FE408xxxAx - Optinet

FE408xxxAx - Optinet
Bandwidth Shaping • Content Filtering • Threat Elimination
Controls bandwidth costs, increases employee productivity,
and reduces Internet threats.
» Optimizing Internet performance, control, and safety in a new Internet age.
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Optinet: Getting the whole picture
Optinet™ from Black Box scans, identifies, and controls Internet
traffic, and provides advanced content filtering, reporting, application
prioritization, bandwidth management, and threat protection.
This Layer 7, deep-packet inspection device optimizes Internet use
for your organization.
More work, less Facebook®, no pornography
Shape and prioritize bandwidth and content with Optinet. Focus your
employees’ Web browsing and Internet application use by allotting more
bandwidth to mission-critical sites and applications. Optinet enables you
to place precise limits on the amount of bandwidth available to specific
applications, users, and groups. Plus, it makes it easier to prioritize bandwidth
based on specific URLs, domain names, content categories, and MIME
and file types.
Additionally, get dynamic, real-time multilayer content filtering.
Give users access to the content they need with real-time dynamic URL
categorization, URL database matching, URL keyword search, and even
deep HTML inspection.
Red light, green light
Optinet provides control in three ways: First, it enables application traffic
monitoring so you can set appropriate priorities and limits. Second, with
Optinet you’ll know exactly how the Internet is used by your employees.
This means you can set appropriate policies and restrictions, and automatically
enforce those policies. Third, detailed reports on user activity, application
traffic, Internet threats — and more — give you total visibility and enhance
your ability to identify and fix problems.
Internet safety in a new Internet age
Protecting your company from existing and continually evolving on-line
threats is a top priority. Optinet complements your firewall by providing
filter avoidance updates and dynamic content analysis that identifies and
shuts out dangerous anonymous proxies. Plus, Optinet blocks malware
and viruses with advanced database matching and client spyware removal
capabilities. The Optinet software (license sold separately) updates its URL
database daily, keeping you abreast of the latest Web sites that could
present problems for your network. The automatic updates catalog the
latest security threats for you, saving you time and money.
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Optinet: Features and benefits
Optinet delivers a higher value to your organization than standard content filtering or simple
bandwidth management approaches. Here's how:
Front view: FE408020XA
Improves employee productivity
Reduces on-line threats
HTTP content filtering
Malware blocking
• Provides unparalleled spyware detection and blocking — can identify
spyware even in encrypted traffic
• Cleans infected machines quickly and easily, freeing up your IT resources
for more important tasks
Eliminates inappropriate use of the Internet
Minimizes non-critical browsing activity
Protects employees from inappropriate content
Faster filtering ensures higher Internet speeds
Categorizes new Web sites more accurately
Addresses the latest evolutions of Web content
Recognizes users attempting to bypass filters
Prevents even the latest in filter avoidance technologies
Prevents harmful file downloads
HTTPS/SSL content filtering
• Addresses the latest technology for bypassing filters
• Verifies SSL traffic complies with use policies
• Identifies inappropriate activity, making users more accountable
Speeds up your organization
Application control
• Critical traffic gets the resources it needs because Optinet adjusts
bandwidth resources dynamically
• Often eliminates the need to upgrade bandwidth
• Minimizes long hang-times caused by non-critical traffic
Bandwidth shaping and prioritization
• Prioritizes bandwidth for critical Web sites so they go as quickly
as they need to (SharePoint®, Citrix®, Salesforce®, etc.)
• Provides more resources to important users, individually or as a group
• Adjusts for periods of heavy use
Optinet Features
• Layer 7, deep-packet inspection device sits between the firewall
and network switches without adding latency.
• Internet connection speeds range from 5 Mbps to 200 Mbps.
• Acceleration technology on XA series units enables 100% HTTPS
traffic processing.
• Enables comprehensive Web traffic monitoring and lets you see
exactly how your employees use the Internet.
• You are able to allocate more bandwidth to mission-critical sites
and applications.
• Also, place precise limits on the amount of bandwidth available
to specific applications, users, and groups.
• You can set appropriate policies and restrictions for Web use,
and automatically enforce those restrictions.
• Protects against existing and continually evolving on-line threats.
• Provides daily filter avoidance updates and dynamic content analysis.
• Identifies and shuts out dangerous anonymous proxies.
• Blocks malware and viruses with advanced database matching
and client spyware removal.
Monitor your Internet
traffic in real time
to ensure critical
applications have the
resources they need.
