▼ LED Manager 2010 Quick Start Manual

▼ LED Manager 2010 Quick Start Manual
 LED Manager 2010 Quick Start Manual Please install LED Manager 2010 from the
“.exe” file that is provided in the set up CD.
After installing & launching the software
proceed to “Hardware Settings” from the
“Settings” menu bar.
Once in “Hardware Settings” a window will open
that will require an alphabetic password
“Elation” then a second window will appear
witch requires a numeric password “888888”
Once in “Advanced Hardware Setup”
proceed to “Receiving Card” and load
the “V9-P7.62.sub” file that was
provided on the elation set up CD.
After the file has been loaded please
click on “Send to RV Card” and finally
“Save to RV Card”.
A confirmation window will appear
indicating that the file has been sent
Once the “.sub” file has been loaded to the
system then proceed to “Screen Correction”
window to create the “map”.
1st Please locate the “Horizontal Card” and
“Vertical Card”. These numbers represent the
number of panels both horizontally as well as
2nd Next locate panel Num.1 (Panel number 1 is
the first panel that the processor is connected
to via cat5).
3rd You must follow the physical data
connection in order to map properly.
4th A typical data connection flow starts on the
bottom right or bottom left, then proceeds
horizontally across to then jump up to the next
row running back across creating a square “S”
5th Once the correct map has been created (please review the correct “order number” located
on each panel in the map window) click on “Send to RV Card” and then “Save to RV Card”.
This is to ensure that when you power down and then power up the map is stored in the
Quick tips….
1st The Cat5 cable from the processor to the first panel should be on connector LAN 1U.
2nd Please verify that all data & power jumper cables are connected properly.
3rd The recommended first cable length should not exceed 300ft.
4th LED Manager 2010 is best operated in a Windows 32bit platform.
5th Make sure that the usb driver is properly installed and that communication between the
processor and the computer is established before mapping process is commenced. (Driver
will be automatically loaded when software is installed)
For further assistance please call Elation Support at 323 582 3322 or email us at [email protected]
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