Installation Guide SAP® Workforce Performance Builder Instant Producer

Installation Guide SAP® Workforce Performance Builder Instant Producer
Installation Guide
SAP® Workforce Performance Builder
Instant Producer
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Installation Guide: mySAP Instant Producer
Introduction ......................................................................................7
Installing Instant Producer ..............................................................8
System requirements............................................................................. 8
Installation .............................................................................................. 8
The workarea .......................................................................................... 8
Uninstalling ............................................................................................. 9
Configure settings and project templates ....................................10
Import settings ..................................................................................... 10
Defining a project template ................................................................. 10
Browser settings for the playback of lessons .............................12
System requirements........................................................................... 12
Internet Explorer settings.................................................................... 12
Opening individual workareas via links .......................................14
Connection to the Manager ...........................................................15
Establishing the connection ............................................................... 15
Technical Support ..........................................................................16
09 2012
This installation manual will provide you administrative support in using the SAP Workforce Performance
Builder Instant Producer. Various prerequisites need to be complied with when installing the Instant
Producer and when recording and playing lessons and specific settings applied.
Once the installation has been completed and the appropriate settings applied, work can begin immediately
on producing learning content in the Instant Producer.
Should you require help with the installation or the applicable settings, please contact SAP support, which
is available to assist you with any questions. You will find the necessary information and contact data in the
"Technical support" section of this manual.
09 2012
Installation Guide: mySAP Instant Producer
Installing Instant Producer
The following chapters describe the system requirements, installation and uninstallation of the Instant
System requirements
In order to successfully install and use Instant Producer, your computer must fulfill the following
Operating system
Windows XP (at least Service Pack 3), Vista and Windows 7
64 & 32 bit version
Pentium IV, at least 1 GHz
A minimum of 512 MB, 1 GB at Vista and Windows 7
Hard drive
200 MB of free space
Internet Explorer 7.0 – 9.0
Java Applications
only for 32 bit version
Documentation Generation
MS Office (Word and PowerPoint) 2003 or higher
The installation will be done with the installation file called ipro.msi. The installation program will guide you
through all the steps for installing the Instant Producer. Please follow the instructions in the displayed
dialog, after double-clicking on the program icon.
To be able to install the Instant Producer you require administrator rights for the PC on which the Instant
Producer is to be installed.
The workarea
After installing Instant Producer, the workarea will be created automatically with directly importing the
necessary ressources into it. The workarea is the folder where all configurations and content files are stored,
including the macroset, bubble styles, Trainer etc.
09 2012
The workarea will be located in the following folder:
Windows XP:
C:\Documents and settings\User folder\Local settings\Applicatioon data\SAP\ipro\Workarea
Windows Vista and 7:
C:\User folder\AppData\Local\SAP\ipro\Workarea
The uninstalling of the Instant Producer can be done within the software dialog of your operating system.
When uninstalling the Instant Producer only the program is deleted. The workareas that were created are
retained for further use.
09 2012
Installation Guide: mySAP Instant Producer
Configure settings and project templates
The following chapter describes how you can define and export settings and project templates for any work
created using the Instant Producer.
Import settings
The Instant Producer uses predefined settings for recording, thus simplifying the recording process. In
addition to this, it improves consistency of recordings by different authors.
To be able to modify the recording settings despite this, the project manager can define the settings in
Producer and then import them into Instant Producer. This means that you can distribute predefined
settings to authors and integrate them in a simple way.
This can be done as follows:
Define the settings
1. In Producer open the central configuration dialog via the Tools -> Settings... menu.
2. Go to the Application -> Record Application section.
3. Define the required recording settings and confirm the Dialog by pressing Ok.
Export the archive
4. Now export the settings as an archive file (*.dkp). To do so, select the menu item Workarea ->
Administration -> Export Archive...
5. The Configuration/Style resource contains the recording settings. Select it and confirm by pressing
6. Now specify the target directory and the filenames. Click Save.
Import the archive into Instant Producer
7. Open Instant Producer.
8. In the taskbar click Import Settings
9. Select the archive with the required resource and confirm by pressing Open.
10. After importing, restart Instant Producer to apply the settings. A dialog tells you to do this.
Defining a project template
When you create a new project in the Instant Producer, you can create templates and distribute them to your
authors. The templates are useful for ensuring uniformity when more than one author is working on a project.
Creating a template
You can create a template in the Producer and export it for use with the Instant Producer:
09 2012
1. In the Producer, create a new project by clicking on New project from the toolbar in the project editor.
It is recommended that you save this in a folder in your workarea that is specifically for templates.
2. A dialog box will appear. Enter a name for the template, e.g. Standard template. Confirm by clicking
on OK.
3. Next, configure your project as desired. To do so, from the project editor, open the main
configuration dialog box and define all the project-specific settings.
4. Save your project.
5. Next, open the main configuration dialog box from the menu Tools -> Settings...
6. Under Project templates, select the project you just created and click on OK.
Exporting templates and settings
After having created a project, you can export it along with its settings. To do so, please follow the directions
found under the section Exporting settings in this user’s guide. Make sure that both the project and its
resource Configurations/Style file are exported.
Only export empty objects to serve as templates for the Instant Producer. Projects that have been
created or changed in the Producer are not compatible with Instant Producer and for this reason, they
cannot be edited in Instant Producer.
09 2012
Installation Guide: mySAP Instant Producer
Browser settings for the playback of lessons
A few changes are required to the security settings of the browser used so that the relevant browser works
perfectly with SAP products.
