Personal Listening system Operating instructions

Personal Listening system Operating instructions
sarabec c50 instructions
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Product Overview
Personal Listening system
Operating instructions
Thank you for choosing the Crescendo
50 personal listening system. Before
using the system, please read these
operating instructions to benefit from
all the capabilities of the system and it
will give you many hours of reliable
listening performance.
■ Rotary Volume control.
The Crescendo 50 will help you to
communicate with confidence. It is a
battery powered amplifier that can
receive sound from various sources, and
then amplify that sound to the way you
like to listen.
■ Rechargeable batteries can be used.
Battery life will depend on battery
The Crescendo 50 has a wide-ranging
tone control that can boost the high and
low frequencies according to your
hearing needs.
■ Rotary Tone control.
■ Belt clip.
■ Neck cord.
■ Uses 2 X AA alkaline batteries giving
over 60 hours of use with a headset.
■ Input selection mode switch
(Microphone, Aux, T/Loop)
■ Power On Light with low battery
Input options
There are options enabling you to use the
system with or without a hearing aid.
For general listening without trailing
The sound input from this
system can be very high:
Switch off before
changing the batteries or
plugging or unplugging any
Internal microphone
Select M on the mode switch
External microphone
Select M on the mode switch
For general listening using a long lead
microphone to get right to the sound
Plug the microphone into the socket
with the Microphone symbol (MIC)
Direct connection
Select A on the mode switch
To listen with maximum clarity to
TV or Audio from the SCART, RCA
Phono or Jack outputs.
The manufacturer cannot be held
responsible for damage caused by not
using the Crescendo 50 in accordance
with these safety precautions.
Plug the appropriate lead into the
socket with the Microphone symbol
Select T on the mode switch
Do not open the casing of the
Crescendo 50 except to change
batteries or operate the mode switch.
To listen to or check existing loop
systems for hearing aid users.
Use with headset or headphones
to act like a hearing aid on “T”
No user-serviceable parts can be found
Ensure mains powered equipment is
switched off before connecting to the
Crescendo 50.
Listening options
Stethoscope Headset
Wear this lightweight headset under
the chin for maximum sound levels.
Wear any conventional over the head
Headphones with 32 ohm impedance
with a 3.5mm stereo jack plug.
Any in-ear earphones with a 3.5mm
stereo jack plug.
Neck Loop
Can be worn around the neck to
transmit the sound directly to the
hearing aid on the “T setting”.
Ear hook
Worn adjacent to the behind the ear
hearing aid to transmit the sound
directly to the hearing aid on the
“T setting”.
Direct connection to hearing aid
Direct connection to a hearing aid
with the appropriate facility and lead.
Do not expose the Crescendo 50 to rain
or any other forms of moisture.
Do not expose the Crescendo 50 to
direct sunlight or extreme heat such as
Only AA batteries of the type specified
can be used.
Do not mix old and new batteries.
Use rechargeable batteries in
accordance with the instructions
supplied with them.
If the Crescendo 50 is not to be used for
a long time, remove the batteries.
Loop receiver
For non hearing aid users only
sarabec c50 instructions
Inserting batteries
The unit uses 2 AA alkaline batteries
(LR6 or AA).
Remove belt clip if fitted (see below).
Remove the battery cover located on
the rear of the amplifier by pressing
in the clip on the end of the unit and
lifting the cover upward.
Press on clip and
lift up to release
battery cover
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Q. No Sound
A. Check headset/microphone are in
the correct sockets.
Headset or microphone may be faulty.
Batteries may be exhausted (no
Power on Light) fit new batteries.
Check operating mode.
Q. Low or distorted sound
A. Batteries nearly exhausted fit new
batteries. Power on Light shows red.
Check operating mode.
Q. Feedback or squealing sound
A. Microphone (internal or external) is
too close to headset and volume is
too loud.
Insert the two batteries according to
the symbol shown in the battery
Q. Crackling or sound goes on and off
A. Dirty plugs - clean plugs
Faulty leads, wiggle leads to find
faulty lead - change lead
Q. Tinny or muffled sound
A. Tone control in wrong position
Headset ends can be removed for
cleaning and can be washed in warm
soapy water but must be thoroughly
dried before replacing.
Replace the battery cover.
To fit belt clip simply press the
wings of the clip into the position
Push wings into
slots on base side
If the system needs returning for repair
please send the complete system
including the amplifier, batteries and any
accessories purchased for the system.
Please state the nature of the fault and
your name and address where you want
the system returned to. If the system is
still under guarantee please provide proof
of purchase.
Power requirements
2 X 1.5V AA/LR06 Alkaline batteries
Battery life giving over 60 hours use with
a 32 ohm headset and average listening
Normal or rechargeable batteries maybe
used with reduced life.
To remove the clip press one of the
wings away from the body.
Do not try to remove the clip by
lifting the clip away from the battery
cover as you may damage the
Push away
Approx L 95mm: W 62mm H25mm
excluding belt clip.
70g without batteries, approx. 120g with
ABS plastic casing.
Frequency response +/-3dB 175Hz-18kHz
Maximum gain
43 dB
Tone control
+8/-15dB at 100Hz
+/-8dB at 5kHz
Maximum Audio output 128 dB with
307-105 headset.
To fit the neck cord remove belt clip
and thread the cord as shown, and
replace the belt clip. The neck cord
has a safety release Feature to
avoid you getting trapped by the
A full list of all Sarabec accessories and
spares is available on request.
330-001 Standard microphone with
4m(12ft) black lead and
Velcro pads
330-009 Plug in Communicator Mic
With the amplifier switched off select the
input mode. Open the battery cover and
adjust the switch to the required setting,
replace the battery cover.
If required, plug your input option into
the socket marked with a microphone
Plug in your selected output option e.g.
headphones, neck loop etc, into the
socket marked with the headphone
To switch the amplifier on turn the
volume control clockwise past the “click”.
A green LED will light up to indicate the
amplifier is on.
Adjust the volume to suit your listening
level and the tone control to boost the
high or low tones.
To switch the amplifier off turn the
volume control anti-clockwise until it
“clicks”. The green LED is turned off.
When Power On Light shows red then
batteries will need to be changed within
next 10 hours of use.
108-000.002 05/08
©Sarabec Ltd
330-044 Velcro pads kit one hook type
and three black loop pads. To
obtain just this replacement kit,
send two second class
353-024 3m(10)ft Mic. extension lead
353-025 5m(15)ft Mic. extension lead
353-097 Crescendo direct audio lead
kit, including 5m(15)ft 3.5mm
jack plug to red/white Phono
plugs. Phono to SCART
adaptor, Phono to stereo jack
307-105 Stethoscope headset
303-055 Lightweight headphones
201-120 Neck Loop
315-001 Ear hook
EU Declaration
of Conformity
Sarabec Ltd hereby declares that the
Crescendo 50 amplifier is in compliance
with the relevant EU directives. The full
declaration is available from Sarabec Ltd
15 High Force Road, Middlesbrough TS2 1RH
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