Canon LEGRIA HV40 User manual

Canon LEGRIA HV40 User manual
Television System
Video Recording System
Image Sensor
Total Pixels
Effective Pixels
Tape Format
Maximum Recording Time
Focusing System
Manual Exposure
Programmed AE
Max Shutter Speed
Auto Date / Time
Record Search / Review
Minimum Focusing Distance
White Balance
Frame Rate
Minimum Illumination
Image Stabilization
Filter Diameter
LCD Screen
Recording Media
USB Terminal
Video Terminal
Accessory Shoe
Supplied Video Editing Software
HDMI Terminal
Microphone Terminal
AV Mini Terminal / Headphone Terminal
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Weight (not including battery pack)
Weight (fully loaded)
1/2.7-inch CMOS, RGB Primary Color Filter
Approx. 2.96 Megapixels
Tape: HD/DV (16:9) mode: Approx 2.07 Megapixels (1920x1080)
DV (4:3) Mode
: Approx 1.55 Megapixels (1440 x 1080)
Card (16:9) Mode
: Approx. 2.07 Megapixels (1920 x 1080)
(4:3) Mode
: Approx. 2.76 Megapixels (1920 x 1440)
SP: 80 minutes, HDV, DV
LP: 120 minutes DV
• HV40 Camcorder Body
Zoom Ratio :10x Optical / 200x Digital
• Wireless Controller (WL-D87)
Focal Length: f=6.1-61 mm (35 mm equivalent: 43.6 - 436 mm)
• Battery Pack (BP-2L13)
Zoom Speed: Variable / 3 Fixed Zoom Speeds
• Component Cable (CTC-100/S)
Max. F/Stop : f/1.8-3.0 mm (when tapes are used)
• Compact Power Adapter (CA-570)
Instant AF, TTL (through the lens)
• Interface Cable (IFC-300PCU)
• Stereo Video Cable (STV-250N)
Auto, Program, Av, Tv, CINE, Portrait, Sports, Night, Snow, Beach,
Sunset, Spotlight, Fireworks
• Digital Video Solution Disc
Movie: 1/2000, Still image: 1/500
10 mm (wide) / 1m (tele)
Auto, Daylight, Shade, Cloudy, Tungsten, Fluorescent, Fluorescent H, Manual
50i, 25p Progressive (records at 50i)
0.2 lx (Night mode)
SuperRange Optical (lens shift)
Widescreen 0.27-inch Color Viewfinder (approx. 123,000 dots)
2.7-inch Widescreen LCD (approx. 211,000 dots)
High Definition Mini DV (recommended) (63 min) or MiniDV Cassette
USB 2.0 Full Speed
Component (output), Composite (output)
DV : 16 bit (2ch) 48 kHz 12 bit (4ch) 32 kHz 4ch synchronous recording not possible
HDV: MPEG1 Audio Layer II (2 ch) (4-channel playback of tapes containing 4-channel recordings possible)
HDMI Type A (19 pins) Connector (output)
3.5 mm Stereo Mini-Jack
3.5 mm 4 Pole Mini-Jack (video / audio input and output)
88 x 82 x 138mm
Package Content
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Royal Cambodia Co. Ltd.
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Canon India Pvt. Ltd.
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P.T. Datascrip
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Accel International
Company Ltd.
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Primax International Inc.
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SIMDI Company Pte. Ltd.
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Mega Business Machine
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Canon Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Domestic Operations
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Homebase Electronics (Pvt) Ltd.
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Canon Marketing
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Canon Singapore Pte. Ltd.
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Hanoi Representative Office
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Fax : 84-4-7711678
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Your Vision Today
Your Masterpiece Tomorrow
High Definition HDV Camcorder
2.96-Megapixel Full HD CMOS
3.1-Megapixel Stills
SD/SDHC Card Slot
HD Video Lens
10x Optical Zoom
Advanced Accessory Shoe
HDMI Interface
Realize the Filmmaker in You
Show the world your cinematic vision with the Canon LEGRIA HV40 High Definition (HD)
camcorder. Designed for the aspiring filmmaker in mind, this high-performance camcorder
is powered by the superb DIGIV DV II processor and offers greater customizability for
meticulous users. And because the LEGRIA HV40 records on the DV tape format also used by
professionals, you have the power and flexibility to create your very own video masterpiece.
