RANSFLOW™ PRECISE RATIO CONTROL Inlet Pressure Control True Programmable 3k Operation

RANSFLOW™ PRECISE RATIO CONTROL Inlet Pressure Control True Programmable 3k Operation
Inlet Pressure Control
True Programmable 3k Operation
Remote (in-booth) Operator Panel
The RansFlow is a dynamic fluid metering system which offers closed loop metering
and flow control of multi-component materials (2 or 3K). This electronic metering system
provides accurate, repeatable and consistent quality finishes. RansFlow delivers critical
control and cost savings by reducing reworks and required system maintenance frequency.
Simple and easy to integrate, the RansFlow fits seamlessly into your existing application.
The closed loop system is self-correcting and provides an alarm system to prevent paint
from hardening in the lines. Flush and fill cycles are programmable to make color changes
fast and easy while the microprocessor stores up to 100 different paint recipes. Allowing
for increased compatibility of flow rates and viscosities, the RansFlow is adaptable to meet
all of your finishing needs.
Ransburg’s simple and reliable RansFlow delivers accurate mixing and metering at an
affordable price and is designed to work with both manual and automatic systems.
• Performance and Simplicity: in a compact package
Main Control Console – 24” W x 24” H x 9” D
(609.6 mm x 609.6 mm x 228.6)
Operating Temperature: 32º F to 100º F (ambient)
(0º C - 38º C)
• Modular Design: controller and fluid section are
separate, stand-alone units that can be located almost
anywhere. The fluid panel can be located inside of the
spray booth area
Operating Humidity: 0% to 95%
• Touch Screen Interface: uses graphic icons for simple
programming and operation
Power Input:
120 VAC @ 2 A or 240 VAC @ 1 A,
50/60 Hz. (self selecting)
• Stores Up To 99 Jobs/recipes: ideal for users with
many different colors and ratios
LCD Display:
6.5” (165.1 mm) Diagonal, Full Color,
640 x 480 pixels (Utilizing a touch
screen for input of data.)
Flow Capacity:
10 cc’s/min to 4000 cc’s/min
per channel (dependant upon
material and flowmeter limitations)
• Programmable Flush/Fill Cycles: makes color
change quick and easy while reducing the amount of
waste generated
• Compatibility: to interface with a wide variety of flow
meter types (gear, piston, coriolis)
• Built-In USB Flash Drive Interface: for usage report
retrieval and parameter back-up
Viscosity Range:
30 cp to 500 cp
PID Loop Updates:
50 times/second/channel
Job Tables:
99 Jobs (P-Sets) per gun
(Stored in non-volatile flash memory)
• True Programmable 3k Operation: three channels
are used to properly mix materials with up to three
Data I/O:
USB port available for retrieval and
printout of flow totals and saving
and restoration of job data
• Remote (in-booth) Operator Panel: uses a magnetic
stylus for easy function selection from inside of the
spray booth…intrinsically safe version also available
• Inlet Pressure Control: maintains a constant pressure
for material entering the fluid panel
• Gun Flush Box: allows automatic color change with
manual hand gun
User-Friendly Back Lit LCD Touch Screen Panel Display
Apply Any Color Under The Sun
Form No. IL-8451-D 12/12
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