Release Notes (cuestation_5.2.1_release_notes.6.30.2011)

Release Notes (cuestation_5.2.1_release_notes.6.30.2011)
CueStation 5.2.1 Release Notes
Build #8268, June 30, 2011
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CueStation Release Notes
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CueStation 5.2.1 Changes
CueStation 5.2.1 Known Issues
CueStation 5.2.1 is the latest official software release for the D-Mitri digital audio platform. Please
review all of these notes before installing or upgrading from a previous version. The Release
Notes are divided into two major sections:
CueStation 5.2.1 Changes
This section describes notable bug fixes, and changes in the CueStation and D-Mitri Updater
software, and in the D-Mitri modules. Each bug fix or change is annotated by a parenthetical
bug reference number.
CueStation 5.2.1 Known Issues
This section describes known problems and limitations in the CueStation and D-Mitri Updater
software, and, where applicable, provides workarounds for these problems and limitations.
Each known problem or limitation is annotated by a parenthetical bug reference number.
CueStation 5.2.1 Changes
Notable changes to CueStation 5.2.1 include:
When sending configuration in earlier versions all level controls were set to default at the
same time as all mutes were reset. If you had a signal at an input you could have a brief
loud noise at an output. In 5.2.1 the system mutes the system master first and then resets
all controls to their default settings. (6982)
The use of the asterisk (*) wildcard in a Wild Tracks Deck Filename entry has been further
refined. Starting in release 5.2.0 using a Directory name followed by /* would play the
contents of the target directory in order. There were some issues with the implementation
that have been addressed in the 5.2.1 release. The asterisk (*) wildcard no longer iterates
through filenames in alphanumeric/lexical order. It now uses a NumericAwareCompare
approach, instead. For example, if you have "song1" through "song99" in a directory, and
use the directory/wildcard, the files will play in the expected order, rather than lexical order.
Parentheses and other special characters were not being escaped (ignored). CueStation
now escapes any such characters in expanded filenames before ordering files for playback.
This also applies to quotation marks in filenames. Folders within the target directory will be
ignored. Entering "directory"/* will create a single entry in the Wild Tracks window with the
name of the first file in the directory, but the entry will be the entire contents of the directory
in sequential order. Entering ";files=<directory>/*" will create a single entry in the Wild Tracks
window with the name of the first file in the directory, but the entry will be the entire contents
of the directory in sequential order. Entering ";files="directory"/* reverse" will create a single
entry in the Wild Tracks window with the name of the last file in the directory, but the entry
will be the entire contents of the directory in reverse sequential order. (7201)
When updating D-Mitri processor modules, the D-Mitri Updater Device Details dialog no
longer offers New Module Mode selections for both single and Single, which were identical
modes. The details dialog now offers New Module Mode settings for Single, Multi, and
None, as shown below. (7220)
When set to record multiple tracks, D-Mitri Wild Tracks modules no longer create audible
clicks at the beginning of the recording. (7308)
In CueStation, the Mixer Settings editor now consistently displays all of the control points
in a subcue. Formerly, the display of control points in the editor had sometimes failed to
refresh, particularly after a copy/paste operation. (7378)
D-Mitri Updater now displays column titles (Type, Module Name, System Name, etc.) in its
main window at all times. Formerly, scrolling down in the window would scroll the column
titles out of view.(7419)
In CueStation 5.2.0, copying and pasting in windows with meters and controls--such as in
Inputs, Buses and Outputs windows--would also capture and paste meter values. CueStation
5.2.1 does not copy or paste meter values in these circumstances. (7452)
The output relays on a DGPIO module now correctly respond to changes in the state of
DGPIO relay control points, as set by CueStation subcues. This means that you can now
use a Mixer Settings subcue to set the state of the relays on a DGPIO module. To do this,
you set control point "GPIO 1 Digital (###) Output Active" to true or false, where ### is the
number of the relay you want to set. (7453)
Switching from one network interface to another, such as when moving from a wireless
connection to Ethernet, could cause CueStation 5.2.0 to crash. CueStation 5.2.1 corrects
this problem by addressing a memory allocation problem that could cause such a crash.
