cooking zone.
The default shutdown times are shown in the table below:
Power level
The heating zone shut down automatically after
8 hours
4 hours
2 hours
When the pan is removed from the cooking zone, it stops heating immediately and
switches itself off after the buzzer has sounded for one minute.
Anyone who has been fitted with a heart pacemaker should co nsult a doctor before using
the induction hob. This hob complies with all current standards on electro-magnetic safety
and in keeping with the legal requirements 89/336/CE & Directives
1. Cut a hole in the worktop of the dimension shown in the diagram below. A minimum of
50 mm space should be left around the hole. The worktop should be at least 30 mm thick
and made of heat-resistant material.
As shown in Figure (1)
56 c
5 cm
Figure (1)
5c m
Figure (1)
2. It is essential that the i nduction hob is well ventilated and that the air intake and exit are
not blocked.
Make sure the hob is correctly installed as shown in Figure(2).
mini 750 mm
Air exit
mini 5 cm
mini 5 mm
mini 2 cm
Air intake
Figure (2)
For safety, the gap between the hob and any cupboard above it should be at least 750 mm.
3. Fix the hob to the worktop using the four brackets on the base of the hob. The position of
the brackets can be adjusted according to the thickness of the top.
(1) The induction hob must be installed by a properly qualified person.
Never try to install the appliance yourself.
(2) The induction hob must not be installed above refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers or
tumble dryers.
(3) The induction hob should be installed so that optimum radiation of heat is possible.
(4) The wall and the area above the hob should be able to withstand heat.
(5) To avoid any damage, the sandwich layer and adhesive should be heat-resistant.
Connection to power supply
The socket should be connected in compliance with the relevant standard, to an
omnipolar circuit breaker. 30 AMP minimum supply
The method of connection is shown in Figure 3.
(1)If the cable is damaged or needs replacing, this should be done by an after-sales
technician using the proper tools, so as to avoid any accidents.
(2)If the appliance is being connected directly to the mains supply , an omnipolar circuit
breaker must be installed with a minimum gap of 3 mm between the contacts.
(3)The installer must ensure that the correct electrical connection has been made and that
it complies with safety regulations.
(4)The cable must not be bent or compressed.
(5)The cable must be checked regularly and only replaced by a properly qualified person.
Means for all-pole disconnection must be incorporated in the fixed wiring in
accordance with the wiring rules
z Diagram of induction hob:
Air entry
Ceramic plate
Control panel
Air vent
Power regulating key
Control panel Air vent
Ceramic plate
Air entry
Heating zone selection key ON/OFF Timer key
System key
Schematic diagram of the control panel
Heating zone selection key
Timer key ON/OFF
Power Regulating key
System key
Instructions for Use
Preparation before using:
When the power is switched on, the buzzer will sound once and all the indicators will come
on for one second and then go out. The hob is now in standby mode.Place the pan in the
centre of the cooking zone.
Operating instructions
When the ON/OFF key is pressed, all the indicators show "-". Select the power level by
pressing the "+" or "-" key for the relevant hotplate. To begin with the indicator shows
"5".Adjust up or down by pressing the "+" or "-" key .If you press the "+" and "-" keys
simultaneously,the power setting returns to "0" and all the cooking zone switches off.See
the table on Page 6 for the power specific to each cooking zone.
When the ON/OFF key is pressed, the induction hob returns to standby mode if no other
operation is carried out within one minute.
Timing function
Press the timing key and the indicator will start flashing. Then set the time for between 1
and 99 minutes, by pressing the "+" an d "-" keys. Pressing the "+" key once increases the
time by one minute; pressing the "-" key once decreases the time by one minute. When the
set time exceeds 99 minutes, it will automatically return to "0" minutes. If the "-" and "+"
keys are pressed simultaneously, the indicator will display"0".
Timer confirmation
(1) Select the power level of the cooking zone and then press the "Timer" key. The timer
can now be set.
(2) When the timing indicator has been flashing for 5 seconds, the set time will be
automatically confirmed.
(3). After selecting a set time, confirm by pressing the "Timer" key.
Timer cancellation
After setting the time again, hold down the "Timer" key for 5 seconds. This will cancel the
timer and the indicator will revert to "0".
Safety mode
To ensure the safety of children, the induction hob is fitted with an interlock device.
To lock: hold down the "Interlock" ; the hob then goes into "Interlock" mode, the timer
shows "LO " and the rest of the keys are disabled except the "ON/OFF"key.