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Optinet and the 8 essential elements of Internet security
Optinet from Black Box provides the 8 essential elements of Internet security. It scans, identifies,
and controls Internet traffic, and provides advanced content filtering, reporting, application
prioritization, bandwidth management, and threat protection.
Web traffic and Internet
application may be shaped,
prioritized, and/or filtered.
Corporate Office
Optinet Deep-Packet, Layer 7
Inspection Device (FE408020AA)
Branch Office
Optinet Deep-Packet, Layer 7
Inspection Device (FE408020AA)
LAPD Servers
Corporate Users
Remote Users
Mobile Users
1. Inline, deep packet inspection device
To see and effectively manage Internet traffic, you need an inline device. Out-of-date approaches such as a standalone firewall
and Web proxies are easy to bypass and don’t provide the Web-enabled application controls organizations need. For complete
management, other necessary components are deep-packet inspection, identification, and prioritization.
2. Layer 7 application control
Non-Mission Critical
et Dat
Optin Control
Mission Critical
Threats and Abuse
Mission Critical
Data Flow
Non-Mission Critical
Advanced Internet security gives you three ways to control
Web-enabled application traffic. First, it prioritizes critical
traffic; second, it limits non-critical traffic; and third, it eliminates
detrimental traffic. Optinet provides the control you need
by including signatures for all major applications.
3. Content shaping
Instead of controlling content by turning Web sites “on”
or “off,” administrators are able to set priorities on traffic
dynamically. When bandwidth is available, users can access
non-critical sites. Conversely, when bandwidth is needed
by a more critical site or application, the non-critical traffic
gets scaled back dynamically.
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Optinet and the 8 essential elements of Internet security
Ensure critical
applications have
the resources
they need.
Front view: FE408005AA
4. Event and user correlation
Combine visibility into what users are doing on-line, what applications they’re using,
what threats they’re exposed to, and how much bandwidth they’re consuming.
You’ll also be able to discover how the actions of a single user can impact the Internet
connection as a whole. This level of event and user correlation enables IT administrators
to properly diagnose problems and issues.
5. Anonymous proxy detection
Anonymous proxies, also called open proxies, enable users to get around Internet security devices. To prevent this and bolster
security, organizations need a tool to dynamically detect and control anonymous proxies in real time. Optinet detects and blocks
attempts to circumvent restricted content via anonymous proxies.
6. Real-time URL filtering
Keeping users safe from inappropriate content has become more challenging because thousands of Web sites are created daily.
Using a database of URLs to categorize Web sites is nearly futile as this database becomes out-of-date very quickly. Instead,
Optinet includes a database plus dynamic, real-time filtering capabilities to categorize Web sites quickly and effectively.
7. Full HTTPS traffic inspection
Web filters at your company can be rendered useless by HTTPS connections, as the security sites prevent filters from seeing what’s
contained in the encrypted session. To be effective, your Internet security must be able to decrypt and re-encrypt HTTPS sessions
to ensure policy is applied to all content.
8. Web-based malware blocking
Your firewall may not be enough to sufficiently block malware and viruses from downloading, especially if they come from trusted
sites or are contained in HTTPS interactions.
Before Optinet
Non-critical traffic and
threats comprise more
than half the available
Mission Critical
Non-Mission Critical
Threats and Abuse
After Optinet
Threats and abuse are
eliminated and critical
traffic is prioritized.
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The First Half: Content
Top Users
Filter Avoidance/HTTPS
Optinet dynamically blocks filter avoidance sites,
and even can stop SSL-encrypted anonymous proxies.
Content Filtering
See how your top users are browsing the Internet
and exactly where they are going.
Real-Time URL Monitor
Optinet filters content dynamically — staying on top of the thousands
of new URLs created daily — and uses a robust database filter.
Bandwidth Controls by URL
With the real-time URL monitor, see what Web sites users are on in real-time.
Prioritize bandwidth allocation by URL, enabling you to give more to critical
Web sites and applications, and limiting or banning time-wasting sites.
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The Second Half: Applications
Top Bandwidth Users
Real-Time Application Monitor
Optinet gives you visibility into who is using the most
bandwidth capability, not just the top Web users.
Monitor application traffic in real time to end non-critical usage
and allocate bandwidth resources where they are most needed.
Shape by Application
Top Applications
Control application traffic. Prioritize critical applications so that they
run quickly, and shut down or scale back non-critical traffic.