System requirements
The following requirements need to be complied with to ensure that lessons can be successfully played
Operating system
Internet Explorer
7.0 – 9.0
Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7
Internet Explorer settings
To apply Internet Explorer settings, open Explorer and navigate to the Internet Options command in the
Tools menu.
The following settings are to be set to Activate in the security settings under Security -> Internet/Intranet ->
Customize level:
ActiveX controls and plug-ins
 Binary and script behavior
 Display video and animation on a webpage that does not use external media player
 Allow script-initiated windows without size or position constraints
 Allow websites to open windows without address or status bars
 Launching programs and files in an IFRAME
 Submit non-encrypted form data
 Active scripting
Advanced settings
The following setting is to be set to Activate under Advanced -> Browsing:
Enable third-party browser extensions
The following setting is to be set to Activate under Advanced -> Multimedia:
Play sounds in webpages
To play back lessons using the Trainer locally or from CD, the following settings need to be set to Activate
on the Advanced tab in the Security area:
09 2012
Permit running of active content in files on the local computer
Permit running of active content from CDs on the local computer
Popup blocker
The pop-up blocker needs to be deactivated to display lessons in the Trainer. This option can be accessed
via the Tools -> Pop-up blocker menu.
Alternatively, you can input the corresponding URL in the pages that are enabled for pop-ups, in the Pop-up
blocker settings.
09 2012
Installation Guide: mySAP Instant Producer
Opening individual workareas via links
The Instant Producer uses a predefined workarea by default for managing resources and projects. If you
would like to use an alternative workarea, you can directly link the workarea and open it in the Instant
Producer. To do so, it is important to assign the link an initial parameter. Proceed as follows:
1. Create a link for the Instant Producer icon on the desktop or in the start-up menu and enter a name
for the workarea.
2. Click on the right mouse button to open the context menu for the link, then open the link's properties.
3. Next, click on the Links tab.
4. Under Target, the path for the Producer.exe will be displayed. Manually enter the path for the
workarea in the field. It should look something like this:
"C:\Program\SAP\ipro\Producer.exe” -wa "C:\Documents and settings\user\SAP Workareas\Workarea "
"C:\Program Files\SAP\ipro\ipro.exe" -wa "\\FTP-Folder\Workarea"
Quotation marks must be used when entering the path of the workarea if there are any spaces in the
path's name. If there are no spaces, quotation marks are not necessary.
You can add as many links as you would like. Just remember to give each link a unique name so that the
initial parameter can be assigned correctly.
Opening a workarea using environment variables
Just as with directly opening a workarea using Instant Producer links, you can also define Windows
environment variables to open the workareas. For example, this could be based on the PC name and
logged-in user and could allow this user to open the Instant Producer from a third-party system.
To do so, proceed as follows:
"C:\Program Files\SAP\ipro\ipro.exe" -wa "C:\temp\%username%"
"C:\Program Files\SAP\ipro\ipro.exe" -wa "C:\temp\%computername%"
Examples of possible environmental variables:
computername – name of the computer
username - name of the user who is currently logged on to the PC
userprofile – path to the user’s profile directory
09 2012
Connection to the Manager
The SAP Workforce Performance Builder Manager is a server-based productive environment to support
groups of authors. Resources and learning units are collected and managed in the central workareas stored
The Manager does not form part of the standard performance scope of the Instant Producer and needs
to be licensed separately. You can obtain further details from your SAP customer adviser.
Prerequisites in the Manager
Before you can connect the Instant Producer to the Manager, you need to make sure certain prerequisites
are in place:
You need to set up a central workarea for the management of the projects and resources, which the
Instant Producer can access.
You need to set up users in the Manager who are to work with the Instant Producer and assign
them the required author rights.
If projects are pre-defined in the Manager, these must be assigned to the respective authors. These
authors will then be able to automatically download the products while working in the Instant
Producer via function Get projects...
You can obtain further details on the Manager in the help documentation provided for that module.
Establishing the connection
When a user logs on to the Manager, they will be offered option Connection iPro in the workarea screen.
After a click on this button, a file named connection.ManagerConnection can be started. This is the
connection file for the Instant Producer that contains all the necessary settings for the connection to the
Manager relating to the Manager environment, the logged-on user and the selected workarea.
By double-clicking on the file, the author can connect to the Manager via a login dialog. Subsequently, all
centrally available resources are downloaded to the local working area so that the Instant Producers
connected to the Manager receive the same resources and settings. When the resources available on the
Manager are updated, the Instant Producer will download the updated versions automatically after the next
09 2012
Installation Guide: mySAP Instant Producer
Technical Support
Please use the SAP Message Wizard on the SAP Service Marketplace to submit your incidents on the following
KM-WPB // Workforce Performance Builder
KM-WPB-PRO // Workforce Performance Builder – Producer
KM-WPB-IPR // Workforce Performance Builder – Instant Producer
KM-WPB-MGR // Workforce Performance Builder - Manager
KM-WPB-NAV // Workforce Performance Builder - Navigator
If you are not familiar with the SAP Service Marketplace, please read the following information:
To access the SAP Support Portal you need an S-user ID and password. You can request access
data from your SAP Super Administrator or register online on the SAP Service Marketplace page
under ‘Registration‘.
With this user, you have read-access to all the contents of the SAP Support Portal, you can use the
SAP Community Network and SAP Help Portal, and you can also book courses under SAP
If you want to work with the support applications (Message Wizard, license key request, system data
maintenance, software download and so on), you need the corresponding authorizations, which your
SAP Super Administrator can give you.
You can find information for new users and about support applications on the Support Portal
Homepage under ‘Learn More‘. There you can also register for a personal overview demonstration of
the SAP Support Portal.
09 2012
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