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PianoCraft E410
CD Receiver Micro Component System
A brilliant combination of Yamaha
technology for high sound quality
packed into a micro component
system with an elegant design
and finish.
Black finish available in some areas
High Sound Quality
Main Specifications
䢇 60W x 2 high power output with discrete amplification
Max Power (4 ohms, 1 kHz, 0.7% THD)
䢇 Pure Direct for high quality sound reproduction
Receiver (RX-E410)
60 W + 60 W
Min. RMS Power (6 ohms, 20 Hz–20 kHz, 0.1% THD)
40 W + 40 W
䢇 High dynamic power and Linear Damping
Dynamic Power/Channel
60/75/100 W (6/4/2 ohms)
Damping Factor (6 ohms, 20 Hz–20 kHz)
䢇 Speaker cabinet features a new design with innovative
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (CD, 250 mV)
100 dB
Dimensions (W x H x D)
215 x 108 x 363 mm
䢇 2-way bass-reflex speaker system
5.7 kg
Frequency Response (20 Hz–20 kHz, CD) ±0.5 dB
CD Player (CDX-E410)
Cosmetic Design
䢇 Clean and simple design concept
䢇 Beautiful Yamaha piano finish and light cherry finish speakers
Advanced Facilities
Signal-to-Noise Ratio
105 dB
Frequency Response (CD)
2 Hz-20 kHz
Dynamic Range (48 kHz/24 Bit)
95 dB
Harmonic Distortion + Noise (1 kHz)
Dimensions (W x H x D)
215 x 108 x 334 mm
2.8 kg
Speakers (NX-E800)
䢇 iPod compatibility via optional Yamaha YDS-10
13cm cone
䢇 Audio CD, MP3 CD and WMA CD playback
2.5cm dome
Input Power (Max/Nominal)
110 W/60 W
䢇 RDS and 40-station instant one-touch AM/FM preset tuning
Frequency Response
55 Hz–28 kHz
6 ohms
䢇 3-mode CD Text display
87 dB/2.83 V/1 m
䢇 Subwoofer out
Dimensions (W x H x D)
186 x 300 x 223 mm
4.3 kg
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PianoCraft E410 CD Receiver Micro Component System
High Sound Quality
Designed for Music Lovers
Anyone who loves music will love the
E410. Yamaha put a lot of effort into
ensuring that all parts and circuitry are
first rate, for sound quality that is always a
pleasure. With 60W x 2 discrete
configuration power amps and speakers
made of finely tuned cabinets and
equipped with carefully selected units.
This system also includes a high
performance CD player that will make
CDs sound their best, including discs with
MP3 and WMA playlists.
Discrete construction uses top quality
parts precisely positioned, rather than the
more convenient but lower quality IC
chips. The amplifier uses all analogue
circuits, including the volume section.
While the system is compact, it
includes high sound quality measures
scrupulously designed in every detail: a
large power supply transformer, high
sound quality parts groups (including new
capacitors), a high stiffness body with an
octagonal section that is resistant to
resonance, a thick heat sink, and large
speaker jacks.
Pure Direct
Pure Direct is a special mode that
provides the highest possible audio purity.
It shuts down the tone control circuitry,
allowing listeners to enjoy pure highfidelity sound from analogue and PCM
sources. It also turns off the front panel
illumination to prevent any chance of noise
interference from the LCD.
High Dynamic Power and Liner
This model delivers high power. In
addition, it provides large amounts of
reserve power for accurate reproduction
of the high energy peaks that are
especially prevalent in digital audio
sources. This emphasizes the music’s
dynamic qualities and provides a sharper
sound image.
Level variations due to high amp
impedance tend to reduce an amplifier’s
damping factor, and frequency variations
cause it to fluctuate. This circuit cancels
the effect of these variations, maintaining
a high, stable damping factor, for superior
articulation of all sounds and better
frequency response.
Innovative Cross-Bracing
The cabinet is built with internal crossbracing having a unique wedge structure.
R-bevelling reduces diffraction effects.
This type of cross-braced structure is
used in top class speakers and Yamaha
engineers are able to make the most of its
advantages. It produces a tighter sound
and the increased strength cuts down
unwanted vibration.
2-Way Bass-Reflex Speaker System
Yamaha is known for its high quality
compact speakers, and these models live
up to that reputation. This speaker system
has an 13cm cone woofer. Both have
2.5cm dome tweeters and can handle
110W of max power.
Cosmetic Design
Clean and Simple Design Concept
This system provides HiFi component-like
design with the same dedication to sound
and design excellence that is behind the
creation of a top-class component.
Beautiful Yamaha Piano Finish and
Light Cherry Finish Speakers
As the world’s leading piano manufacturer,
Yamaha has a long history of
woodworking expertise. The E410
speakers have the same luxurious and
environmentally friendly finish as our
grand pianos.
Customers in certain
areas have the
option of selecting a
light cherry finish.
Advanced Facilities
RDS Tuning
The E410 provides 40-station AM/FM
random access preset tuning and RDS
(Radio Data System) tuning. RDS sends
digital information using conventional FM
radio broadcasts and standardizes
several types of information, such as time
and station identification. The E410 can
receiver various RDS data, including
Program Service name (PS), Program
Type (PTY), Radio Text (RT), accurate
Clock Time (CT) and Enhanced Other
Networks (EON).
playing right on the CD player’s display.
The 3-mode CD Text display shows the
CD’s title, the artist’s name and the title of
the track.
Subwoofer Out
The Subwoofer Out terminal outputs bass
frequencies so you can connect a
subwoofer. Adding a subwoofer to your
system pays big dividends: not only do
you get bigger and better bass sound, but
the overall sound field has much greater
depth and presence.
RoHS Compliant
This environmentally friendly system fully
complies with the EU’s RoHS (Restriction
of Hazardous Substances) standards.
Other Notable Features
• Repeat play
• Random play
• Program play
• Dimmer function
Universal Dock for iPod
The optional Yamaha YDS-10
Universal Dock lets you connect an
iPod to the E410 to hear all your iPod
music through the system. You can
also operate the iPod via the E410’s
remote unit with the aid of the
receiver’s display. What’s more, the
Universal Dock will even charge up
your iPod while
it’s connected.
Works with:
• iPod nano
• iPod mini
• iPod (Click
iPod not included
3-Mode CD Text Display
Get information about the CD currently
Linear Damping
Yamaha’s Linear Damping maintains a high,
stable damping factor even at frequencies from
10Hz to 20kHz, where it generally tends to fall
off. The result is superior articulation of all
The CDX-E410 rear panel (top) offers optical and
coaxial digital output and audio output terminals
(gold plated). The RX-E410 rear panel (bottom)
offers CD input, MD/TAPE input/output, Aux input
(gold plated), subwoofer output, speaker terminals
and iPod dock terminal for Yamaha YDS-10.
• Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.
“d-cinema” is the slogan of Yamaha A/V products and
technology, reflecting our focus on digital technology and
our leadership in creating and refining digital home theatre.
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