Stop Spyware
See which of the applications your organization
uses eat up the most bandwidth.
Block spyware and malware, and clean infected machines
with the touch of a button.
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Optinet: Get it now
RJ-45 Ethernet
DB9 RS-232
Six Optinet units to choose from
• Optinet
5A (FE408005AA) has a maximum connection speed
of 5 Mbps. This 1U-high device is especially good for small businesses
because it supports up to 250 users.
• Optinet 20A and 20X (FE408020AA and FE408020XA) have
connection speeds of 20 Mbps. The Optinet XA is a 2U device that can
support 100 percent SSL traffic. Both units support up to 5000 users.
• Optinet 45X, Optinet 100X, and Optinet 200X (FE408045XA,
FE408100XA, FE408200XA) have connection speeds of 45 Mbps,
100 Mbps, and 200 Mbps, respectively. Each unit includes acceleration
technology allowing it to process 100% SSL traffic and is 2U high. All
three units support up to 20,000 users.
• Optinet Software User Licenses are available for every user level for
one, two, or three years. If you purchase a multiple-year license, you get
a discount off the base year. Get daily, automatic updates of the URL
database with the ongoing users license, which also catalogs the latest
security threats by combing the Internet for new Web sites each day.
Questions? Contact our FREE Tech Support.
We offer a complete range of Optinet devices for small and medium businesses,
government organizations, libraries, schools, and universities.
Buyer’s Guide | Optinet
Part Number
of Users
100% HTTPS
Traffic Capable
5 Mbps
(3) RJ-45, (1) USB Console
up to 250
20 Mbps
(3) RJ-45, (1) USB Console
up to 5000
20 Mbps
(3) RJ-45, (1) Serial Console
up to 5000
45 Mbps
(3) RJ-45, (1) Serial Console
up to 20,000
100 Mbps
(3) RJ-45, (1) Serial Console
up to 20,000
200 Mbps
(3) RJ-45, (1) Serial Console
up to 20,000
Operating System — Linux®
Network Interface — FE408005AA: 10/100 Mbps;
All others: 10/100/1000 Mbps
Connectors — All: (1) RJ-45 LAN,
(1) RJ-45 WAN, (1) RJ-45 AUX;
FE408005AA, FE408020AA:
(1) USB Console;
FE408020XA, FE408045XA,
FE408100XA, FE408200XA:
(1) DB9 RS-232 F Console
Power — 110–240 VAC, 50–60 Hz
Size — FE408005AA, FE408020AA:
1.75"H (1U) x 17"W x 17"D
(4.4 x 43.2 x 43.2 cm);
FE408020XA, FE408045XA,
FE408100XA, FE408200XA:
3.5"H (2U) x 17"W x 21"D (8.9 x 43.2 x 53.3 cm)
Weight — FE408005AA, FE408020AA:
14 lb. (6.6 kg);
FE408020XA, FE408045XA,
FE408100XA, FE408200XA:
24 lb. (10.9 kg)
You may also need:
» Gigabit Ethernet switch
» Battery backup
» CAT5e or CAT6 patch cables
» Secure console servers
» Routers
» Firewalls
To see Black Box’s huge catalog of infrastructure and networking
products, go to blackbox.com. Or just call our FREE 24/7 Tech Support.
We’ll help you get everything you need — and save you both time and
money with your networking setup.
Item Code
Optinet™ Appliances
Standard Traffic Profile
5 Mbps, up to 250 Users FE408005AA
20 Mbps, up to 5000 Users
100% HTTPS Traffic Capable
20 Mbps, up to 5000 Users
45 Mbps, up to 20,000 Users FE408045XA
100 Mbps, up to 20,000 Users FE408100XA
200 Mbps, up to 20,000 Users FE408200XA
Optinet™ Annual Software User Licenses, 1 Year
25 Users
50 Users
100 Users
250 Users
500 Users
1000 Users
2500 Users
5000 Users
10,000 Users
15,000 Users
20,000 Users
List Price
NOTE: Multi-year licenses are also available. If you purchase a multiyear license,
you’ll receive a discount off the base year—up to 35% off. For more information
and pricing, contact our FREE Tech Support.
© Copyright 2009. Black Box Corporation. All rights reserved. Black Box® and the Double Diamond logo are registered trademarks, and Optinet™ is a trademark,
of BB Technologies, Inc. Any third-party trademarks appearing in this publication are acknowledged to be the property of their respective owners.
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