Unlocking : Hold down the "Interlock" key for 2 seconds and the hob will return to normal
The maximum power of cooking zones is as follows:
Max. power (W)
Heating zone
The above may vary according to the size of the pan and the material it is made from
Selection of heating appliances
Iron oil frying pan
S tainless steel pot
Enamel stainless steel kettle
Iron pan
Enamel cooking utensil
Iron kettle
Iron plate
You may have a number of different cooking vessels
1. This induction hob can identify a variety of cooking vessels, which you can test by one
of the following methods:
Place the vessel on the cooking zone. If the corresponding cooking zone displays a power
level, then the vessel is suitable. If "U" flashes, then the vessel is not suitable
2. Hold a magnet to the vessel. If the magnet is attracted to the vessel, it is suitable for use
with the induction hob.
The base of the vessel must contain magnetic material. It mu st have a flat bottom with a
diameter of more than 12 cm.
z Care and Maintenance:
If the power cable is damaged it should be replaced by our service
agent or by another suitably qualified person.
For indoor use only.
Never wash the induction hob directly with water.
Never have the induction hotplate to work without food inside,
otherwise its operational performance may be affected.
Always open sealed containers, such as cans, before heating them,
otherwise they may explode.
When a cooking zone has been on for a long time the surface
remains hot for some time afterwards - so do not touch the ceramic
From time to time check that nothing (e.g. glass, paper, etc.)is
obstructing the air intake beneath the induction hob.
Do not leave metallic objects, such as knives, forks, spoons and lids
on the hob as they may get hot.
Never use the induction hob near another appliance which
generates a high temperature ,such as a gas cooker or a paraffin
Do not store detergents or flammable materials beneath the hob.
If the surface of the hob is cracked , switch off the appliance to avoid
any possibility of electric shocks.
Do not place rough or uneven vessels on the hob, as they may
damage the ceramic surface.
Clean the induction hob regularly to stop foreign objects from getting
into the fan and preventing the appliance from working properly.
Keep children or infirm persons away from the appliance. Never let
them use it unsupervised.
Do not dispose this
product as unsorted
municipal waste.
Collection of such
waste separately for
special treatment is
This appliance is labeled in compliance with European directive
2002/96/EC for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).
By ensuring that this appliance is disposed of correctly, you will help
prevent any possible damage to the environment and to human
health, which might otherwise be caused if it were disposed of in the
wrong way.
The symbol on the product indicates that it may not be treated as
normal household waste. It should be taken to a collection point for
the recycling of electrical and electronic goods.
This appliance requires specialist waste disposal. For further
information r egarding the treatment, recovery an d recycling of this
product please contact your local council, your household waste
disposal service, or the shop where you purchased it.
a. This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced
physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless
they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a
person responsible for their safety.
b. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
c. The appliance is not intended to be operated by means of an external timer or separate
remote-control system.
d. A steam cleaner is not to be used to clean.
e. After use, switch off the hob element by its control and do not rely on the pan detector.
 Care and Maintenance
The surface of the induction hob may be easily cleaned in the following way:
Type of contam-ination
Method of cleaning
Cleaning materials
Rings and lime scale
Apply white vinegar to the area,
Special hob cleaner such as
wipe it dry with soft cloth or use
Hob Brite
a commercially available product
Burnt on stains
Use a special scraper for ceramic
Special hob cleaner such as
glass to remove residue (a silicon
Hob Brite
product is best)
Warning: Disconnect the power supply before cleaning.
Avoiding banging pots and pans down on the hob.
The glass surface is tough but not un-breakable.
Avoid rubbing with any abrasive or with the base of the pans etc as in time this will deteriorate the
markings on the top of the ceramic hob.
Avoid using pans with rough or dented bases which can cause scratches to the glass surface.
Place the pans in the middle of the cooking zone.
Do not leave any empty pan on the heating zone.
Failure Display and Inspection
If any abnormality occurs, the induction hob will automatically go into protective mode and
display one of the following codes:
Fan failure
Contact the service company
Temperature sensor failure
Contact the service company
Abnormal voltage in power
Check if power supply is
normal. Power on after power
supply returns to normal.
Abnormal temperature
Check the pan
Poor heat radiation in
cooking zone
Restart when cooking zone
cools down
The above table shows how to assess and check common faults. Do not dismantle the
appliance yourself, otherwise you may damage the induction hob.
 Customer Care Service
If a fault should occur, before calling After Sales Service, please do the following:
-Check that the appliance is correctly connected.
-Read the failure and display table above If you are still unable to resolve the problem, switch
off the appliance, do not try to dismantle it, and call After Sales Service.
Special Declaration
The contents of this manual have been carefully checked. However, the company cannot be held
responsible for any misprints or omissions. Also, any technical modifications may be included in a
revised version of the manual without notice. The appearance and colour of the appliance in this
manual may differ from the actual one.
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