In release 5.2.0, a Wild Tracks module could on rare occasions go offline after extended
play. Release 5.2.1 fixes this problem. (7467)
You can control a D-Mitri system by sending it ASCII text commands to perform certain
functions. You can send such commands either by making a telnet connection to port 18034,
on which the D-Mitri system listens for these commands, or by using the csdo command-line
utility. For example, if you connect to a D-Mitri system loaded with a valid project, and send
it the text command set input 1-8 level = 5.0 fadetime=3, the system will
move input faders 1 to 8 to a level of +5 in 3 seconds. In this example, set is the command,
and fadetime is an argument for the command. In release 5.2.0, the arguments fadeTime
and waitTime were case-sensitive. In release 5.2.1, these arguments are no longer
case-sensitive. (7494)
When computing Early Reflections delay spreads, CueStation had inappropriately rounded
delay values to the nearest millisecond. CueStation now provides delay value time resolution
to five decimal places, as shown in the Early Reflections pane of the VRAS window. (7496)
In release 5.2.0, in D-Mitri systems using a DCM-4 and four DCP modules, CueStation's
System Status window did not correctly indicate when the Matrix Link connection failed and
the roles of DCP-3 and DCP-4 changed. In 5.2.1 the role of each DCP is correctly changed
when the Matrix Link connection is broken. (7526)
Under release 5.2.0, mixer configurations with more than a few Stereo Aux Sends would
cause a DCP module to fail to start-up. This problem has now been fixed in release 5.2.1,
so that all possible Aux Send configurations will work. (7549)
In CueStation 5.2.0, when the VGroup wait and fade times were set to 0 (zero), VGroup
levels were correctly applied. However, if wait and/or fade were set to a non-zero value, the
control would move but the VGroup level would not be applied. Version 5.2.1 will now always
apply VGroup levels. (7555)
D-Mitri systems had been reporting checksum mismatch errors when modules were removed
from or restored to a system. This had occurred as a consequence of modules failing to
properly save event triggers, which they then needed to reacquire. D-Mitri modules now
properly save these triggers, and no longer report checksum mismatches in such
circumstances. (7556)
D-Mitri modules had failed to report errors upon the failure of the process controlling the
modules’ use of Precision Time Protocol (PTP). D-Mitri modules now properly log error
messages to report this problem, as shown in the sample error log excerpt below. (7562)
In CueStation, fixed a bug that prevented SpaceMap auditioning from stopping a SpaceMap
trajectory playback that was in progress on the same bus. (7592)
In CueStation, fixed a bug that would cause the Send Config button in the Mixer Configuration
window to be disabled when the configuration was locked. (7598)
In CueStation for Mac OS X, fixed a bug that would muddle the display of the PAFL checksum
boxes in the Inputs window when Bus Assigns were hidden. (7608)
Wild Tracks deck subcues may use the Any Deck feature by specifying the asterisk wildcard
character (*) as the Deck ID. Previously, subcues using this feature would interrupt a playing
deck, if the playing deck was associated with the same subcue. Summoning decks in this
fashion no longer interrupts playing decks. (7625)
In CueStation for Mac OS X, fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the Wild Tracks Drive
Setup dialog to fail to connect to the Wild Tracks module. (7626)
In CueStation, fixed a bug that could cause the Generate Report function to take a long
time to complete for systems using many Wild Tracks decks in their subcues. (7635)
In CueStation, fixed a bug that would cause the Link State diagram in the System Status
window not to update correctly when a module acting as senior peer went offline. (7636)
In D-Mitri Updater, fixed a bug that would cause garbling of text in the title bar of the
application’s main window. (7645)
In D-Mitri intermodule over gnet, fixed a bug that would sometimes cause glitches in audio
produced by the system. (7650)
CueStation 5.2.1 Known Issues
Known issues in CueStation 5.2.1 include:
As executed in a subcue, the CueStation Verify Wild Tracks Subcues command checks
the drives on a primary Wild Tracks module to ensure that all files referenced by project
subcues are present and of the same size, but does not perform the same check on a Wild
Tracks module configured as a backup. (7151)
In rare circumstances, the act of setting a CueStation project to autostart will not be properly
registered in a target D-Mitri system. The workaround for this problem is to avoid absolute
reliance on the autostart mechanism.(7182) (7304)
Wild Tracks file transfers do not survive control network port failover. The workaround for
this problem is to repeat the file transfer. (7153)
Occasionally, CueStation will not properly display metering information. The workaround
for this problem is to disable and then re-enable UDP metering by deselecting and then
reselecting the Use UDP Metering command in the CueStation Network menu. This resets
the metering display, which then will function properly. (7536)
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