Complete Editing
Flexibility with MiniDV
The LEGRIA HV40 records videos on MiniDV
tape, which offers increased flexibility
compared to other recording formats.
They are also affordable and can be found
in most consumer electronics shops.
Superior Technology
for Better Videos
Image Processor
The LEGRIA HV40 uses the advanced
DIGIC DV II processor to carry out high-speed
processing of HD video data. An onboard
noise reduction system gives you cleaner,
sharper images while precise color
reproduction and a wide tonal range means
your videos look convincingly lifelike.
Full HD CMOS Sensor
A Full HD CMOS sensor with 1920 x 1080
recording pixels captures high-resolution
imagery with fine detail with minimal noise
even in low light conditions. Working in
tandem with the DIGIC DV II, this state-ofthe-art sensor delivers impeccable image
quality guaranteed to impress even the most
meticulous viewer.
Why MiniDV?
• MiniDV tapes are proven industrystandard. Most high-end broadcast
camcorders use it for its durability
and reliability.
• Can be used for High Definition
(HD) and Standard Definition (SD)
recording; records stated duration
regardless of video quality.
Custom Key
• Edit-friendly format supported by
most video-editing software.
• Videos recorded on MiniDV tapes
can be converted to other formats
suitable for e-mailing or archiving
(i.e. AVI Type, MPEG Type).
Genuine Canon HD Video
10x Optical Zoom Lens
Shooting Features
with A Professional Touch
This customizable key can be assigned
to any of the following functions for
quick access.
• Assist Functions (Zebra / Peaking)
• Backlight Correction (Off / On)
• Marker Display (Horizontal / Grid)
• Magnify (Off / Magn. / Magn. Rec)
Innovative Cinema Mode
Full-Featured Still Shooting
Lend your videos a cinematic feel during recording with the Cinema
mode feature. It uses the same frame rate (PAL: 25P / NTSC: 24P)
adopted by professional filmmakers to add a touch of sophistication
to your work. A CINE AE mode is also available to give your videos a
traditional celluloid film appearance without changing the frame rate.
The LEGRIA HV40 can be used to capture
photos just like a digital camera. Still shooting
features include continuous shooting,
exposure compensation, and selectable
image size and quality.
Video Light & Flash
To achieve the maximum potential of the Full HD CMOS, a Canon
HD video lens with aspherical lens elements is used to ensure image
reproduction accuracy. A gradation Neutral Density (ND) filter helps
to prevent blown highlights, while a powerful 10x optical zoom range
lets you get up-close and personal to your subjects easily.
The LEGRIA HV40 has a high-powered LED
video light that can be used to brighten up
subjects when shooting video. A built-in flash
does the same when shooting still images.
Advanced Accessory Shoe
1x Optical Zoom
10x Optical Zoom
Super Range Optical Image Stabilizer
By combining electronic shake detection with gyros that move
the lens to correct the path of incoming light, Super Range Optical
Image Stabilizer ensures extremely steady videos over a wide
frequency range.
2.7” Widescreen LCD Display
An advanced accessory shoe enables you to
expand the functionality of the LEGRIA HV40.
Connect a more powerful video light for
better low light shooting or a stereo
microphone for improved audio recording.
Review your videos easily on the crystal clear 2.7” LCD (approx. 211,000
dots). The screen can also be swivelled for high or low angle shooting,
as well as mirror shooting.
HDMI Connectivity
When the camcorder is connected to any HDMI-compatible TV display
via its HDMI interface, it will analyze the unit’s capabilities and configure
it to best display your videos.
High-Speed Video & Still Transfer
Instant AF System
The Instant AF System combines an external AF sensor with Canon’s
legendary auto focus system for fast and accurate focusing that
meets the demanding requirements of HD video.
After shooting is completed, a FireWire IEEE1394 interface lets you
transfer your videos to a computer in double-quick time. A USB 2.0
full speed terminal does the same for still image transfers.
Without OIS
With OIS
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