The MSP430-H123 header board provides easy
way for developing and prototyping with
MSP430F123 microcontrollers. The board is
with following features:
- JTAG connector
- JTAG Power_In and Power_Out jumpers
- 32768 Hz crystal oscillator
- TEST pin pull-down
- RST/NMI pin pull-up
- Power supply filter capacitors
- 0.1” (2.54 mm) extension slots
Power In jumper:
Power_In jumper connects power supply from
JTAG connector to Header board. When this
jumper cap is placed you can program the
microcontroller even without any other external
supply. Note that if the Header board is placed in
target circuit, you have to ensure that your circuit
doesn't draw more than few milliampers current
or the power supply may decrease due to the
JTAG port current limitations. Power_In is
useful and must be used mostly to program your
header board when it's not put on your target
circuit socket.
Power Out jumper:
Power_Out jumper connects power from Header
board to JTAG connector. When this jumper cap
is placed, the power supply of JTAG connector
will follow the power supply of Header board.
This is useful when your Header board (target
circuit) works at lower than +3,3V power supply.
Power_In and Power_Out jumper caps should
not be placed at the same time.
To program MSP430-H123 you need MSP430
JTAG dongle (Olimex part # MSP430-JTAG)
and MSP430 KickStart software. KickStart allow
you to write and debug code in assembly
language without any limitations and to write
code in C with 2K limit. The latest release of
KickStart software may be free download from
TI web site:
JTAG interface:
The JTAG connector is 2x7 pin with 0,1" step
and TI recommended JTAG layout. The PIN.1 is
marked with square pad on bottom and arrow on
top. JTAG signals are on port P1.4, P1.5, P1.6
and P1.7, which are not used for other functions.
JTAG TOP view PCB board layout:
Ordering codes:
MSP430-H123 - assembled and tested
Copyright(c) 2002, OLIMEX Ltd., All rights reserved.
Development boards for PIC, AVR and MSP430 microcontrollers
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