Information on how to use the IRS data retrieval tool

Information on how to use the IRS data retrieval tool
Using the IRS Data
Retrieval Tool to
transfer your tax
information to the
Step 1) Login to If you’ve already applied click on ‘Returning User’. If
not, go to ‘Start a New FAFSA’.
Step 2) Enter information to login. Then click ‘next’.
Step 3a) If submitting a correction, go to the Financial Information OR the Parent
Financial Information tab.
Step 3b) If you’re filling out the FAFSA for the first time, you’ll need to answer all
questions in the Demographics, School Selection and Dependency Status
sections and then look for the IRS link in the Student/Parent Financial
Information sections.
Step 4) If your answer to the following is ‘none of the above’ you can use the IRS
data link.
Step 5) Once the link pops up you can click on it.
Step 6) Your computer must be set to allow pop-ups.
You’ll see a warning that you’re leaving the FAFSA website. Click ‘OK’.
Step 7) Fill in form at the IRS database to retrieve tax information. Then click submit.
Step 8)When finished click ‘return to FAFSA’. Make sure to sign and submit at using your PIN.
Things to be aware of:
If you (or your parents) did NOT file taxes you/they will not be able to use the IRS link
When you are finished using the data retrieval tool you must return to the FAFSA and
submit the correction. You (and your parent if applicable) must sign the correction using
your PIN
You must put in the same information at the IRS webpage that you used when you filed
your taxes, even if it has changed since then. If possible, have your tax return in front of
you to refer to and be sure to use the same combination of upper and lowercase letters as
you used on the 1040 form
If your parents filed a joint return their names must be listed in the same order as they
were on the IRS 1040 form
If your tax information doesn’t successfully transfer you may need to order a transcript
from the IRS
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